(Closed) Does anyone else have trouble sleeping without their partner?

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Hang in there sweet heart, he’s just drunk or something and not checking his phone, maybe it died.

i think a lot of people have trouble sleeping without their partner, I know I tend to on the rare occasions my Darling Husband goes on a business trip or something, and Darling Husband did when I had a job with really unpredictable hours that could get me home very late.

You just have to try to think about other things than your partner’s absence. I find TV helps.

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He checked in, that’s good. IMO, yes, you’re being unreasonably upset. Your asking him to end his good time out with his friends because you’re alone and can’t sleep and that comes off as kind of selfish and controlling. You had a migraine and didn’t want to go so you made the decision to not partake of the festivities.

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My husband is on a weekend cruise with 18 of our friends including his sister and I’m home, alone with our puppy since yesterday. I’m recovering from surgery so a cruise right now wasn’t a good idea… I’m miserable. I know how you feel….. 

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I think you’re being unreasonable. It’s fine to miss him, but I don’t sse how you can be upset with him. He texted you from the diner and asked if you wanted anything — that’s incredibly thoughtful of him (not to mention the fact that you chose not to go). Let him have some fun with his friends. There’s no need to worry about him if he’s checked in with you and updated you.

I miss my Fiance when he’s out late for work events or with friends. But I know that he’s enjoying himself and it’s not like he does it very often, so I suck it up, curl up in bed with my cat, and watch chick flicks on Netflix. Being a strong couple doesn’t mean physically being together at all times.

And do you really want to be THAT girlfriend/fiance/wife that makes him say, “Sorry guys, gotta go home because the SO can’t sleep w/o me.” I know I wouldn’t be.

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Sugar bee
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i get that you miss him and everything, especially since you’re not feeling well, but yeah, i think it’s unreasonable of you to make him cut his night short. and it was really nice of him to offer to bring you food.

when my husband goes out without me, i don’t care if he wants to stay out late as long he checks in with me if his plans change or whatever (i don’t wanna wake up in a panic in the middle of the night if he’s not home when i thought he would be). yeah, i miss having him next to me, but i’m not going to make him come home especially if i’m not feeling well and am probably grumpy anyway.

have you tried getting rid of your migraine by soaking your hands and feet in hot water with an ice pack on the back of your neck? that’s what i’ve done the last couple times i’ve had bad migraines and it works!

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Mlim:  I don’t think it’s unusual that guys hanging out without their girlfriends stay out later than when they have all the girlfriends around. When my girls and I have girls’ nights, it’s a whole different thing than when we’re out with the guys included — I can’t even compare the two situations because its like apples and oranges. With just my girls, I can let loose and be myself 100% because we’re all so close. We can talk about anything under the sun and the hours just fly by. With the guys there too, while we have fun, there’s a certain wall up because many of us just don’t know everyone’s SOs all that well.

On another note, I saw that you previously posted a thread about being upset because your boyfriend’s sister got him a Christmas gift that “outshined” yours. Now, I say this because I honestly think it’d make you worry less and live a happier life: don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t let things like what gift his sister got him or him staying out late with the bros once in awhile get to you. Get upset/annoyed for a hot minute, and then let it go — tell yourself that in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not a big deal and isn’t making your boyfriend care for you any less.

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Mlim:  yes you are being completely unreasonable and controlling. I went out to an event yesteer day with a gf and was meant to be home around 7Pm. one thing lead to another and we decided to go out so I msgd Fiance I’d be home around 3. Then I bumped into a friend who lives around the corner so I msgs Fiance I was crashing at hers. Did he get upset? He’ll no! He understood that plans change and I had kept him informed so he was fine.  I had an awesome night. Guys ldont often catch up just with the guys when they are in relationships, so when they do they like to make the most of it. 

He is an adult, not a teenager with a curfew.  Don’t treat him like one or he’ll start acting like one and rebel against your control.

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Mlim:  I think you’re overreacting! He’s probaBly just having fun hanging out with his friends. He already checked in with you too.

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Sugar bee

Mlim:  I’m the exact same way. My FH went on a week long business trip, 6 hours away. That was the longest amount of time we had been apart in 7 years. I cried like a baby when he left.

However, I also was incredibly worried one night when he said he’d be home around midnight and I called him at 1 because he wasn’t home (I had to be up for work at 3 am). I did get a hold of him, but he told me he wouldn’t be home to 3ish. I was in the shower when he got home and he went straight to sleep. I was mad because I was wide awake from 1-3 worried about him.

In conclusion, you have every right to have the feelings you do.

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