(Closed) Does anyone use ‘progesterone only’ contraception?

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Helper bee

I’ve had a progesterone implant, which made everything just go insane…

I’m not too sure about the mini pill, but I do know that it’s really important that you take it at the same time every day. You don’t have the same kind of buffer as with a combined pill.

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@aprilsixteenth: I have been on the mini pill for 18 months now and all seems fine. I can’t have the combined pill, either.

I haven’t had any side effects exept for my periods have stopped, so  I just take a pregnancy test at the end of each packet, just to make sure all is OK.

Hope this helps.

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I was on micronor for a month.  I wanted to get an IUD and my insurance before wouldn’t pay anything, and my husband’s insurance paid everything except a copay, so I wanted to wait until after the wedding.  I started the micronor a few weeks before the wedding, and got the mirena when I got back from the honeymoon.  The micronor was ok- little spotting, but no other side effects for me.  The annoying thing is that it has to be taken within a 3 hour window each day, and it is a little less effective, so I was totally paranoid.  If you can’t take estrogen, your options are:

1. barrier methods- too high a failure rate in my opinion and less convenient

2. NFP- see above

3. depo- way too many side effects

4. mirena IUD- some side effects but worth it In My Humble Opinion. not a good option for short-term

5. paragard IUD- another good option, downside is potentially heavier periods and more spotting, plus not a good option for short-term

6. implanon- lasts 3 years but more side effects than mirena

7. micronor- inconvenient

Good luck!

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Is it that you cannot have a combo pill or that most haven’t worked for you?  If they haven’t worked, ask your dr about Alesse/Lutera.  That’s what I’m on and it’s the lowest dose combo pill.  It’s almost the mini-pill, but with a tiny bit of estrogen.  I LOVE it!  I’ve been on it for 6 months and I haven’t had any lasting side effects, and while I do take it at the same time every day, it’s not as big of a deal as the mini-pill.

It might be worth asking about just to figure out all your options!

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Sugar bee
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I took the “mini pill” the progesterone only pill for a few months before getting my Mirena IUD (similar hormone) and I love it.  The pill wasn’t my cup of tea, I’m bad at taking things every day which kind of defeats the purpose, so I chose the IUD but it’s the same hormone.  I’ve had the IUD for over a year now and I still love it.  The hormones work well for me.

I’ve had horrible luck with the “regular” pill after a few years, I have very long and heavy periods with terrible cramping so I need to be on something hormonal to balance it out… I tried everything; Ortho-tri cyclen Lo gave me zero sex drive, I tried seasonique when it first came out (as seasonale) but even with my insurance it was too expensive so I switched to Yazmin with the hopes that it would boost my sex drive… and it didn’t.  Then I graduated college and wasn’t on my parent’s insurance anymore so i had to switch the the generic Yazmin (Tri Sprintec) and had TERRIBLE results.  I was depressed and completely void of emotions when I knew I should be feeling them, I started gaining weight like crazy and just overall felt like a crazy person.  I went off birth control all together for a few months (used condoms) and my heavy periods and terrible cramping came back with vengence.  So I did some research and decided (with my doctor) on an IUD.  So for me to say that I feel normal and happy with my IUD says alot. 🙂

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Like other people have said, the progesterone only pill is scary because you have to make sure you take it at the same time every day – annoying.

Depo is another option, which is a shot every three months.  It’s nice because it’s longer term, but it’s associated with a lot more side effects than the other options, such as weight gain.

I have the mirena, and I love it.  The only potential downside with your wedding in three months is that I spotted for about that amount of time, although this is common in all progesterone-only birth control forms.  Now my period is gone completely (which 20% will experience within 1 year, and even more as time goes on).  I have to say, that’s pretty awesome.  Also, it hurts like crazy to get placed (although this varies for different people, apparently I’m a wuss).  But YAY it lasts for 5 years.  

The ParaGuard (copper IUD) lasts for 10, and is associated with heavier periods and more cramping, but the extreme upside is that there are zero hormones involved.

Then there’s the subcutaneous birth controls, like implanon.  These are highly effective and apparently Implanon is not associated with getting ‘stuck’ in the skin, as it’s predecessor Norplant was.

I have to say, I would highly recommend an IUD or implanon over depo or progesterone-only pills for side effect profile and efficacy.  Plus, it’s amazing to not have to worry about birth control at all, until you want to conceive or it’s time to put in a new one 🙂

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I’ve been on a monophasic, progesterone pill for about 2  years now and it was fine at first but for the last 6 months my sex drive has been non-existant and even if I eat or take the pill before bed I feel nauseous in the morning, but feel fine on my week off pills.


Good luck!  Mine got changed today to another pill brand progesterone only!

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I have been debating the paragard IUD for a month now because the pill just does not agree with me anymore. I had no issues with it for 15 years and once I hit my 30s it left me with no sex drive and depression. I have been off for a month and was going to go the IUD route this week but I am getting married in 7 months and want to have kids right away, should I even bother with something so invasive for protection for less than a year? I hesitate with all the possible side effects and pain getting it put in.

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I’m a pharmacy student, and #1 rule with progesterone only is you MUST take it at the same time every day. Taking it even 3 hours late one day can lead to failure. If you do take a late dose, be sure to use backup contraception for 2 days. On the bright side, there are usually less side effects with progestin only pills b/c most of the side effects are related to the estrogen component. Some things you might notice are headache, lack of a period, and possibly some weight gain. Good luck!

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