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I found that chewing gum helped me, but I’m not sure why. Valerian is a natural pill that calms you. 

I know you’re not looking to go on meds but Xanax PRN would probably help. Just be careful cuz it’s super addictive. =

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@weatherbug:  You’re not being ridiculous, your brain and body is just reacting to whatever stress you are experiencing.

I get anxiety and things that help me include breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, slowly, accepting my thoughts and worries but reminding myself that I will get through it and there’s always a way through things, and sometimes fresh air helps. Yoga, meditation, and prayer can help too, whichever suits you.

You could also get one of those stress balls. I just got one for my H because he also has anxiety.

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My therapist explained that anxiety is a feedback loop and being anxious about being anxious is a big part of it. she gave me a few breathing exercises to help calm down. Breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 7, exhale for a count of 8. She said not to do it more than 4 times in a row because you get dizzy, also the length of the count isn’t so important as its the ratio between the counts that matters. Another one is start with your eyes looking down at your feet, without moving your head raise your eyes to look straight forward, then raise them to look up as far as you can, take a deep breath and close your eyes as you exhale all the way. Another thing that helps anxiety is repetitive motion. I have been doing a lot of sewing and knitting which helps me calm down. My biggest help though has been my meds. With my insurance they are $6 a month and they make me feel like a whole new person so very worth the money. I have so much more energy and I feel pretty chipper most days, now that I’m on the right dose (it took a bit to find) I feel great.

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THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL! Everyone I tell that too thinks I’m crazy and.dramatic. I didn’t know that it was my anxiety! I thought it was that I was diabetic or something else. I seem to be done at home. But at my old job I had to leave early a couple times because I was so lightheaded and shaky! But with me to it usually happens when I think about it, and like you out ess at it worse in the car where I had to pull over a color times. I just quit my job the weeks ago because of my anxiety. It got so bad I had a panic attack on the way there. Anyways tho make a long story short I’m glad you posted this because I didn’t know what to do. I planned on goin to the Dr but it is hard to get an appointment in my area. I thought I was going crazy because I never knew any body else experienced the lightheaded/dizziness, and I’m glad to know it’s linked to my anxiety.

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I suffer from severe, debilitating panic attacks that can last for up to 2 hours at a time. She has been training me on meditative breathing, deep breathing, and guided meditations. So far just the breathing has been enough for me. I use Celexa but my doctor wants to take me off of it after the wedding and I’m TERRIFIED of reverting back to the couch-bound ball of crying stress I was where I couldn’t breath for hours a day and was afraid to go anywhere (beginning Agoraphobia) for fear of having another attack.

The fear of having a panic attack can and will cause an actual panic attack. You need to have positive self-talk (I’m OK, I can handle this… etc) and it should start to help. This is a long process that may never be completely cured but please work on the underlying problems.

It’s not ridiculous and I’m so sorry for your loss and everything you’re dealing with because of it. If you ever need to talk there are others, like me, that are suffering from anxiety as well and would be happy to support you. 🙂

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@weatherbug:  Well, as a fellow anxiety sufferer, slapping you and telling you you’re being ridiculous isn’t going to help, lol.

I went to therapy, and I still do get anxiety but there are a few ways I deal with mine: deep breathing and walks. I also, when I wasn’t pregnant, went to the natural health doos store and picked up anti-anxiety meds. They will NOT help you in extreme situations. They will just help you calm down. I got little white pills you stick under your tongue. I didn’t consider it a medication becaue it’s natural.

I also got a book called The Anxiet Cure An 8 Step Program For Getting Well by Robert L. DuPont. I recommend it to anyone with anxiety because it helps explain what anxiety is, identify your type of anxiety, and gives you ways to deal with it.

Hopefully that will help you get a start on controlling it yourself. 🙂

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I suffer from anxiety, OCD and depression (the last of which I’m classed as ‘recovering’ from) so I get how hard it is!! I actually went down the medication route, but I understand that it is not for everyone.

Out of everything, I found that getting regular exercise, fresh air and a good diet was the BEST thing for me.

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I suffer from anxiety, panic attackes, and nervousness (and seasonal depression if that counts).  I also didn’t want to go on meds so I have to figure out ways to cope. 


For me, AriZona green tea and some chocolate help me out.  Sounds bizarre but Darling Husband would buy them for me when we were dating in high school and they remind me of easier, calmer times when everything was fun and I didn’t have as many worries.  So when I find myself really freaking out and on the verge, an AriZona green tea and some chocolate (brownies, chocolate pieces, chocolate muffin, whatever) help talk me off the ledge, so to speak. I came about this revelation one day, right after we had moved across the country and Darling Husband was gone for work.  I had no friends, no job, nothing and was in my empty apartment alone.  I walked two miles to the store, got a green tea, and ended up feeling sooooo much better.  Now, I know it helps so we keep some stocked away (and in our hurricane kit for sure!)


I also make lists of all the things that are bothering me.  My mom used to make me do this when I was little, no matter where we were.  She’d tell me to write all of my worries down on paper and she’d hold them for me so I didnt’ have to worry about them until I was ready.  DH does this for me now and it does help.  It’s odd to look back and see what I wrote down though! Just recently I did this and wrote down ‘Christmas tree’ becuase I was worried about how to decorate it- um, its September. I shouldn’t be worried about decorating a christmas tree!!


Just keep going at it everyday and find something, anything, that helps you (and that’s healthy for you – don’t resort to crack or twerking or something 🙂 ). Think about a time you didn’t have to worry about whatever it is and remember what type of smells you saw or what food you ate or something you wore and hold onto it.  


good luck! 


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