(Closed) does everyone live in a huge, new, flawless mansion?? lol

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Our house was built in 1974 and is 925 square feet – – 3 beds, 1 bath, 1.5 car garage and fenced in back yard – – we paid 94.5k.  It’s a little small some days, but we love it and it’s ours.  No mansion here….

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I teach piano and go to the students’ houses, so yeah, they are all SO rich, and I get to see their fantastic, gorgeous houses, and yeah, I start to feel like “everyone” lives in a huge, gorgeous house! It makes me jealous and (unreasonably) hopeful that someday DH and I will be able to afford a 400,000 7 bedroom house. (or whatever.)

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When FH was home with me, we lived in studio loft apartment. There was no EIK and it was older, but, I loved it. Especially because we were only a few blocks from Rittenhouse Square. It was only $600/month because the landlord kinda is a slumlord. There was cremated remains left in the basement and we had a major gnat problem for a minute. 


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@FauxBoho:  I was thinking the same thing. I have seen no pics of mansions. I guess everyone’s idea of a “mansion” may differ but maybe I missed something?



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@MrsWrangler:  and this too

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@MrsWrangler:  I feel like on WB, like most places, people tend to only brag/post pics about things they have that are above average in some way.

+1. You don’t see many people posting their 1br studio because usually, people who are very “proud” of what they have, whether it’s their house, ring, or 6-figure salaries, are the ones posting. 




It’s like an article I read about how Facebook makes people miserable, because everyone posts all their “happy” stuff, and none of the bad stuff. Weddingbee can be like that too.




But you are very lucky to live in a house – and for such a reasonable price! Just think of the mortgages some of the people with the large houses are paying.

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Our 1 bedroom w/ living room and loft duplex was $190 K. Asking was originally $220 K I believe. Just a regular family home with three bedrooms and two baths here will run about $350-$400 K. Our place is great for the two of us, but when we start a family, we will definitely have to move.


I do get insanely jealous of the low prices on House Hunters, I must admit.

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I think it has a lot to do with the area you’re in.  Our county built WAY up in the last decade, and now 600k brand new McMansions are for sale everywhere.  You can’t even rent a 1br apartment for less than 1k/month!  The result is that young people just don’t live here, unless they roommate it up in the apartments.  Just as well, because those McMansions all come with huge lots, and the property taxes here are crazy.


We’re looking at our first home maybe being a 2bed/2bath condo for 137k, and we were only able to find  something that cheap once we crossed the county line.  On the plus side, I don’t think its super old.  Maybe early 2000s?  I don’t have the listing in front of me on my phone…

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@Stace126:  There are many factors that influence what sort of house us bees end up in.  For instance, Fiance and I are older than the average bee, which skews things.  We have already had our first homes, each built homes with our exes, etc.  We are at a point in life where we can buy our forever home, and spend a comfortable amount on it.  TBH, I’m three years from retirement; NOW was definitely the time to buy our dream home.

Area has a lot to do with it as well.  The home we purchased together last July would be worth almost a million dollars if we had to purchase it in the area that Fiance comes from.  In our current part of the world, it was less than half that.

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Busy bee

I’ve lived in a $1.2M 6,000 sq foot home that was custom built with every bell and whistle that you could think of to a $400K 3,000 sq foot builders special and everything in between – I move a lot for work.  We kept upgrading our house with each move until we peaked out at the $1.2M house. I learned tht home is where your loved ones are and the actual house itself didn’t matter much. Truth be told, I got downright tired of the massive up keep the McMansion required ($30K to have the exterior painted and because we lived near the coast, every four years minimum) but also keeping it clean was a full time job. I had rooms we never even went into on a regular basis such as my master bedroom sitting room.  It was a pass through room, totally useless.  We ended up down grading to a much more manageable house and I don’t miss that monstrosity of a McMansion at all.  I actually prefer the charm and character of my current house which I have named my “cottage”. It’s still 3,500 sq ft but much, much cozier.  Love what you have, there are definite drawbacks to McMansions.  Best wishes!

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hahaha i live in a trailer. and its shitty. but its right on the ocean. hehe. there is no door for the bathroom either lol. hope this makes you feel like you live in a mansion. 100,000 would buy you a really nice trailer here. you need 300,000 for a starter home. i dont think the houses are that old at all. living in alaska things were prob built mostly in the 70s.  ;-( we are living here to try and save up for a house. all i want is a yard i can call my own and a wall i can paint what ever color i want. i do hear nothing but waves crashing at night though. kind of love the location of my little shitty trailer by the sea 😉

i had a friend who had a home here (it was like a mansion). she had a fireplace in her bedroom… then when you walked into her master bedroom bathroom. the fireplace was still visible on the other side of the wall. with a huge tub!! but they divorced and moved.

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You should feel lucky that you can buy a house for 100K. Where I live you either live in an unsafe area or it’s expensive. The expensive houses are nice and come with granite, stainless ect though. We bought a townhome for 180K plus we pay $250 per month in homeowner’s association fees. We probably couldn’t have bought anything in our area for much less. 

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I’m in a place where houses are new. As in, if I was buying a house it would have to have been made after 2000. Maybe even 2005. I don’t want the headache of an old house & I have a modern style. When I found out houses in the northeast are 1 bathroom & like 4 bedrooms I couldn’t even imagine!!

Idk how old my apartment is but it’s nice! It’s actually made me want a townhouse though instead of a normal house. I feel safer being kind of near people but also, not having a million windows that someone could easily break into to get into my place. I’ve lived the majority of my adult years in a 3rd bedroom apt & while it’s a pain in the ASS, I feel safer (I have pretty substantial anxiety so it actually does affect a decision like that)

ETA: My apt is almost 1300 sq feet 2/2. I can’t imagine some of these 3 br houses that are like 800 sq ft…literally can’t even picture it. My mom’s house is “small” and it’s maybe 1500/1600? The bedrooms are maybe 12×12? 10×12 at the smallest and they feel pretty cramped

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@Stace126:  These things really vary by area. The town I lived in during middle/high school was a “bedroom community”- meaning there was virtually no big buisnesses so lots of people commuted to other cities to work and just came home to sleep. So the houses there put a lot of effort into comfort and giving kids and parents seperate areas. Just about every house in my neighborhood had a formal living room off the front door and a second “family room” toward the back of the house. This was meant so the living room was rarely used and therefore clean for visitors or an “adults only” space so mom & dad could relax in a clean room and not beat their children! Kids could watch tv and make a mess of the family room that was usually closer to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, almost every one of those homes also had a “master suite”. seperate tubs were also very common. Again, all for the parents’ comfort and relaxation. This was all in a “planned community” with a homeowners association and a sort of mini-country club. 

This was a middle or maybe upper-middle class area. Median income for the city is about $50k, houses around $170k. I’d say for my neighborhood, income is probably closer to $100k and the houses (adjusted for inflation) were about $200k. But keep in mind that’s Southern California. Not LA or anything, but the cost of living is still higher than the rest of the country. My understanding is making $30k is pretty good in most places. Here, $30k means you might have a job as a receptionist and be living in a slightly skeezy 1 bedroom apartment. 

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I feel that way where we live because everyone tends to buy the new construction massive homes but we just closed on a 2br/1.5ba house for 84K, it was built early 2000, has a finished basement but we didnt see the point in spending the 300K for all the upgrades, extra space and such. I get envious of my friends and some bees that post on her but we like it and its still cheaper than renting.

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