(Closed) Does anyone just go into labor these days?

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  • poll: The most recent L&D that you HEARD of (yourself, friend, family member...not on the Bee thou) was...
    Scheduled c-section : (21 votes)
    15 %
    Scheduled induction : (42 votes)
    29 %
    Not scheduled, but still needed pitocin (or a similar drug) : (20 votes)
    14 %
    water broke, went to the hospital, had a baby, the end : (60 votes)
    42 %
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    I did not. In fact I had a failed induction! two weeks later, when I was two weeks over due, I finally had a successful. I had a cerclage in place which reinforced my cervix (early on 16 weeks), when they took it out they thought I would go into labor right away! Nope two weeks late and my cervix was sealed up so tight because of scar tissue! Water was broken by the dorctor as well! Glad it happened at the hospital and not in public 🙂 

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    I went 10 days past my due date with not a single contraction. Once your water breaks you usually have a pretty big window of time before you start laboring. It makes me laugh when I see people in movies their water breaks and they immediately start having crazy contractions haha.

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    My brother’s gf just had a schedule induction.

    My cousin went into labor naturally, but had to have a C-Section because she started running a fever after being in labor for 24 hours, after her water broke

    I do have a couple of friends from my hometown who went into labor naturally and had the baby naturally – it’s just so different with every woman

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    With my daughter, I was scheduled for a c-section (I was induced with my son and had an emergency c-section).  Buuuuut, she was around 4-5 weeks premature and the labor started naturally.  

    I won’t go into details, other than I will NEVER EVER return to that practice (other than to confirm the pregnancy) OR that hospital for another delivery.  NEVER.  

    My SIL went into labor naturally with her kids, except her youngest was a c-section due to an unforseen problem (umbilicle cord was wrapped around his neck…) and another friend had a natural deliver and, I think, went into labor on her own.

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    With the first I was so far over due they HAD to induce me 2 weeks 3 days overdue wasnt good for the baby to be in any longer (and my amniotic flud levels started to get low why i dont know) 

    And with #2 I was on bed rest from week 13 on (I do not wish that on ANYONE) and had to be induced due to Interuterine growth restriction and once again had to keep the baby safe.


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    @KatyElle: my water never DID break with my daughter… not that I knew of.  And I had contractions.

    Of course, I was also in labor for a freaking week and the damned doctors did NOTHING, and refused to admit I was in labor.  They’re reason: no pain, no labor.

    Yeah, not going back to them EVER again.


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    One of my friends just had  a baby last week and she was 4 days past her due date. She had an induction scheduled for 3 days after the day she naturally went into labor and didn’t need it! Her baby is beautiful 🙂


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    The last few pregnancies I know of all went into labor naturally.  I don’t know if they needed pitocin or not but labor started on it’s own.

    I think most of the scheduled inductions occur because people have gone too far past their due dates and the doctors feel it is better to get the baby out than continue to wait.

    The potential for requiring pitocin to speed-up / re-jump start labor is increased when a mom-to-be has an epidural.  Many people in labor get epidural pain meds so that explains some fo the pitocin use.

    Scheduled C-sections are a bit different in that many are not for a medical reason.  But you also have people (and/or doctors and hospitals) that won’t do VBACs so they require a scheduled c-section or they feel the baby is too large to delivery vaginally or breech or something.

    And then obviously there are emergency c-sections which are a whole different story.

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    went to my normal doctors appointment, he told me I was in labor and sent me to the what I call “big house”… they checked.. my sons fluids were low.. so they induced me to make labor go faster..  after about 3 hours of pushing.. something in my body gave up.. I guess my vital signs started dropping horribly .. my son was fine..but as they were trying to get my vitals back up..(wich was working) I started shooting out some weird blood or something out of that area and i was concious this whole time.. I heard the nurse say..hmm.. havent seen that before.. I started going down hill again.. and they rushed me to get a c~section.. and as soon as they got my son out ..my vitals slowely went back to normal.. i didnt get to see my son but for a split second… until the next day… then was monitored for a few more days.. put on pills and sent home..with a ripped open c section.. had to get it “stuffed” everyday for a month.. and get checked with all my vitals everyday too…I had a horrible horrible experience but SO WORTH everything..I now have a 3 year old boy!.. SO my long story short.. NO I didnt.. have a oops my water broke.. go in hospital, and come out with a baby experience.. but 2 of my other friends did..lol.. so I guess it does happen

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    OH ..forgot to say.. the “I havent seen that before” turned out to be from my amazing pushing abilities..lol..  turned out my son was sunnyside up..and the embilical cord was wrapped around his neck.. so no matter how hard I pushed he would start coming out but there was no way he was coming all the way out… the  stuff was his blood and my blood mixed together… from rubbing eachother raw since he was going through the canal so much… I KNOW EWW.. poor little booger had a lot of cuts all over his head when he finally made his appearance

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    They have all been natural labor starting, except for a c-section. Most c-sections I have heard of, are scheduled for a reason(breech or size), not this “famed” just want a c-section I keep seeing on message boards. WHERE are these doctors that will just DO a c-section b/c the patient wants one? I’ve never heard of one. Seriously.

    The one induction I know of was because the baby was late I think.

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    My first pregnancy I was emergency induced due to insanely high blood pressure.

    My second I went into active labor 4hrs before I was to go be induced and while at the hospital my water broke on it’s own.


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    Every woman is different, it’s not that no one goes into labor by themselves anymore, we just have more options in modern medicine for delivering babies safely. Back in the olden days, women who went too long past their due dates and didn’t have the option of induction or a c-section usually went through stillbirths. Our world is immensely over populated now because we can preserve life better and keep premies alive, halt premature labor, and deliver babies before they are stuck in the womb for way too long and the placenta can no longer function.

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