Does anyone else get distraught thinking about pregnancy and climate change?

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Honestly, No, not at all. My husband and I are planning on TTC next summer and I have no second thoughts about it.

I’m a pretty optimistic person so I just don’t get caught up in all the doomsday stuff. I think climate change is very serious and absolutely something that humanity needs to be doing so much more about but I’m not going to stop living my life or choose not to have children because things could be bad in the future. That’s just not how I choose to live my life or think about the future. Yes, things could be bad – maybe because of climate change, maybe because of something we have no idea is coming. But things could also be good. We just don’t know.

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Anxiety about climate change and the future of our world is definitely on my list of reasons why I am childfree.

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Absolutely not. A million other things could happen in the world before climate change is an issue, like me dying in an accident or something happening to my husband or further children or even a freaking alien invasion.

Do not live your life in fear of the unknown. Life is too short, you never know what will happen, so live for YOU, for now, in the moment. 

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I am the same as hikingbride. I think it’s a serious issue, but fear about what could happen climate-wise didn’t weigh into my decision to have a baby at all. I’m not saying your concern isn’t valid, because it is…it’s just not an anxiety I let myself delve into too deeply. 

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Agree with PP, yes climate change (political strife, the general state of the world etc.) are all concerns of mine, but did not prevent me from having children.  I guess I just feel like if you don’t do things because of all the “what if’s” then are you really living?  I hope that I can instill the importance of promoting good living, recycling, kindness etc to my children so perhaps they can slow or change the trajectory of our current (insert concern here). 

But, having children is a very personal decision so whatever choice you make, it will be right for you! 

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sad12335 :  not even a little. They were spouting so much tragedy to come back when I was a kid. Much of the world should be under water by now. While I’m by no means a climate change denier, it’s happening more slowly than people anticipated— we really have no clue. Every year people improve for the better (it’s those developing countries that really spew and they will improve one day too). In addition, humans are able to adapt well to the changes in their world. Heck, your kid could be the one to invent a solution. 

I’m far more worried about social upheaval when it comes to my son. I hope first world countries chill the frick out soon, but that’s a discussion for another thread. 

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Yes! I have a 2 year old and I am going through IVF to get pregnant with our second child and I think about this all the time. It didn’t affect our final decision but it is on my mind a lot and it definitely makes me anxious. 

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I have a 3 month old and it does make me stress sometimes but we try to limit our emissions and do what we can on an individual level to help the environment. We share an old car, we travel less, we gave up meat and cut back on dairy, we don’t have any pets, we re-use and recycle things and we avoid buying material things we don’t need. Since becoming pregnant and being vocal about climate change, both our families and friends now try harder too and many have given up meat. I don’t think fear should put people off having children (especially given that most of us live in countries with declining birth rates) but it should make us try harder and set a better example for our children and the future. 

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If I never had children out of fear and lived to be 100 and the world was making improvements I would have massign regrets. If we get 10/20/30 years down the line and the world ends – none of us (myself, husband, children) will care cause we’ll be dead. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I guess I take a Dude approach to life. 

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I do think about it a lot and worry (in addition to things like the state of the world, etc) but it happened more after I had my second than before.  I had more anxiety after having my second.  I think I still would have had kids but it’s also a factor in me stopping at 2 kids.  Not the only factor by far, but I definitely consider it.  So ultimately no, did not deter me. I wouldn’t let it be a deciding factor if you otherwise really want them.  There is too much unknown.  But I would consider it when thinking of how many kids you want to have.

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sad12335 :  I’ve thought about it more in the way of how my experiences as a child will be different for my children but it doesn’t stop me from wanting more kids. Besides, who knows – maybe MY daughter is just the person we need to turn this whole problem around. Maybe SHE is the one to figure out how to get states to stop polluting, or how to colonize Mars, or whatever else might change the world. Damn…if I didn’t have her we might all be doomed! 

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sad12335 :  SO and I go back and forth about having children for these reasons and many others! All the terrible crimes and news on a daily basis. Also, the fact that we both feel so jaded about life in general. We’re in our late 20s for reference.

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 I’m more concerned about education and  bad effects of technological devices than climate change to be honest. There’s  million things that can potentially go wrong before our children  die because of famine etc. Huh… People die or suffer from all sorts of political games literally everywhere in the world, they have more immediate results unfortunately.


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Not at all. I think about this too. I try to look at the bright side, and think maybe our kids will be the ones to change things for the better and tackle this big problem. 

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