(Closed) Does anybody else fail at concealer?

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Honey bee

It sounds like you may have the wrong shade of concealer.

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Buzzing bee
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I have bad scars and bad acne as well (it’s a bit better now, but it’s been competely horrible in the past so I know what you’re feeling). There are few if any tuts out there for covering real acne. Just the tiny little red bumps regular girls call “zits” lol.

I’ve tried every concealer under the sun it seems like. And sorry to say, there’s not much you can do for the really bad ones (tmi probably, but I mean the open ones, the type that usually scar and bleed).

But, there is stuff you can do. #1 if you haven’t seen a derm do it!

#2 get yourself some benzoyl peroxide from the drug store. I use 10% which might be too strong for some people, but I put it one twice a day over the big ones and they usually dry up in a day or two.

Actual concealing:
#3 Use some green stuff. Green concealer reverses the redness, just make sure you cover with concealer and foundation 🙂 I’ve used several different types and they all seem to work about the same

#4 I use covergirl and olay simply ageless concealer, looks like this:

It has the best coverage that I’ve found for my type of acne and it matches my color really well. If you get it in the right color you shouldn’t have to do much blending at all, just dab a bit on smooth it out a bit with your fingers and leave it.

#5 I use MAC stuido fix powder foundation. Best I’ve ever found for my skin type. It has really good coverage for being a powder, and since I have oily skin it doesn’t give me the chalky look some people get with powder. Use a brush to apply and tap lightly over areas with concealer so you don’t rub off the previous product.


This routine works well for me and gives me moderately good coverage for bad acne, the best I’ve ever been able to achieve.

I know it’s frustrating, but stick it out and see a derm about some meds. Retina is good for the scarring!

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Helper bee
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I have the same problem with hormonal pimples…it’s so frustrating that just as one finally fades, another pops up. This is what I do: I always put on concealer after I put on foundation. You won’t know where you really NEED the concealer until you have a good base/foundation on your skin. Also, the foundation should help even out your skin tone/moisturize, so that your concealer won’t fade. After you put on foundation and then concealer, set it with some powder.

Also, make absolutely sure you’re using the correct colors for your skin tone.


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Busy bee
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I feel ya!! I am NOT a makeup person – I wear some eyeliner, mascara and chapstick, but that’s it. I don’t know how to do eye shadow, concealer, etc. I don’t own concealer. Lol. My mom isn’t a girly girl and I don’t have any sisters so I’ve always kinda improvised with the makeup thing (I guess I do a good job though?). Same thing with hair…….. good thing my hair is naturally decent-ish because I’d be SOL if I had to “do” it haha

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Sugar bee
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I use concealer under my eyes (always have dark circles 🙁 ) but yes.. a lot of the time it just looks  too light and only brings focus to the fact that I have on make up. I would say do the concealer and then your foundation on top then a light powder. It sounds like a lot of crap on your face… but it doesn’t look like that when I have it on. 

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Buzzing bee
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@Mrs.Oat: Yea, the green stuff scared me too, but it’s light enough that it blends with the tones of your face anyway, don’t be too worried.

Finding the right color is always the biggest battle. Especially when most companies only have a couple of choices. How they expect every woman who uses makeup to fall neatly into one of their 4 shades is baffling, but I guess trial and error is the only way to find what works.

It’s taken me forever to even be mildly competent with makeup so don’t even worry about it.

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Busy bee
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Have you tried going a shade darker? I had been using a light concealer for my eyes and wondered why my puffy eyes always looked sooooo bad. I went for a makeup trial at Sephora (for tips on makeup for photography) and the consultant said I should go a a shade darker. Dark makes thing receded. Voila’! I look much better.

Keep trying…you’ll find something that works for you!

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Helper bee
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I am terrible terrible horrible at concealer and have REALLY dark circles under my eyes as well as hormonal breakouts.  I now use Bare Minerals make up and that stuff is amazing.  you can use the foundation as concealer to it matches and you sort of just layer it on instead of having it in one spot.  it’s not nearly as obvious you’re wearing concealer and I LOVE it.

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Worker bee
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Always put concealer on after  your foundation. Also, when using concealer layer with a bit of powder. Another helpful hint is to put a dab on the needed area and let it set for a few seconds before blending it in. 

Maybe try looking up a few makeup tutorials on youtube!They have some amazing stuff on there.

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@kala_way: I’ve never heard of the green concealer – what a great invention.

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Helper bee
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The more important thing that sticks out to me rather than having trouble with concealer is that you said acne scarsstop touching the pimples! Makes it so much worse! Every time you pop a pimple you actually push the bacteria causing it further down into the skin, thus causing more break outs!

I had terrible acne until I learned 2 things:

1. Don’t touch your face! This includes picking pimples, leaning on your hands, and other type of nervous touching. The oils in your fingers clog the pores.

2. Don’t wear foundation every day. Another hard thing to learn, because we want to hide the acne, but if you let your skin relax and breathe it helps it clear up!

3. Moisture religiously!

I know it’s hard, trust me I practically had to sit on my hands when I first adopted this regimen, but it pulled me through teenage acne and has worked for me though my 20s as well!

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Blushing bee
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I don’t wear much makeup anymore either (used to, but my contacts won’t tolerate it anymore for some reason), but I highly recommend Rimmel “Stay Matte” Pressed Powder.  It gives really good coverage (without really looking like it- I prefer the more natural look), and I would always use an eyeshadow brush to put a little extra on my “trouble” spots and it worked wonders without looking all cakey.

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Worker bee
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Try using foundation all over, then using foundation to spot treat your problem areas and set it with a powder. I use my finger to lightly dap it on pimples but a concealer brush may work for you too. I never use “concealer” as I think foundation gets the job done just as well if not better. Hope this helps.

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