(Closed) Does anyone else waiting feel like this?

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Yeah…if I were going to give someone jewelry, I would make sure that if it’s in a box, it doesn’t AT ALL resemble -THE- square box. You would think that’s just common sense, but then again this seems to be a common mistake that guys make.

Sorry to hear you got your hopes up :/

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Blushing bee
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Hey, I’m new too and totally know how you feel!

Luckily he’s never put anything in a box small enough to be confused, but he did hide a bracelet in a box inside a big box stuffed with paper. The whole time searchng through that big box hoping to find that tiny little one. Definitely a let down and then you feel ungrateful for the lovely gift he has bought!

My rule now is to try not to get excited or read into anything he says or does. Easier said than done though!

Hope you’re not waiting too much longer, but I’ve found the site a great support so far. Hope it helps you too.

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Helper bee
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On Christmas, in front of my family my SO gave me a little box all wrapped up. Inside was a pair of earrings. I feel you.

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Helper bee
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One year (NOT FI) my then long-time bf gave me a box inside of a box etc….. and there was a ring in there.  Not an engagement ring at all (didn’t even look like one)- but as soon as I opened it and was ever so happy his mother instantly piped in “Well now, that’s NOT an engagement ring… RIGHT???”  Kill my moment B*^&h! 

But, I think that’s probably one of those WHAT are you thinking…. guy things.  They either don’t realize that it would make one thing it is a ring box at first glance.  OR They think it is kinda amusing to make you squirm when you see it.

Sorry you got your hopes up.  I know that pain.  Your day will be here before you know it!


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The Christmas before last (before I really considered myself to be ‘waiting’), I drove down to see my bf at his mum’s house. We exchanged presents in front of his mum and sister and he got me lots of lovely little things. Then he got out this little bag from a jewellery shop – it honestly didn’t cross my mind that it was a ring, because we weren’t at a stage just then when I was thinking a proposal was imminent. But before he gave it to me, he said: ‘Look, I just want you to know, this is NOT what you think it might be, ok?’ I was like: ‘What….?’. And then he said it again: ‘I just don’t want you to expect something and be disappointed.’ And I felt a little peeved, thinking: ok, ok, you haven’t got me an engagement ring! I get it! I really hope that when you do, it will not be in your mum’s living room after I’ve just driven half way across the country and am absolutely knackered!

Now, things are so different, as I’m sooo ready to be engaged. I think if he did that now I would cry!!!


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Helper bee
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I agree with you, that box should only be used for engagement rings ๐Ÿ™‚

Before my fiance proposed I told him that I love receiving jewellery gifts, as long as they don’t come in THAT misleading box haha.

A friend of ours bought his girlfriend a ring for her birthday… and it wasn’t an engagement ring. I think she was crushed because she really wants to get engaged ๐Ÿ™ Some men are so clueless.

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Worker bee

The worst for me was 2 years ago at Christmas, I pulled a little blue bag from Tiffany out of my stocking and my heart started pounding…then realized it was a bracelet.  An ABSOLUTELY beautiful and very expensive bracelet, but no ring.  I felt so bad because SO was so excited about what he bought me, and I did love it, but I couldn’t help but feel just a little disappointed!  

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Busy bee
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Welcome welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

@misskittenn:  I would have been very crushed but I don’t think he meant it in a mean way. 

@Tiger29:  Aww! I know about feeling dissapointed when you shouldn’t because it was still soo sweet! 


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Honey bee
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I think men shouldn’t gift in “the” box.  But I also thinks guys shouldn’t buy rings as gifts until they’ve bought “the” ring.  Hahaha

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At OP:

I cannot personally relate; however, a close gf of mine is in the same situation.  It is a touchy subject for her. Since she is in her late 30’s, I know her bf loves her very very much.  They’ve been together for 10 years and living together, but he hasn’t pop the question.  On several occasion, he has mentioned to me and my husband; that he’s waiting to give her that perfect wedding.  He doesn’t want to propose and not mentally and financially prepared to give his all.  He’s waiting until it’s perfect!  And it’s been 10 years and she’s still waiting…to me that’s love.  Proposal or not, marriage or not. 

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At op: 

Sorry if it’s a little irrelavant to the jewelry box, since i think it’s the proposal that’s the root of concern.

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Helper bee
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Before valentine’s day dinner in 2011, my SO came upstairs and handed me a “box” and then stood there ackwardly as I opened it and then said, it’s not an engagement ring but an “engaged to be engaged” ring. And then made me put it on my finger myself. Very thoughtful gift as I had lost the diamond in my promise ring months earlier but I was like, WTF is an engaged to be engaged ring?. Only my SO would come up with something like that. He didn’t want to call it a promise ring because we were together for 5.5 years at that point but didn’t want to call it an engagement ring. MEN!!!!!!

I’m seriously debating when we do get engaged and he asks me to pretend to say no or something just so I can make him sweat it out as much as he has made me. LOL. Perhaps you could try the same misskitten?

“Will you marry me??”

“You want me to carry you? What? You’re too heavy”

” I said will you marry me”

“You want me hurry up? Ok” ๐Ÿ˜›

hahaha. Not that I would actually do that because I would be too excited but a girl can dream right?

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Busy bee

@misskittenn:  Guys are dense at times. Since the beginning of our relationship, matt has gotten me some really nice bling. He has great taste in jewellery & I know when he chooses the One Ring, he’ll do good. heh heh. and no, he’s never given me a box small enough to fool me. lol

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