(Closed) Do you/would you keep jewelry from an ex? (Poll)

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  • poll: Do you/would you keep jewelry from an ex?

    Yes, I'll take all the jewelry

    No way

    Would depend on the jewelry and the ex


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    I keep it and wear it.  But I also haven’t had an really nasty break ups.  If it was really bad, maybe I’d get rid of it.  But from my experience, I’ve waited a year or two, and then the association isn’t a big deal, and I wear the nice pieces.

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    I have habit of destroying all evidence haha. Photos get untagged, letters and notes thrown out, and yes, jewelry given away. I’ve always liked giving myself a truly fresh start after a breakup. All that said, I’ve never actually been given nice jewelry– it’s all been fairly inexpensive stuff that I haven’t felt bad getting rid of! I think there’s nothing wrong with keeping particularly nice pieces, or putting them in a box for a few months and reevaluating later.

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    I have a beautiful rope chain from an former SO.  Based on our relationship, convention stated that I should have given it back; however, due to circumstances out of my control, I wasn’t able to return it prior to his death.  

    I don’t, and won’t, wear it, but I do look at it with very fond memories.

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    If a relationship ended badly I sold or gave away jewelry because I didn’t want the association. Since my most recent exes weren’t really about giving jewelry, I only have one pair of earrings (nothing super fancy — from Anthropologie) from an ex who is still a friend. I rarely wear them because I rarely wear earrings, period, but really have no association with them if I do wear them. 

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    browneyedgirl24 :  An ex bought me a couple of pieces of Tiffany jewelry, a ring and a bracelet.  I loved those pieces but I haven’t worn them since we broke up.  Actually, I did wear them when I was single but once I started dating my Fiance I didn’t wear them again because I didn’t want to have to explain where they came from if asked.

    Right now they’re in a small wooden box along with a couple of pictures and cards I have saved from previous relationships.  I don’t know what to do with the jewelry because it wasn’t cheap and I feel funny giving it away.  I tried to give them back to my ex after we broke up but he told me to keep them.  I’ll probably never wear them again so in the box they’ll sit.

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    I only have one ex that gave me jewelry and I pawned it after we broke up. That said, these were quite sentimental pieces (like a heart necklace given as an anniversary gift) that I never would wear again. They were also relatively inexpensive mall store jewelry pieces, nothing of huge value. I said no on the poll, but I suppose if I was given a nice piece of jewelry that I was really attached to, but wasn’t a particularly sentimental gift, I may keep it or have a stone reset or something. I’m not a big jewelry person though, so I can’t imagine being super attached to a particular piece from an ex. 

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    It depends. My last ex was a fine person, we just weren’t meant to be. I still have the pearl necklace he gave me one Christmas and I do wear it on occassion. I’m not much of a jewelry girl anyway, so it’s rare. At first after the break up though, I wouldn’t wear it. I couldn’t even look at it because it reminded me of him and made me sad (he broke up with me). But it’s been so many years now (10 years in fact) that I don’t even give it a second thought. 

    I have another ex though (my college bf that I dated right before the ex above) that was horrible and abusive. He gave me a ring while we were together. THAT I got rid of. Fuck that guy. 

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    Totally. I’m not really sentimental about objects like jewelery so I won’t waste a nice piece just because of who gave it to me. Mind you, I haven’t had any horrible experiences so maybe I’d feel differently if I had.

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    I had a really shitty relationship before my husband. The guy had proposed to me with an equally shitty ring. I kept it (he never asked for it back and it wasn’t worth that much), but I did sell it on ebay like 8 years later for a huge sum of money ($75 lolol).

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    I’ve been pondering this question, too! 

    I have collected a fair amount of jewelry from exes, mainly my ex husband, and I’m never quite sure what to do with most of it. 

    The stuff from boyfriends when I was younger, I never wear. Not sure what to do with it, except for one piece that my first boyfriend gave me. I’m saving that for if I have a son. If I do, I will give it to him to give to his first girl rite. My first bf’s mom got it from her first serious boyfriend and gave it to him to give to his first serious gf (me).  

    Stuff from my ex husband is all fine jewelry. Have no idea what to do with my e ring and wedding band. But I have some generic necklaces/earrings that hold no sentimental value to me, he bought them because I said I liked them, and I still do. I still wear those on occasion. Nobody has ever asked where I got them? 


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    I only really had one serious boyfriend before my husband and our relationship lasted 5 years. The relationship ended mutually as friends with no hard feelings and although we lost contact after about 6 months I still keep the necklace he gave me. I think ive only worn it once or twice since but its a nice necklace and I dont see the point in getting rid of it just because of who it was from. When I look at it I do think of him for a moment but it doesnt stir up emotion, more of an ‘oh yeah this was from ex’. I think if it had been a rough break up I probably wouldnt have kept it. 

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    jewelry is a gift, you don’t give back gifts.

    that said, if it was an heirloom I’d make an exception.  I didn’t think of that before voting, so really I would change my vote from ‘yes always’ to ‘yes, with exceptions’ if I could.

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    Yes. One of my exes passed away. I kept the wedding ring from my daughters sperm donor and I will prob turn it in to a necklace/earrings for her one day.

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    browneyedgirl24 :  I have a watch that I kept from an ex and still wear regularly, but that’s because it’s a nice, expensive watch that I really like and I don’t associate it with him (FI also has one from his ex that he still wears, we tease each other about it sometimes).  I also have a really pretty amethyst pendant from another ex that I love (my favorite color is purple, and again, I don’t really associate it with the ex) so I couldn’t bring myself to give away, but I haven’t worn it in years.

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