(Closed) Does everyone believe that they are amazing parents?

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  • poll: Do you believe that all parents believe they are great parents?
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    @MrsFuzzyFace:  I try to be a good parent. My oldest is 29 youngest 25.  I also believe that even though I always had the best intentions, I may have made some errors along the way.

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    @MrsFuzzyFace:  I think a lot of parents feel very critical of themselves and their parenting, but I also think there are a lot of bad parents who are totally in denial. Also, and I mean this in a nice way because I think you really are a great parent from what I’ve seen of you, but your kids are still pretty young. I think it gets much harder for some people as their kids are teens/young adults. Also, you are a Stay-At-Home Mom right? Some people have guilt and regret because they are not able to do that. 

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    I think only your kids can judge whether you’re a great parent, and even then, they won’t really be able to have an opinion until they’re older and can look back on their lives. 



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    @MrsFuzzyFace:  I’m pretty confident in saying that I’m sure they will feel that way also! It’s pretty obvious from your posts that you are a great, loving mother. 

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    I think everybody thinks they are a great parent while they are doing it. I also believe there is more than one way to be a great parent.

    For example, my sister is 15 years older than me. They were more “active” parents in her life than mine. By the time it came to parent me, they took a more laid back approach. As a result, we are both very different people. But we both turned out well; stable, happy, jobs, education, etc.

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    There is a difference between thinking you are a good parent, and thinking that every parenting decision you have made was always the best one. My mom is an amazing parent, but part of what made her that in her own opinion is the ability to look at situations objectively afterwards and decide whether it was a good decision. While she tried her best, she said it is delusional to believe you do everything perfectly, and there are things she would definitely change if she could do them again.

    Contrast this with DH’s mom, who while she is also a good parent, she has an inability to recognize the parenting mistakes she did make (she caused some serious emotional issues for Darling Husband as an adolescent). She has the attitude “well you wouldn’t be who you are today, so I wouldn’t do anything differently”. I think that is very short-sighted, because there is a difference between regret and recognizing that there may have been better ways to handle situations. 

    I am not yet a parent, but I hope when I am one, that I can try to make the best decisions I can, and recognize and learn from things I can do better. 🙂 

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    Meh, I was/am an ok parent. Far from perfect or great. He survived, graduated, not effed up too bad, and isnt on drugs. I just feel lucky. I have friends who are/were far less lucky. I just count my blessings everyday.








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    Do I think I am a great mom? Yes. Do I think I parent the best way I can? Sure. Do I love my child with all the I have? Yep. Do I make mistakes along the way? Of course.

    I am not the most amazing parent ever, but I give my son what he needs, some of what he wants, unconditional love, and alot of undestanding. But there are moments when I hope that I am giving him the best that I can, and a small part of me worries if I am truly a great parent.

    If that makes any sense.

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    @MrsFuzzyFace:  As someone who works in the medical field, specifically pediatrics, serving primarily very impoverished families on state insurance, parenting is a huge problem… And until recently (yesterday actually) I thought that they all just didn’t care that they were horrible parents, that their 12 year old was on meth, that their 14 year old was pregnant, etc. 

    But yesterday, a mom who was formerly on drugs brought in her 3 month-old baby#3 and had a total breakdown, “I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m starting parenting classes soon.” She had initiated it, she knew she needed help. It made me very happy, despite my jealousy toward all the families that shouldn’t have kids when I can’t have one of my own.

    I think they know…but due to drugs/mental illness/whatever, often they don’t care. But I do think they know when they are bad parents.

    But for the good parents of the world, I think they all think they are amazing =) haha. I think I will be a good parent too.

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    I think my husband and I are great parents because we love our son so much, we gave him the best we are able to with tons of our time. I think if you are watchful and open with how you parent it will be very hard to be bad at it. Then again my son just turned 1. But I felt like we were good parents from our 3 yr journey to conceive him.

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    Some people have to realize that they’re shitty parents. I firmly do not think that EVERYONE thinks they are great parents. Also, some parents are really hard on themselves and are great parents, although they don’t feel like they are.

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    my parents are those poeple who think theyre always right, and can do know wrong. My moms philosophy for raising me and my sisters was “I say jump you say how high” -.- So no not everyone realises if they are pad parents because alot of people are this way (im not implying that my parents or any parents that think that are bad parents im just using it as an example)

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