Does anyone else take prescription painkillers for their cramps?

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MissFlipFlops:  You couldn’t be more right!! After years of suffering my OBGYN prescribed me 5mg Oxycodone (Percocet)… Which changed my life for the better & I could go about my day semi normal, but at least not incapacitated like I was & an note back to being because she retired & I got thrown back into the stream of idiot Drs that don’t wanna prescribe three needs or do their job beyond a certain extent to diagnose the problem… So they take your money & send you home with nothing more than humiliation & knowing you’re not crazy but feeling like the Drs are treating you like you are… I absolutely LOATHE how they wanna treat everyone as if their a carbon copy of a case from their med book… Throwing big words to belittle you, yet basically refusing to hear what you have to say if it doesn’t go along with their medical dictionar or considering you might know your body more than they do when you make a suggestion for YOUR treatment! Giving a suggestion for your treatments is as good as insulting them, even though they’re fine with running you through the gamut of tests, ultrasounds, Bloodwork, birth controls & their idea of pain meds that are a joke, so long as it was their idea… It’s ridiculous! Hence why people DO what they have to, to get out of pain because they know what they need & their pompous, jerk Drs don’t wanna do anything outside of what THEY think you need even though it’s not their body!! It’s BS!! :'(

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I know this is an old thread, but I have to say that cramps are no joke. Once I stopped hormonal BC I’ve had awful pelvic pain. I mean, I’m no wimp. I fractured my spine in my 20s and spent six months thinking I’d just pulled a few muscles. These pains are way, way worse than a fractured spine. I spend several days a month vomiting and fainting… usually around CD1-2 but sometimes mid-cycle as well.

In my case I was told I had polycystic ovaries, but probably not PCOS (ie they’re a symptom, not a cause). Running more tests now. I got offered buscopan, but it doesn’t help, because it’s not “true” cramping. Cramps are caused by muscles contracting, and buscopan relieves that. In my case, the pain is caused by cysts, which is not the same. The only relief at all I can get is by using prescription strength codeine or, if I’m utterly and truly desperate, morphine. The problem is that I have to use such a high dose that I spend the rest of the day stoned. I can do housework and things, but I’m incapable of driving or working because I’m so high.

PPs who are dismissive of this really shouldn’t be. It’s absolutely debilitating. The only thing I can look forward to is that, if we do ever finally manage to have children, once I’m done then I can go back on hormonal BC, which completely solves the problem for me.

I’m hoping it’s like PP says… once you’ve had pains like this then labour should be easier, because at least the pain comes and goes with labour! With these pains then you can’t get relief no matter what you do. You can’t sit, drink water, eat, stand, sleep… anything…. and in my case then it can last for up to 3 days…

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guitargirl:  Seriously, you’re a freaking moron, and you’re absolutely dead wrong about opioids and dysmenorrea.  The fact and the reality is that in some individual cases, narcotic painkillers are absolutely necessary.  On a regular monthly basis.  For the rest of the patients menstruating life.  I can’t even get up will to even bother with people like you.  And maybe it’s the blinding pain talking, but ignorant arrogant people like you make me absolutely sick.  You really don’t know what your talking about, but you sure sound like you really really think you do.  Are you some kind of first year medical student or something?  Nursing school?  Would explain your popping off at the mouth about crap you don’t understand.

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**Edit** checked the date on the thread, realized it’s 4 yrs old so deleting my response! 

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veganglam :  I just stumbled across this blog and I can’t stop myself from replying because I am in the very same boat as you. I have excruciatingly painful periods the first two days and have to take hydrocodone, which even then just helps me calm down a little and doesn’t effectively relieve the pain. Doctors don’t take my pain seriously. I have had surgery to look for endometriosis which runs in my family as well and the results were inconclusive. Have you had any luck? 

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Deleting response. Old topic bumped.

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I didn’t read all of the responses, but I used to have horrible cramps also. I’ve been on a few different BCs and nothing drastically changed.  I take a supplement called L-Lysine, it’s an essential amino acid that most people are deficient in.  I started taking it for my skin but was AMAZED when my last menstrual was PAIN FREE. I am talking ZERO cramps.  I also think I have endometriosis.  


Assuming you’re vegan by your username, you are almost certainly deficient.  I would try supplementing and see how you do.  Also I’m not sure who your GYN is but the only way to definitively diagnose endometriosis is to cut open your uterus and look, so a “negative” test doesn’t actually mean anything.

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