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You’re headaches seem to be caused by lack of caffeine since coffee, dark chocolate, and Excedrin help. (Excedrin has caffeine in it.)

Maybe you should try to eliminate your dependency on caffeine gradually, and, maybe you will find yourself headache free ’round period time.

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I get bad headaches pretty often! I blame my dad, because he ends up bedridden from a migraine probably at least once every 6 weeks or so. *fistey shakes* Make sure you’re hydrated. Chug so much water, that often at least reduces it for me. But often if caffiene and water don’t work, I take a couple extra strength tylenol. Usually works for me. Or works enough that I can cope.

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I actually have one now…and I get really bad migraines often.  My go-to is Excedrin Migraine…not really sure why it knocks you out since it has caffeine in it, unless you take the PM kind.  If excedrin doesn’t help, then I just have to ride it out and hope it doesn’t get worse.  Also drink lots of water.

One odd tip that I’ve found helpful before is to actually stick your head in a freezer…the cold will make your headache go away.  

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I used to get severe migraines for several days before until several days after my period. Nothing worked! I tried getting off of caffeine, changing my eating habits, all different over the counter headache drugs, different birth controls…it was a mess. I had trouble during work and school, and this went on for years and years. I finally went to the neurologist and was put on daily medication. I’ve since been weaned off, and I very RARELY get headaches now. Maybe one or two days during my period every few months. 

If you continue having the headaches, and find that you are unable to relieve the pain then that is an option. 

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Miss Coral:  Is there any way its sinus related? At the beginning of this summer I was getting killer migraines, and I ended up linking it to the fact that I hadn’t been taking allergy meds.. There was a week mid-summer that I ran out and forgot to stock up so I hadn’t been taking them. I had a migraine for three days, it was horrible. Since then I’ve only had one other migraine, and it was because I stopped taking my allergy pills for 3 days.

Aside from staying on top of remembering to take my allergy pill daily, I’ve been doing some sinus accupressure that I googled. When I start to feel pressure/acing in my sinus cavity I use the pressure points and its been helping wonders.. Not to be Too Much Information but as soon as I start draining my sinuses with the accupressure points on my face I can feel the mucus draining down the back of my throat and it relieves a lot of the aching/throbbing around my nose/forhead

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I get headaches.  I think BCP causes some of mine, but not all of them.  I’ve been off BCP for a year and I haven’t had near as many headaches but I still get them sometimes.  They usually stick around for days though, which sucks.  Most of the time mine aren’t terrible, but it’s very irritating to wake up to a headache everyday for 3-4 days.  I usually just take 2 ibuprofen though, that usually works for the more mild ones.  Otherwise I might take 3.  I can’t stand tylenol, it just doesn’t work as well (or at all) for me.  Caffeine helps medication work better ,that’s why excederin migraine has caffeine in it.  As long as you don’t go overboard on the medication or caffeine, since that can turn around and cause headaches.  So you just need to watch how much you’re consuming.

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I used to get headaches that coincided with AF but it turned out the culprit was low blood sugar. I cut back on carbs and try to get some protein in with every meal. Haven’t gotten one in a few months now.

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I used to get migraines while on BCP. I still get “bad” headaches, but less often now, and not migraines, at least.

I get them during AF sometimes – my suspicion is that since I craze salt, I get dehydrated, so I make an effort to drink a ton of water during AF and it seems to help. Ibuprofen helps sometimes.

I get sinus headaches pretty often, whenever the weather changes. For that, I use an ice pack when I’m home. 

Sometimes working out or getting fresh air helps my headaches – maybe try walking during your lunch break?

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I feel your pain (literally!)- I used to have chronic headaches that worsened around the time of my period.  I’m talking headaches and neck pain that lasted for weeks at a time.  In my case, I eventually figured out that I was suffering from rebound headaches- which is why they never went away (or they’d go away and come right back the next day). 

Have you tried Aleve instead of Excedrin?

I know you mentioned you take Excedrin rarely- not sure if you also ever take tylenol or ibuprofen?  Switching from those three to naproxen (Aleve) seriously put an end to my headaches.  Excuse me for sounding like a commercial for a second, but I used to take 4-6 acetaminophen or ibuprofen throughout a day, sometimes up to the maximum of 8… the headache would lessen but come back full force when the medicine wore off (rebound headaches), so I’d take more medicine, headache would come back, on and on in an endless cycle.  Now if I have a headache, I take one single Aleve and it goes away and STAYS away.  But even more importantly, I don’t get headaches that much anymore!  It’s crazy to think I was actually causing more headaches by trying to get them to go away.      

I still get headaches sometimes around my period (mine actually are worse if I eat a lot of chocolate, go figure) but Aleve does the trick on them and I go on my way.  It’s the only thing that works for me.   

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I get two types of headaches: migraines caused by changes in the weather, and mild but constant ones from inflamed trigger points. You should definitely go see a neurologist/headache specialist.  The only way to get rid of my daily ones are with injections into the trigger points that are referring the pain to my head.  I tried all the preventative migraine meds, but they all caused terrible side effects.  The acute ones all made me so drowsy that I lost a whole day anyway. Now I take naproxen and drink coffee when I get a migraine.  Not perfect, but it dulls the pain enough that I don’t have to hide in a dark, quiet room.<br />

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Until very recently, I got daily headaches for 11 years, since I was 16. I even remember getting them frequently from the age of 8 onwards. Now I get maybe 1-2 little ones per week. I got a new pillow, which drastically cut down on them. Then we got a new mattress, which made a huge difference as well. All memory foam. 

All I have left to do is figure out the hormonal headaches that I get before and during my period. When I took hormonal birth control, I had killer headaches and migraines all day, every day. 

Last cycle, I started taking ibuprofen twice daily for 3 days before my period was due and it helped the headaches and cramps immensely so that might be worth a try. Ibuprofen is best for these types of things – while the acetaminophen in excedrin is a painkiller, ibuprofen works to reduce inflammation causing the pain. Also the ASA in excedrin might contribute to heavier periods as it thins the blood. Always take with food to avoid the nausea. 

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If it coincides with your period it’s probably the drop in estrogen. Are you on BCP? Mine got much better after I went off of it.

If you have a lot of frequent headaches, you could ask your doctor about a low dose of beta blocker to try and help. I used to get them all the time until I was put on a beta blocker for hypertension (not related to my headaches, lol) and I rarely get them now. Happy side effect I guess.

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Miss Coral:  i get (diagnosed) cluster headaches. it’s basically on a cycle–not my monthly cycle, lol–but i can be absolutely headache free for days or weeks or even months. then the headaches will start and they’ll happen at the same time each day for a week or two, then go away until the next time. these aren’t just headaches either, they are debilitating painful experiences where the entire left side of my face will droop, light sensitivity, nausea, etc.

the best way i’ve found to take the edge off (because the only thing that truly works for me is dark, cool, and lying down) is to have a bottle of coke and a bag of original lays. i guess it’s the salt and caffiene and soft crunch all combined that helps until my pain meds kick in? no clue but that is one that i swear by! i’m sure if you tried that with a BC powder, you’d see some relief.


ETA: one thing that has drastically helped in the long run is cutting out processed foods. i know that contradicts my previous suggestion but bear with me. yes, i still sip a coke and munch the chips to help, but i’m getting the headaches far less often now that i cut out processed things on a daily basis. depending on how much the headaches affect your life, you might think about switching to a clean diet.

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