(Closed) does everyone live in a huge, new, flawless mansion?? lol

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I don’t especially like the McMansion look.

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@family_girl:  Um, really?! Not in my neck of the woods, unfortunately Wink My in-need-of-renovation two-up, two-down Victorian terrace cost £207,500 (close to $310,000) and $600,000 (just over £401k) would probably get you a pretty nice semi-detached house in a good area, but nothing more than that! If you want land and a mansion, you’re talking at least £1m, probably more, sadly…

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@Stace126:  I also am from Pittsburgh but south of the city.  I know that my husband and I are very glad we looked a bit further south in a different county and were able to buy something bigger and brand new.  If we would of stayed where we both grew up the taxes would of been much higher and we would of got less house for our money.  So to me location and area determined pricing and size of home.  


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Haha consider yourself lucky you live in such an affordable area. Where I live the median house costs around $300K, and that is not for a McMansion. That’s for a 3 or 4 bedroom, 2-3 bath, suburban house. Anything that is less than $200K here is pretty much a fixer-upper and would require money for renovations, etc. I don’t think you could get any house for less than $150, just land.

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Well, I do have a master suite, but I’m not posting any pictures of it on the internet.  There’s carpet by the vanity.  CARPET!!  Honestly, I’m a spoiled brat and would have to think long and hard about living anywhere without a master suite. 

We currently have not quite 1300 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, and 2 full baths (though one has a shower stall, one has a tub, no separates here).  Our lot is small, but it’s long and skinny, so gives us some decent space in the backyard.  I’d call it a step up from most started homes, but not really nice by any means, it’s just perfect for two and a dog, maybe a baby.  🙂

Inside… we have replaced most of the appliances with the cheapest stainless steel ones we could find, but the carpet is 20 years old, and the molding is peeling off the wall (it’s laminated).  We’re in the process of getting rid of the carpet and replacing moldings on the first floor, but it’s a lot of work.  The basement is half finished, but it has awful bright blue carpet. 

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I live in Dallas, home of the 30K millionaire. If you’re from Dallas, you’ll totally get that. We have lots of bigger homes here & it’s very affordable to live. So you can buy a large house for not as much. My SO & I live in an industrial loft close to downtown which we love. Neither of us have a desire to buy a house because we just like the loft/highrise lifestyle much better than the responsibilities of owning a house. Plus we want to stay close to downtown. None the less, Dallas is a very affordable place to live.

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@Stace126:  Well if you’re buying an older home, then yeah, generally styles will be different. I am not sure if master suites etc. were a standard thing back then… probably not.

I live in Alberta, Canada. The province is like 100 years old lol so there aren’t that many really old homes. So yes, most people live in newer homes so have a decent number of bathrooms etc. Housing prices are also outrageously expensive in my city. We’re snowed under for half the year and it still costs $400,000 to get a nice 2-bedroom apartment downtown. For your average family home, in suburbia, you’re paying $400,000+. If you want a big house in an established neighborhood close(ish) to downtown, you’re looking at close to a million dollars.

I guess square footage in general is a bit more generous than in the old days, I am sure partially because there’s so much space here per capita.

I wish we had the option to spend only $100,000 on a house… but it just doesn’t happen. $100K here would get you a tiny place in a really sketchy part of town… if that.

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Our home (that we own) is a 100+ year old 600 sq foot apartment in NYC. Manhattan is not an affordable place to live. We could have a huge house elsewhere for what we spent on it.

I grew up in an enormous house with a master suite, this has been an adjustment. 

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If it makes you feel better, the Fiance and I rent a 1940s home that hasn’t been renovated well…ever. Our appliances are literally older than I am (not even kidding, the stove was put in in 1981). Our landlord is a complete and utter cheapskate that built a bizarre addition to his own home, so now our “master bedroom” has a bathroom that opens up… right into the kitchen. There’s water damage on the ceiling in the living room, the tile has come off in the guest bathroom, the windows in the guest bedroom weren’t put in the correctly so there’s a draft in the room, and we have a completely unusable room upstairs that can only be reached by steep ladder. When the FI’s dad saw the house, he told us in no uncertain terms not to even think of buying. Which we couldn’t do anyway, because the damn thing is at least $400K. The house next to us is $750K, it’s gorgeous and the guy who owns it is some sort of surgeon that seriously looks like Dr. Oz. I wish there was something more affordable in our neighborhood, but either we’re going to have to move or live in a shack.

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In the new areas townhomes here easily go for 360k-380k.  Houses under 1500 sq ft can also be found, but right now there’s a very small inventory under 450k and they get snapped up very quickly.  Once you get into the 425k+ range though, most of the houses do have master suites.  It’s trendy and what people want and it doesn’t cost that much more.  Granite countertops are standard even in the condos.

It’s more of old vs new styles, and less about how much the homes cost.  There are many older homes without the granite and master suites that cost just as much and tend to either be closer to the core or have larger yards.

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I live in the Bay Area.

A mansion here means having a second bathroom and room to put a king sized bed in the master bedroom, hahahaha.

No, we don’t all live in mansions!

We live in a townhouse that cost $500k because we couldn’t afford a house. Be happy that you can buy a house for under $100k.

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@crayfish:  HAHA! Totally agree with you on that one!

Bay Area home prices are ridiculous! Some of the newly built condos in SF are going for about 1M for a 1bedroom 1 bath!

Old janky homes with a yard on the Peninsula are also at least 1M for a good school district! Newly built townhomes are going for around 700K min.

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@Stace126:  we have an 860 sq ft apartment that we paid 250,000 for and the house you’re describing would be over 500 here so I’m gonna go with nope, don’t live in a mansion. 

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@missporkchops:  Yeah, we live in Emeryville because it got us more bang for our buck, but kept my commute about the same. I’m actually kind of in love with our neighborhood – we’re much happier here than in the hovels we could have afforded on the peninsula!

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…er, I mean, no.

We are only in this current city for a short time, so we are renting an apartment in the downtown core.

It suits us fine at this time in our lives, but is in many ways the polar opposite of a mansion! Hope that makes you feel better 🙂

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