(Closed) Does anyone have a sample "must have" shots for the photographer?

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I absolutely love the thrid image you posted of them sitting under the veil.  I found that online a few months ago and have it on my pinterest board or ideas, I think it’s one of the few formal pictures I’m going to ask the photographer to take.

Other than that, we’re just going to have a shot of all the guest and then 4 or 5 smaller group shots, the rest of the day we’ve just asked him to snap away and capture the action rather than having anything staged.  I want to spend my wedding day enjoying the party not posing for pictures for hours.

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Besides all the “usual” pics (bride and groom, families, cake cutting, etc) that I knew I was going to get no matter what, I wanted funny pictures and candid moments.  I think pictures like that best captured the true essence of my wedding.

Our “bridezilla” pic

Oh and I got sick of my dress at my wedding so I cut it.  My photographer said it was the first “trash the dress” she ever did AT the wedding lol

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@ceebree:  because being tied to a notion of ” must have” and specifically ones that might disrupt her wedding day ( and the plans of her photographer) when being told by a design professional that you ” need” these to do your job inspired me to counter your opinion. My opinion is that these lengthy must have lists should be reserved for beginning or bad photographers who need the direction. When we hired an architect we didn’t tell him we wanted bathrooms in our house. Kind of a no brainer. Like bride coming down aisle? We hired one whose work we liked then gave them bare bones direction and let him be creative. If I would have given him a 4567788 item list of specs we might has well just bought one of those pre-made books of designs. That’s what your doing when ou try to give a huge list to a talented creative mind. You’re actually robbing yourself of the talent you paid money for and turning your photographer in to a button pushing monkey




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Commenting to follow:  Great ideas!

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To answer the original question, I have some ideas of things that I want my photographer to capture that are important to me.  Most of these are location based things that I want to make sure get included in the pictures.  Some areas around the city I for sure want included. And I know I love the wrought iron gate outside my venue, so I’d like to make sure we get something with that.  Also, some shots have stood out to me and I want to make sure we get those:

getting a picture with a streetcar, but I have this saved so I can figure out the logistics of making sure we catch one!

the “everything but the dress” shot

“under the veil” shot

And I loved Mrs. Gray Wolf’s “putting on my own makeup” shot.  So lots of picture of me primping and being pretty are on my list, apparently

And we have an incredible fountain surrounded by candles at the venue, so I really want to recreate something like this:

I also like the pictures of the grandmother, mother, and bride’s hands.  Unfortunately, my maternal grandmother passed away last year, so I want to recreate it with all of our rings.  Along with that, I want to make sure that any kind of accessories I want photographed (invite, rings, shoes, the “somethings”, perfume, etc..) are all available for her in the hotel room. 

But am I not giving my photographer a list of pictures such as “bride putting on her dress.” and “picture of the first dance.” I’m confident that those will be captured based on the full weddings I’ve seen and I don’t want to insult her by giving her that list.  Obviously some photographers might feel more comfortable with it, especially if they are new or something.  

I love my photographer and the work she does, but she is not a mind reader.  And of course I will make up a list of the family formals we will need, but that’s more for my own sanity 🙂 

I don’t intend to make a list so long that it takes the whole day to fulfill and she is not able to take any pictures as she wishes.  My “must haves” are things that I don’t expect my photographer to already capture, and I want to bring to her attention as important to me. 

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@darkflame:  We know nothing about your story of these three photographers, how experienced with weddings they were, or the circumstances of the day to qualify what you are saying.  For me these 3 examples of a photographer missing the same thing are not “proof” that as an experienced wedding photographer I need a list to remember to capture normal wedding moments.  I’ve never missed taking a photo of someone’s mom helping them get ready – usually it’s an entire series of photos. 

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@Atlanticbride:  I definitely know where you’re coming from.  I guess I just figured that a new/bad photographer might like or use the must-have list, and a good photographer will either tell the bride outright that he/she won’t use the list or just ignore it.  It’s not like a good photographer is going to take an extensive must-have list as a jog description.

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Our shot list, names redacted:



Lighting incense



Standing audience

Seated audience

Facing altar

Facing each other


Exiting ceremony



Bride & Groom

Just Bride

Just Groom

Bride, Groom, Bride’s mom

Bride & Bride’s mom

Bride, Groom, Bride’s mom, sister and brother

Bride, Groom,  Bride’s mom, sister, brother and grandparents

Bride, Groom, and Bride’s Grandparents

Bride, Groom, Bride’s mom, Bride’s sister and Bride’s brother and Bride’s grandparents and all of Bride’s aunts and cousins

Bride, Bride’s mom and her aunts

Bride, Groom,  Bride’s mom, Bride’s sister and Bride’s brother and Groom’s parents and Groom’s siblings

Bride, Groom, Groom’s parents and Groom’s siblings

Bride, Groom, and Groom’s parents

Groom and Groom’s parents

Bride, Groom, Groom’s parents, Groom’s siblings and Groom’s grandmother

Bride, Groom, and Groom’s grandmother

Bride, Groom, Groom’s parents, Groom’s siblings, Groom’s grandmother, and Groom’s aunts and uncles

Bride, Groom and priest

Bride, Groom, priest and friends assisting in ceremony

Bride, Groom and friends assisting in ceremony

Bride, Groom and Party hosts

Bride, Groom and local friends

Bride and local friend

Bride, Groom and local friends

Bride, Groom and all friends present




Marriage License

Tables/Garden setup


Altar at ceremony

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@spotted_giraffe:  but your “must-haves” are stlish and gorgeous haha. Normally they are just bad shots haha. no photographer really minds doing ” must haves” that fit with their style. those rae more just venue/timeline activities. it’s the “pretending to hitchhike with skirts pulled up” staged, fake icky shots and the incredible obvious shots ” bride walking down aisle” and then the situation dependeant ( father wiping away tear while giving me away” shots that i think drive them nuts

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@Atlanticbride:  well I hope they’re stylish and gorgeous, because that’s what I’m looking for, right?? haha. I don’t want a huge list, but definitely some ideas for what we’re looking for so that we are on the same page.

And as far as fitting with style, none of those are from my photographer, but I do search her site and save pictures I like, so hopefully she’s comfortable with doing some of them again!

I guess that’s the kind of pictures I look for in posts like this, so I can save up a couple of good ideas, so I just wanted to share mine so far.

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@spotted_giraffe:  I did the same. Pinned shots from my photographers site! She thought it was very flattering. Mostly detail shots and couple poses! 

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@darkflame:  the photog my have captured the photo, doesn’t mean it’s good. Could be blurry, or the lighting can be bad, or the people can be making an ugly face etc… We do are best to capture everything but its not realistic To assume you’ll have every image under the sun. Quality over quantity. 

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Commenting to follow

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@MrsCasanova:  guess my photographer is different…she makes sure that the image is quality before she stops shooting what we want…she is amazing

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