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MrsBlueberryRose:  My periods randomly just stopped when I was probably 25? I was on BC, and didn’t have a period, so after several months of not having a period on BC, I took myself off of it hoping to have my body “reset”. Unfortunately, it never did. Finally after 9 months of no period and multiple negative pregnancy tests I went to the OBGYN who diagnosed me with PCOS. Because I am a healthy BMI, they put me on Metformin and Synthroid, which seemed to do the trick, and the next month I ovulated. I maintained my BC/Metformin/Synthroid combo for a few years with no issues. However…

DH and I are TTC. I went off BC in January, and ovualted on CD 25 both of my cycles (40 day cycles). My endo upped my Metformin from 500mg to 2000mg, hoping to make them shorter. I also tried to do some further testing regarding thyroid/testosterone/estrogen but she seemed a bit skeptical because I’m only 28.  Luckily, I finally requested that I would like my testosterone and progesterone tested, which she agreed with. I basically said that I know with my PCOS TTC could take a while, and I wanted to be prepared to know if we need to be more aggressive if things weren’t happening.

I always say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Don’t stop asking or finding another doctor who can hear you out. My Endo seemed to have no issue with testing the various levels I requested. I am not sure if you are doing this though your PCP or OBGYN, but you may want to look into an Endocronologist. She monitors me every 2-3 months with my levels and meds…I think haing your doctor ask you to come back in the fall is just too far. I know how frustrating it can be when you need to be your own advocate, but sometimes its necessary. 

Edit: I also want to again mention how important it is to have a doctor who will listen. I went to my PCP with my issues regarding not ovulating and they told me the same thing (stay on BC, yadda yadda). I finally gave up with that and lucked out to have an amazing OBGYN who actually sat down, asked me my history, my family history (health, birth, etc), did a transvaginal ultrasound and bloodwork IN THE SAME DAY. I was so amazed, no “oh lets try this out and come see me if this doesn’t work and we can then do the ultrasound, etc.” My Endo is the same way. I had mentioned that although I was ovulating on my own (confirmed via OPK’s/temping/getting my period) I didn’t like that my cycles were so long. She made no fuss in upping my Metformin so that I could make them shorter, which I appreciated. I feel like most doctors would give me the “well you are still regulating off BC, so come back in 5 months to check.”

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