(Closed) Does anyone have a sample "must have" shots for the photographer?

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  • Wedding: July 2013

oh, and I know people who have had VERY VERY expensive “professional photographers” who somehow forgot the mother and bride shot…



So you just never know

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I have shots that I love from other weddings that I will show my photog so they know the style I am going for, but I have seen a great deal of brides on here hire veteran photographers and be disappointed because certain moments were missed. Just tell your photog. 5 moments that you absolutely need and leave the rest to them.

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@darkflame:  The mother & the bride shot is a family formal, and family formal lists are different from what is being talked about here.  

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@continuumphotography:  No I’m talking about the getting ready shots with your mother….I would think that a professional photographer would know to capture that moment….


but I know people who’s photographers have not done this….

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@TwoStatesBride:  This is almost exactly what I wrote down. My mum laughed at me and called me obsessive.. Nice to know I’m not alone lol!

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@darkflame:  Uh… not sure how if a photographer is taking photojournalistic photos of the bride getting ready how anyone helping her would not be photographed in some capacity.  I don’t know the specifics of your examples so all I could do would be to speculate, but it sounds like there is way more to this than just “photographer didn’t have must have list so photographer failed.”

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@continuumphotography:  I never said they need a list…this is a picture that should not be missed, but I know 3 people who missed it (and yes, the mother was helping them get ready)….and these were all different photographers

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Ok look. If you hand your photographer a ridiculously long list of shots with descriptions like “rings sitting on something” and you make a big fuss about your list, expect what’s on your list and not much else because your photographer will have their nose in that sheet of paper all day trying to check things off so they don’t get chewed out. Realize that there are candid moments happening all around us during a wedding day as well as schedule complications, people not being where they are suppose to be, etc that affect what a photographer is able to get. When I shoot a wedding I prioritize once-in-a-lifetime moments over photos of stuff, so when a bride is running an hour behind schedule and only built 45 minutes into the schedule to knock out all of their formals, I may or may not have downtime to set up an intricate ring shot.

I ask my couples for 1. a list of family groups with names so I can call them out and we can get through those quickly and 2. some notes on special guests or details that have significance that I wouldn’t know about. For example, if you have a charm on your bouquet that was your grandmother’s let me know so I can be sure to feature that – I may not even notice that otherwise or think it was just part of the bouquet design.

As an aside, a preaching moment as a wedding photographer. I promise you that 20 years down the road you are not going to be pulling out a photo of your rings (which are right there on your hand). You’re going to be looking back at the people and emotional moments of your day. Don’t task your photographer with long lists of inanimate objects to shoot when they could be taking meaningful images of the friends and family who may not be with you forever. Pick out the key things that are particularly meaningful for you and let the rest of the day unfold organically.

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@darkflame:  Sorry all I’m getting out of what you’re saying is that 3 people you know of hired photographers who missed moments that should have been moments worth photographing.

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@continuumphotography:  Yes, so I’m wondering that if professional photographers don’t need a list why do I know so many people who missed a very common photo in their wedding. 

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Look, we are human. Being a professional does not equal perfect.


Also not everyone’s wedding is the same so no wedding will have the same photographs. Just like I have weddings where i have hardly any groom shots because they didnt hire a second or the groom just didnt want it. More often they just do not want it, grooms tend to care less about that. Or no get ready shots because i was not hired for it. Not everyone wants the same thing. Or some weddings Im lucky I got 10 minutes with the couple because their timeline is behind and the cater was sweating them so food didn’t get cold… It happens. Just like sometimes family wanders off so guess what they weren’t in the picture…


Ive also been in positions where there was particular photos the couple wanted but but when it was time they didnt care anymore so we didnt do it…




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Was also instructed to go crazy with my list as well:


Pic with all Mimosa cups? (is part of Bridesmaid gift)
Pic of all bridesmaid bags on floor? (is part of Bridesmaid gift)
Hair Pic/Make-up Pic
Candid shots of the bridesmaids getting dressed/ready
Getting dress zipped (MOH)
Mom putting on my necklace? Sash?
Close-up of sash (is DIY)
Close-ups of male and female boutonnieres (both DIY)
Bride pinning boutonniere on mother
Full-length shot of the bride in her gown, looking at herself in a mirror
Father seeing the bride in her gown
    *Pinning boutonniere on father

Candid shots of the groomsmen getting dressed/ready
Groomsmen putting on boutonnieres or ties

After they get to Farm:
Groom’s mom pinning boutonniere on Groom (and vice-versa?)

*Pic of all of our dresses (with cowboy boots and bouquets? Can be done on barn? Or on farm fences?)
Pic of the rings
Picture of my something’s

Entrance, Surprise, Etc…

Sweet, facing each other
Holding hands (front and back)

Picture of Bride with each bridal party member (can do in front of ribbon wall?)
Bride with all Girls
Picture of Groom with each of his G-men separate
Groom with all guys
Pictures of whole group (Adults)
Add flower girls (Listed all four of their names out)
Picture of just all four Flower Girls together
Picture of each flower girl with their mother?

FAMILY PICS: – Distribute to Family so they know where to be and the order – can print onto cards 🙂
Bride/Groom with Groom’s Mom (Name) and Groom’s Dad (Name)
Add Grandma Name and Grandma NameBride and Groom with Just Grandma’s?
  Add Sister, BIL and Nephew (if in attendance)
Bride/Groom with Bride’s Mom (Name) and Bride’s Dad (Name)
Add Brother 1, SIL and Sis, Brother-In-Law
Add Stepmom, Maid/Matron of Honor, Brother 2
‘All’ Four Kids – Bride, Brother 1, Brother 2, Maid/Matron of Honor
‘All’ Three Kids – Bride, Brother 1, Sis

Bride with Mom – (Name)
Bride with GrandpaDad
Bride and Groom with Grandpa (Name) and Grandma (Name)

Pic of programs (DIY)
Pic of alter/arch (DIY)
Groom walking down the aisle with his mother
Close-up of groom’s expression while waiting for the bride
Bridal party walking down the aisle
Flower girls entrance/walking
Close-up of bride just before she makes her entrance
Bride and her father walking down the aisle
   *Giving away
Shot of Name doing the ‘reading’
Shot of tree planting ceremony
Exchanging rings
The kiss!
Exit – ribbon wands or confetti (Still deciding)
Pic of tree ‘planted’ (after ceremony)

Bride with Highschool friends (Can be done after dancing begins…at the ‘bar’)
Groom with Highschool friends
Possible line dance by bridal party…
A toast!
Cowbells ringing
Cake table
Head table
Bar Area (with menu? Specialty drinks? Bartender(s)?)
Cake cutting
First dances
MOG/FOB dances
Giving away bouquet (to longest married couple)
DJ/Dancefloor area
Favor/Guestbook table
Guests signing the guest book
A few centerpieces – guest table pics
Sunset photos at end of field (or at ceremony location)
Heading to bonfire – lighting it – people gathering
(No exit – so this is end of the night)

EDITED TO SAY – wow. this thread is a little heated 🙁 if OP asked for a photog list – why wouldn’t you just give her one if you were willing to share.

I was asked my photog to provide a ‘Shot List’ – her work is fantistically amazing and I trust her. I don’t expect her to ‘have her nose buried in the list’ all day long because I know she knows the basic shots. The list is also for me so I can know the general flow of things.

The main thing my photog asked for is the list of shots of the bridal party and the family (listed by name) so she can herd people around as neccesary. ALSO, I am using this to print out and give to the family that are going to be IN the shots so they know where to be and can also be ready to move so we don’t lose anyone during this process.

She also asked for a list of my DIY shots I would like so they don’t go missed. Since almost the whole wedding is DIY – it makes the shot list longer.

The rest is extraneous because I know she will do an amazing job.

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Wow, this thread has a lot of great ideas!

My cousin got married, and we went and had outdoor pics taken in a garden.  Somehow, she ended up with NOT ONE formal picture of the bride and groom there!  That is crazy to me.

We recently had our engagement session and I had sent our photog a list of some pinterest pics I like (maybe 5 or 6).  But most of them – it’s just for the idea of what I like so she knew.  For the wedding they had told me to send them pictures I like as well as pictures I DON’T like – so they can get an idea of what I’m looking for.  Not everyone likes some of the cheesy pics that are done of the bridal party (me, for one), and some people think they’re the greatest thing ever.  So yes, it’s a creative thing, but it makes sense know what kinds of “art” your client likes and dislikes to do as great a job as possible.  I will also give them a list of “must have” shots for the formals, but otherwise just planning on saying things like “GM getting ready,” “Bride getting dressed,” “Detail shots,” etc.

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Wow people have massive lists.  All I told my photographer to do is just capture the moments as it happen but don’t leave out crucial pictures with the parents.  In fact, I’m not sure if I want portrait shots with the parents at the church.

Oh and no jumping shots for me… but that’s another topic.

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We are between 3 photographers we’re friends with, all of which shoot in a “documentary” style. I’m not a huge fan of “everyone-stand-together-facing-the-same-direction-and-smile” photos, I’m definitely in it for the action shots.

That being said, I’ve seen a couple of ones on Pinterest I’d like to duplicate with my own flair. They’ll be “tacky” by the time I get through with them, so knowing these guys they won’t mind me making a couple of fun requests. I’m leaving everything else up to them!

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