(Closed) Does anyone else get really frequent yeast infections?

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Try doing a candida cleanse.. it helped me ๐Ÿ™‚

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What type of Birth Control do you use? If you don’t use abstinence or a condom, your guy could have a yeast infection that keeps getting passed to you. With one of my ex’s we just used depo as birth control and had sex when I had a yeast infection, before any symptoms showed up. Then I kept getting yeast infections over and over and over. I finally went to my doctor who suggested my Boyfriend or Best Friend could have had a yeast infection since apparently they can be transmitted sexually, and he just doesn’t have any symptoms. He went to his dr. and sure enough- he had a yeast infection. We both got the pill that cures yeast infections, took it, abstained from sex for I think they said 2 weeks or something like that, and it worked. I didn’t get one for awhile, until the next time I went on antibiotics (I ALWAYS get them when I take antibiotics).

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I had only had 1 my whole life until this year then I got a few in a row— SUCKS. 

What has worked for me so far *knock on wood* is cutting back on sugar and alcohol (not abstaining, but cutting back from the usual), being SUPER vigilant about changing underwear a lot (i.e. if I”m out running errands and get even a tiny bit sweaty, I change ’em as soon as I get home. Even if this means 4 pairs in a day. More laundry, but happier me lol), and getting Azo yeast tablets. I take 1/day. I don’t know if it is one of these things, or the combination, or just random luck that has solved the problem… but so far so good. 

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I feel your pain – check out this post – there might be some ideas for you:

Chronic Yeast Infections – anyone else?

I have a regular cycle and can tell you the day they start.  Is that the same for you?  Mine are hormone driven and clear up with the change in the PH with my period.

I tried probiotics (as referenced in that post) and it worked for one month, but then the infection came back the following.  ๐Ÿ™  Sometimes I’ll go one month without one, but it’s very rare.

My OBGYN says the same thing to me (some women just have them).  I was on rounds of diflucan, but didn’t see any real break from them and she stopped it because of how hard it is on your kidney/liver.

I’m currently trying AZO Yeast tablets and they seem to be minimizing the symptoms.  I just started a couple days ago – so I don’t have any long-term results to share (yet)!

If that doesn’t help, I’m considering going to an acupuncturist.  

I tried the no bread/wine/sugar/cheese/mushroom/coffee, etc diet for 8 weeks and I saw no difference and gave up! 


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I used to get them fairly frequently but less these days (I think birth control actually helped a bit)….

Here are some tips, in addition to cutting back on sugars and alcohol (and sorry if you know these already!)

100% cotton panties, and make sure that they’re generously cut and not all up in your junk. Natural fibers and some airflow will cut down on the moisture issue. Consider the types of work clothes you’re wearing as well…a lot of synthetic pants + sitting all day = not super breatheable. Get up and walk around a little bit if you’re a desk job person.

Make sure that if you’re using lube, you’re using stuff without sweeteners in it. Sucrose, fructose, etc etc etc…yeasty heaven. I have had good luck with Sliquid and with Astroglide’s “hey, there’s nothing crappy in this lube” lube. Also, whatever they put on Trojan Magnums seems to be no big deal. Go figure. And if your partner is a candy lover (mine is), it is totally legit to have them brush their teeth and/or drink a glass of water before any oral sexytimes go down.

Avoid fruity shower gels and weird soaps. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ – you want to be washing with water down there and not much else. Similarly, you could switch laundry detergents and see if that helps at all. I found that drying my panties without a dryer sheet also seemed to help.

Finally: you may either need different medicine (there’s an oral antifungal that my doc prescribed me that was very helpful) or less medicine. I tend to find that I’m more prone to them right before my period…but your period is also nature’s cure for a YI, since it rebalances your pH and knocks the yeast growth back down. If you’ve had this problem since a course of antibiotics, that could also be related…in which case yogurt with natural cultures could help rebalance things a bit.

Whew! Hope this is helpful to you even a teeny little bit.

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@oracle:  this sounds like me as well. i get them almost every month… the azo yeast tablets do help me a bit, i take one a day when i dont have an infection and at least 3 when i do… my dr has given me diflucan occasionally and it does help me… but she does it really rarely and pisses me off lol.


so sorry, i feel your pain. ๐Ÿ™

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On Dr. Oz he said to take a tampon and put it in the freezer for a while, then dip it in plain, white yogurt with no sweetener, then insert the tampon into your vagina.  It’s supposed to work, but I haven’t had a yeast infection since hearing about that so I haven’t tried it myself.  I’ve only had two but they were awful!  I got both from sitting in wet bathing suits too long.

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The PPs have great advice. I once had a wicked go-round with a YI that only ended after taking 3 days in a row of diflucan and then one each week for two months. If you’re getting them constantly or frequently, I’d check out switching your BC since that helped as well. Perhaps checking in with a different doctor for some different tests and a new approach would be worth it. YI suck, it’s not worth it to just deal with it. 

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Feeling your pain ๐Ÿ™ I went through hell a few years back, constant back and forth from doctors. Went through countless yeast infection over the counter products, plus I tried yogurt and other non OTC stuff. Sex hurt. My vagina was just weird. One doctor wanted me off the pill, but I didn’t feel comfortable going to the arm insert thing (that stick, forget what it’s called) I changed my diet. Stopped drinking beer for instance. Cut my sugar intake. Upped my water, cranberry and yogurt intake. Changed detergent, stopped using fabric softener. Changed toilet paper to hypoallergenic. Soap in shower isn’t a soap, it’s another hypoallergenic substance.

100% cotton undies. Don’t wear tight clothing.

I saw 3/4 doctors and one OBGYN over this. My life was horrible at this point, had other stress issues going on too. Which wasn’t helping the situation.

Sorry think that got long :/

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