(Closed) Does anyone else cry easily?

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I cry so easily!! Any time there’s some kind of confrontation, or a movie that hits a nerve with me, every orifice in my face starts leaking snot and tears.

I hate it, especially because I cry a lot around my fiance, and I always feel that I’m manipulating him by crying, even though I can’t help it. Not to mention it being horrible at work if anything happens ๐Ÿ™

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Hahaha this post is funny because I seriously cry at everything! And I never used to be this way! I was always the girl who laughed at inappropriate times like when other people were crying. I’m not really sure what happened, but I cry at the thought of a child having an illness regardless of whether I know the child or not. I cry at Say Yes to the Dress. I cry when I see pictures of my deceased grandparents. I cry when I watch movies. I mean this is not who I was just three years ago. Maybe I’m getting old or something. Anyhow, you are not alone! And looks like I’m not, either. ๐Ÿ˜€


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I cry easily. So does fiance. I used to see it as being emotionally unstable or a bit crazy – how comes I couldnt even think about raising a complaint without tearing up or watching a mobile-phone advert…I get teary when angry, happy, sad, hungry, etc. I now see it as a positive – as feeling things at their fullest. I don’t do things by halves and rather than me seeing it as a weird thing I like it (which in a sense makes me calm things down and be less teary -the anticipation of tears is sometimes too much and makes me cry but if you think, yeah ‘I’m going to cry on the bus again because my supervisor is such a pain in the ass’ you tackle the issue with an ‘oh well then’ attitude and it normally makes me less weepy. If that makes sense). Also I get teary just THINKING baout my wedding day (which is next august) so I am thinking tackle the issue head on. I have decided to learn to make my own super-special hankies. I bought two hankerchief middles and some crochet wool and am making both the mums/mother in laws their own hankies. Im going to buy my own vintage lace one (to go with my vintage lace theme) JUST to be ready! ๐Ÿ™‚ Then youre like. Ok so I will probably cry but I have this SUPER pretty hanky that is theme-specific and by the very planning and havign of it means that the tears may be negated. At my friends reharsal we ALL bawled like babies but at the ceremony we didnt. At my sisters I did a reading and was incoherant (sorry sis!). Plan for the tears and they may plan to let you be by the very fact youve thought about them. This sounds all weird and airy fairy but it works for me! ๐Ÿ™‚ PLUS I get to have another bit of vintage lace to my name! ๐Ÿ™‚


Just think – youre feeling things fully and loving and hating to your fullest – theres nothign wrong with that. Plus the pretty hanky wipes all those boogies away for the professional shots! ;p

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@theone99:  Im in the same as you!

Ive been watching Say Yes to the dress and keep tearing up! God I was full on crying writing a card to H2B for the wedding morning!!!

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Oh I cry alot. My family gave me  a nickname when I was about 6… ‘ tiny tears’. I used to come home from school and cry to my mom if someone got hurt/ someone was bullied anything. She swore that I could feel other peoples pain and suffering which is why I would cry so much.

  I’m just a big baby, thank god Fiance thinks it’s cute when I cry because I do it alot LOL

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I’m glad there are so many other criers out there. I cry at everything. If I’m angry, sad, happy, frustrated, tired, embarassed, touched – the waterworks start. I wish I knew a way to turn them off.

People make fun of me allllll the time. The most hilarious time though was when I was describing a report on how the ‘run and tell that’ autotuned young man had gotten so much money from the autotuning that he was able to move his family out of the bad neighborhood they were living in (is this even true? I dunno!) and I got all choked up, and my MOM was like ‘are you actually crying right now about this?!?’ Hahah…it touched me, Mom!!

Funnily enough, I did NOT cry over finding my wedding dress. 

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I cry at everything – especially if I’m angry about something – but more so then because I have a very hard time getting my thoughts across coherently and the person usually ends up laughing or smiling at me, which makes me even madder.


At this point, I’m used to it, but my biggest fear is that I’m an UGLY crier, which won’t make for good makeup or photos on my wedding day.

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@allyfally:  LOL me too : 

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Yes! In fact, yesterday on Ellen, she had a Mom and her kids on and they were talking about how wonderful their Mom was and I was sobbing like crazy! I went through several Kleenex. Also, Long Island Medium , I cry through an entire episode. I cry when I am mad or when someone else is sad. It’s bad.

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A tip for helping to suppress tears when you feel them rising: press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. I’m not sure what they physiological explanation is for how it works, but it does something to quell the rising tears.

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I don’t cry over everything but will cry;

  • if I hear a story about a child dying/almost dying 
  • if I hear a story about a deathly ill child/suffering child
  • sad stories about animals/abuse/neglect/rescue
  • images or stories from the Holocaust (not Jewish, Jehovah’s witness, gypsie etc, just feel horrible about the Holocuast)
  • inspiring stories about people overcoming obstacles

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Ah yes, the angry cry. It runs in my family.

Over the years I’ve turned into a pretty regular crier for everything else, too. Sometimes when I lose a game or something important doesn’t go my way I cry because I can’t find another way to express myself. A couple months ago ago I went to apply for a passport and got denied because my birth certificate was worse for the wear. I went to the car and cried. When I first played Street Fighter IV and kept getting my ass kicked by the boss (we’re talking 20+ times) I cried. Other times I see something emotionally charged on TV and lose it, like Grey’s Anatomy or the “Help is on the way” music video.

I worry about ugly crying during my wedding…

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I cry over many things happy or sad. This has only begun a few years ago and sometimes I will just feel like crying for no reason but that usually only happens when I have PMS lol I cant even imagine I’m I’m going to be at my wedding..I better wear alot of water proof eye makeup

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@Mrs. Doily: +1, except it’s a recent thing for me. It seems as if a switch has flipped, basically. Even if on the inside there’s rage, on the outside it’s either stone cold or tears. I hate the tears, haha.

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