Does anyone have a Puggle? Questions for you…

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I’m in LOVE with a puggle and her name is Bailey πŸ™‚ She is my sister’s dog, so not my own, but I ADORE her. 

She sheds like crazy when she’s nervous, and in the summer…so yes…thats a downfall. She still has a few “wheezing” attacks if she gets REALLY excited (once a month-ish) but her breathing is amazing compared to a pug. 

She’s very cuddly, but also will go running with you and keep up just fine. She’s honestly the cutest thing ever! But, she isnt my dog so Im able to love all the good things and ignore the shedding πŸ™‚ 

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“designer dogs” (aka mutts) are notoriously unpredictable behavior-wise because it just isn’t a stable way to breed a dog. You should look at the breed standards for both pugs and beagles and be ready to deal with the good and bad of both breeds… you just can’t tell what you’re going to end up with. πŸ™‚ 

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I have a “pugalier” (Cavalier King Charles and Pug). They are really sweet dogs, and you cant help but fall in love with that squishy face, but they are some concerns you may have. They do shed, mine didnt shed when she was a puppy, but once turned about 6 months it start. Its not too bad because the hair is short. The personality is great, but they definately arent know for their smarts. Sorry to say it, but I had a Labrador before and there is a definate difference. Mine is a female, and does prefer women over men, but I’m not sure how the males would be. I think they are great companions, but thats about it. Good luck.

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Pugs tend to get eye infections as their nose is so short things are often able to scratch their eyes.

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As Corgitales said, mutts are pretty much a crapshoot.  Puggles are NOT a breed, they are a mutt, plain and simple.  The is nothing wrong with mutts, (my own dog is a resuce mutt), just with the people who intentionally breed them.  These are not the ethical breeders you want to get a puppy from.  I don’t want to start a huge rant here, but if you are interested, do a google search on what makes a breeder responsible, (or I have TONS of bookmarked sits on the subject I can share with you).

If you like the way this mix looks, (or sometimes looks, since when crossing breeds in the early stages it’s very difficult to know what exactly you’ll be getting, hehe), PLEASE get yours from a shelter instead of continuing the cycle of breeding irresponsibly.

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I know beagles shed a lot! I have a 1/2 beagle 1/2 australian shepard and she sheds a TON beause she has beagle hair but its short hair at least! And like ashleyjean mentioned they shed a lot when they are nervous.  Puggles are super cute sorry I cant help with the temperment question!

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I want a Chuggle!  (chihuahua + pug + maybe beagle?)

I don’t know anything about them other than the one I met briefly.  It was the cutest dog I have ever ever seen.

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Oh yeah – have had 2 beagles and the shedding is massive!  I don’t know how much puggles shed but like CorgiTales said, you just never know what characteristics of each breed you’re going to get.  But I love my beagles (stubborness and all)! πŸ™‚

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My good friends have a puggle who is 14 months old. They wanted theirs for the longest time. They said it’s important to go to a reputable breeder (NOT a pet store) and one who is breeding 1st generation puggles (eg: pug x beagle, not puggle x puggle).

They love her very much but she has been hard to housebreak and can be very hyper.

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Miss Apricot…..WELL SAID!!!!  I am a *Huge* dog lover and can not stand people who irresponsibley breed dogs to fit the latest craze.  Dogs are not accessories or fashion trends. 

As for puggles, there are a million and one roaming Chicago.  My best friend and Maid/Matron of Honor owns a puggle mutt (he is beagle, chihuahua, and pug).  He is a good boy that does shed and barks A LOT!  But he is a total love bug.  She also has issues with him expressing his anal glands.  You can google that πŸ™‚

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pepito the puggle!! πŸ™‚

his mom was a puggle the dad we’re unsure.. so he’s a puggle mutt. He’s adorable, I love him to death.. He’s very well behaved… I just wish he would stop stealing my underwear! lol we got him from a shelter.. some jerk face had pepito and his brother in a burlap sack with rocks waiting to be thrown into a lake πŸ™ the story makes me teary everytime. He’s very good, doesn’t shed much, likes to watch TV, only barks when ppl come to the door and was house trained at 13 weeks!


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We have a 1 year old puggle pup named Brutus. He’s the absolute best dog in the world (in my humble opinion)! He does shed like crazy which I thought would be a problem with my severe allergies but it actually doesn’t bother me at all. I sweep a lot and should probably start buying stock in a lint roller company. He has a very serious underbit/Elvis lip that is the cutest thing in the world. He is cuddly and loveable. He was very easy to train. He has to be touching me when we’re asleep at night and he’s very protective. He will bark when he sees someone approaching the house but easily calms down. He does have the breathing/wheezing problems but typically only when he drinks too much water too fast. He does like to sniff and hunt but with a fenced in back yard he has plenty of room to play. He does occasionally dart out the front door as we’re leaving but he knows not to leave the yard. Like I said, very easy to train (and I am by no means a dog trainer…just a dog owner who hates cleaning up dog pee/poop). I very highly recommend a puggle. Even my rough, tough, manly Fiance who wanted a big manly dog loves our little pup. I say go for it if you want one…designer breed or not. It’s YOUR dog…get what you want.


Oh and mine ONLY barks when someone is approaching the house. That’s the only time I’ve ever heard him bark in over a year.

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Railroad, please be aware that we weren’t suggesting she NOT get one, if that’s what she wants.  But, responsible breeders don’t breed mutts.  Period.  And that’s what a “puggle” is.  Period.  ANY breed ANY person is interested in, (or any cross), people should do research on to see if it’s the right fit for their family.  After 101 Dalmatians came out, people went crazy breeding/buying/selling them because they were popular.  People didn’t realize when they bought those adorable spotted puppies that they grow up to be large, intelligent, ACTIVE dogs.  Many were abandoned in shelters, and/or euthanized because they had unstable temperments from being bred by people out to make a buck intstead of breeders interested in health, temperment, and QUALITY.  Or watch an episode of “It’s Me Or the Dog” on Animal Planet.  SO MANY of the problems those people are having with their dogs stem from a person getting a cute puppy and then being totally unprepared for what happens when that pup grows up.  “WHAT?!  The cute little lab mix puppy I adopted has turned into a monster now that he’s fully grown, has no training or exercise, and is left alone for most of the day?  No way!  That’s crazy!” 

If you want a “puggle”, (or “schnoodle”, “cockapoo”, etc), GREAT!  But we’re just saying to PLEASE adopt a homeless one from a shelter instead of giving your money to an unethical breeder.  My dog is a golden retriever/lab mix, as was the dog before him, (they look NOTHING alike, btw!  Hehe!); I think it’s a great combination and I have an awesome dog.  Would I adopt another from rescue?  Absolutely!  Would I buy one from someone who bred the mix?  Absolutely not.  Plus, if you give a shelter dog a home, it saves TWO lives: the life of the dog you adopt, and the life of the dog that can now take it’s place in the shelter or rescue and have a chance at a forever family.

By The Way, for fun, (especially for those who have adopted dogs from a shelter and/or plan to), Google the poem “I Rescued a Human Today”….every time I read it, I am torn between laughter and tears because it reminds me so much of my rescue mutt! πŸ™‚

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