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  • poll: Do you rent your place?

    Yes, I rent an apartment (1 bedroom)

    Yes, I rent an apartment (2 bedrooms +)

    Yes, I rent a house (2 bedrooms)

    Yes, I rent a house (3 bedrooms +)

    No, I own a house (2 bedrooms)

    No, I own a house (3 bedrooms +)

    I don't fit into any of these categories (do tell!)

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    We rent a 2 bedroom/ 1.5 bath townhouse apt. It’s little, about 850-900 sq ft, but it’s one of 4 (not a complex, just a single building) in a residential area with a front and back communal yard.

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    We will be renting soon.  I would much rather have our own place, but it’s not do-able yet.

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    We are moving next week into our rental 3 bedroom house!  I’m so excited.  This will give us a year or so to save up for a down payment on a house to buy and is the best option since we have a baby on the way.  I will be so happy to get the hell out of this one bedroom apartment and be closer to our families!

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    I rent my apt and can not wait to get out of there, I’m moving in 9 weeks to a much larger apt for (get this) the SAME PRICE, and it will be super cheap once Fiance moves in with me. we plan on renting until after we get married and then buy in the spring of 2013. I wish i could buy now the market it so low!

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    We are renting a 4 bedroom single family home as a test run in the neighborhood. We’ve been there for 7 months now, love the neighborhood, love the schools, and are ready to buy our own forever home. I much prefer home ownership to renting. It feels so much better to know that my home truly belongs to me and I can do with it as I please. no asking permission to paint, no worried if a cat gets sick on the carpet, etc.

    I own a house in my old neigsborhood that I am renting out. We left that area for numerous reasons, DS’s middle school being the top reason. When the market recovers, I will sell that house and be done with it. But until then, the rental income covers all of the expenses, so at least I am not losing money.

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    I own a 3br/2.5 bath home. I wanted a private yard for my little one that I didn’t have when renting. I do miss being able to call someone up when something breaks though Undecided

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    We own a 3 bedroom home but rented seperately for the last 7 years.

    The only reason we brought a house was because at the time we decided to move in together, all the places we saw that were for rent that we liked were either above budget or else another 50+ couples were looking at the same place.

    My Fiance had the deposit for a house and now because of interest rates our mortgage is lower than what we would have spent renting anyway, even taking into account rates, home maintenance etc.  

    The market for selling in NZ is not good at the moment, so we plan to hold onto it and eventually hopefully keep it as a rental when we buy a bigger house when we have kids.  If we sold it today it would be for less than what we brought it for 3 years ago – so it really is a long term investment.

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    We rent a tiny apartment from DH’s parents right now.  We want to buy, but we aren’t nearly financially stable enough yet, plus with moving around with the Navy it’s not worth it to buy. 

    Our plan is to use the housing money we get through the Navy and get something cheaper and smaller than what we could technically afford, then put the extra aside for an eventual downpayment.  I hate feeling like we’re throwing money away in rent and not having anything to show for it… that’s what makes me want to buy.

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    We rent a 1 bedroom apartment in the bottom half of a back-split house (not basement).  I hate living here – THERE ARE NO PLUGS IN THE KITCHEN!  We also have a dishwasher and an electric fireplace that don’t work (but since the landlord left them off the lease, they won’t get fixed).  Our upstairs neighbour stomps around all the time.  And our backyard is full of crap from our landlord.  If the rent wasn’t so cheap for what we have in our area, we’d be gone.  Mission: now that I will be done school, save up and buy a house!

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    We rent a 3 car garage that was converted into a house.  It has one very large bedroom and one bath.  We’re way out in the country and share 5 acres with our landlords.  We love it, we want to stay here for a few years, until we can save up enough to buy land of our own.  My horse lives on the property, and we just built a 10’x14′ garden behind the house.  I know some people couldn’t stand it (no dishwasher, no central air, dealing with country living issues) but we love it.

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    Oh this thread is depressing to me! I rent a one bedroom, as does he, and in June, we’re both going to be living in his (teeny tiny) one bedroom, with both of our stuff and my massive dog. It’s gonna be brutal!

    I used to own a three bedroom house, but sold it when I moved for school. And he had a large two bedroom condo, which he sold when he moved too. We can’t buy a house now because we’re at the mercy of the US bureau of immigration and have no idea if we’re going to be allowed to settle in the US long-term. Ugh. He’s been working and paying taxes here for over three years, and I’m almost done school here but will not be allowed to work when I finish. Ugh.

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    We rent our friends basement with no windows! Haha.  I kind of hate it, especially from going to living alone to having a roommate again…but we’re paying half of what we were on our own and he helps take care of our dog.

    I can’t wait to get our own place again though.

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    we moved to nyc last year, so we for sure can not afford to buy anything here. unless we move out to nj or brooklyn or something–which doesn’t make sense for us since i’m in school and would have a hell of a commute! i don’t think we’ll buy anything until i finish my phd and we move out of the city to whereever i get a job. if i’d gone to a different school–like a small college town–we probably would have bought since phds in my field take 6-7 years to complete. it’s kind of sad to think that we could have had a yard and so much more space!

    when we were in dc, we rented a 1-bedroom apt. now hubby works at home, so we have a 2 bedroom. it seems crazy since that’s big for 2 people, but it’s really cramped for us, since i’m often studying at home and we’re both here all the time. we just signed a lease for a new apt that’s 3 bedrooms and has a bigger living area–i’m sooo excited! the bedrooms are each tiny–the biggest one will barely fit our queen sized bed, but we’ll each have our own office!

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    we rent a 2 bedroom unit with a 5 min walk to the beach for $180 a week.

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    I have a tiny Tokyo apartment ^_^

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