(Closed) Does anyone know of a good diet plan?

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You need to talk to your dr since what works for one person won’t work for someone else and vice versa. That said, I’ve heard only good things about the 6 week body makeover and that the folks in question (real life people who have talked aobut it, not who were paid for advertisting, etc) said their doctors all agreed it was the best out there. Here’s a link with info:


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South Beach Diet. It is pretty basic. I’ve done it before. The first few days are tough but it gets easier. I’m determined that I am not a big fan of those diets that ask you to eliminate entire categories of food. Not sustainable. But if you need to lose 10 lbs by May I think SB is the way to go.

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I’m doing Weight Watchers. It’s not free but I’ve lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks. Good luck!

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I’m a fan of south beach and Adkins.

I have a hard time with portions, and with the two I listed you can actually eat.

The first two weeks are tough..but you will see results.

Good luck!


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I like the idea of Weight Watchers, or what about a Bridal 6 week Bootcamp?

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I have a really good diet but it’s a PDF. PM me if you’d like me to send!

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It is really simple.  I’m going to tell you what I do.  I am 5’7″ and range anywhere from 118-125 and rarely workout.  I was a varsity athlete in college and learned all about eating healthy, best workouts, etc, which I have taken with me, but I just don’t have the time or the desire to work out much.  As a result, I monitor my weight purely through caloric intake. 

Don’t eat more than 1,200 calories per day.  Don’t eat less than that, but don’t eat more than that.  While certain foods are “healthier” than others, the ONLY thing that matters in weight loss when it comes to diet alone is your calorie intake. 

For each pound of weight you lose, that means you need to eat roughly 3,000 calories less.  If you eat 1,200 a day AND DON’T workout, you are burning an additional 800 calories per day since most women burn 2,000 per day.  Now, if you are working out, add the number of calories you are burning during that workout… let’s say 500 to that 1,200, which means you should be eating 1,700 per day to sustain the caloric intake requirements without jeopardizing your metabolism.  If you cut your caloric intake too much, your metabolism will slow down, which means the calories you need to function on a daily basis decreases and it becomes a vicious cycle.

The diets that are popular such as Weight Watchers work on this basis. Where each meal is assigned a number of points and you can eat up to xx points per day… this points system is based purely on calories.

While eating only chicken and steamed vegetables sounds like what most people would recommend (since it is low calorie and high in nutrition), if you feel like eating a donut, do it.  Just make sure your intake doesn’t exceed 1,200.

Once you reach your goal weight, you can increase your caloric intake up further to where you are eating the same amount you burn each day, but to lose weight you MUST create a calorie deficiency.

Just remember, even if you binge on chicken and vegetables and eat until you can’t eat anymore during the day because you think that it is “healthy,” if you keep exceeding that caloric limit that you need to lose weight, you still won’t lose weight.

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I’m trying South Beach starting Monday. I am a major sugar addict and I just can’t bring myself to eliminate treats. I eat extremely well throughout the day – cereal or yogurt in the morning, small homemade sandwich at lunch, and our dinners are never more than 450 calories (we have a menu service). It’s after dinner that I go rummaging for cookies or ice cream (or peeps right now..) and if I find nothing, I make brownies 🙂

So I figure if I use a diet that I feel accountable to that eliminates sugar the first two weeks (and hopefully those cravings), I’ll be in better shape.

In college I used the Extreme Fat Smash Diet book. It sounds completely stupid, but I had results. I had a size 0 dress that I wanted to fit into for a wedding and I got into that damn dress at the end! 🙂 If you follow the diet plan diligently and do the recommended amount of workouts, and there a lot, it works.

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I like using The Daily Plate part of Livestrong.com.  It gives you calorie goals etc.  I use Livestrong to just make sure what I put in my body is not total crap.  I do not need to lose any weight but if I could be between 115-118 lbs for my wedding I would be happy.  Currently at 121lbs.  I do a lot of Pilates and Bikram Yoga as my workouts.  I also like to do the 30 day shred for strength training.

Some people have also recommended Spark People.

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I use both livestrong.com and a diet similar to south beach.  {high protein/ high fiber. low fat, low or no sugar} SB is the only diet I’ve been able to stay on longer then a week.  I’m a sweet-a-holic too so I’ve modified a bunch of my fav recipes. My fav is oatmeal cookies but I use splenda and instead of butter I use organic apple sauce.   When something calls for flower I use a mix of garbanzo bean flower, spelt flower and flax seed meal.

Good luck!

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Mrs. Louboutin is totally right. You can follow whatever diet you feel comfortable with but what it boils down to is your total caloric intake.  Whether you cut down on sugar to get to a lower intake, or work out more, or eat less, it’s all the same in essence. 

If you’re looking for more of a concrete answer, this is kind of random but the gestational diabetes food list is a good “diet” to follow. I’ve used it as a guideline before and it helped me set parameters.  I would also try to do something physical every day.  I like to mix it up between running, walking at an incline, weight training, 30 day shred, p90x, etc. I get bored easily so this is what works for me. Good luck!

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Definitely calorie counting. It’s free and relatively easy to follow the rules. Use an online calorie calculator to determine how much you need to eat per day to lose weight. My target is 1,500. Stick to it. Count everything, even drinks. Use an online calorie tracker. Several have already been mentioned but I use about.com’s calorie count blogs and forum helpful so that’s what I use. I’ve lost over 12 pounds in 2 months.

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