(Closed) Does it bother you when photographers don't list their prices?

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  • poll: Does it bother you when photographers don't list their prices on their website?

    Yes and I would skip over that photographer

    Yes but I would still inquire if I like the photo's

    No it doesn't bother me

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    I think a “Custom packages starting at $xxxx.xx for minimum 4 hours coverage” is a nice thing to have. It lets you know what the launching place will be for the general cost.

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    In the beginning, I didn’t mind contacting photographers to find out how much they charge and what that included. However, as wedding planning amped up and I seemed to be getting busier and busier I gradually got more irritated with vendors who were unclear about their prices or simply didn’t list them at all. To be honest, my philosophy was always that if price was a non-negotiable (as in a couldn’t afford above $2000) and we weren’t on the same page, then a venue forcing me to call or email them wouldn’t change that fact. Why waste everyone’s time?


    Early in the planning process a photographer actually forced me into meeting her at Barnes and Noble before she would disclose information about prices. My mom was so in love with her that I felt I had to go. However, I promised myself never again. She wasn’t even on time to the meeting AND she tried to pull the old “you get what you pay for” line even though her photos were seriously not worth her charges quality wise.


    I also quickly ruled out vendors that didn’t get back to me in an acceptable amount of time. I wasn’t expecting an immediate response, but if you can’t take the time to email me back within two weeks, how could I possibly have any faith in your returning my photos on time.


    I ended up contracting a photographer whose photos I LOVED and whose prices were realisitic enough that I wouldn’t feel nautious. I fell in love with his generall attitude – he truly just loves being a wedding photographer and refuses to charge an ridiculous amount just because he is talented and experienced. On top of that he always responded to me in a timly manner. WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

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    When I was looking at photographers I pretty much skipped over the sites that didn’t at least give an idea of pricing. Honestly, the ones that didn’t list their prices weren’t any more amazing than some of the ones that did, so I skipped right by and never looked back.

    It annoys me when any vendor doesn’t at least give an idea of pricing. For example, I was recently looking for viedeographers and practically none of them gave pricing unless you contacted them.

    What really annoys me though is when I send an inquiry requesting pricing and they respond by wanting to “chat” with me about my Fiance and me and our wedding vision and blah, blah, blah. NO! Give me your price and then we can chat. I don’t want to waste 30 minutes on the phone just for you to tell me that your price is so extravegant that I wouldn’t use you in a million years.

    *takes a deep breath* End rant. Sorry about that

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    I liked when they gave a “Prices start at $$” blurb on the website, but it didn’t stop me from contacting photographers if they didn’t list any prices.  Like Mrs. Wallaby said, its not hard to send an email.  I feel like all of my planning has been through email, so it was just one more to send. 

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    When I was looking for a photographer, I skipped right past anybody that didn’t give any indication of their pricing whatsoever.  I didn’t need a detailed breakdown, just an idea of whether they were in my price range (“packages start at $___” is sufficient).  

    I subscribe to “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” so… ain’t nobody got time for that!

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    I always get wary when someone doesn’t their prices.

    I feel like they are waiting to hear my budget – before they decide how much they are going to charge me.

    If the price isn’t listed on the site I don’t even bother sending an email. This goes for everything so far.

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    I agree with what everyone has posted, but wanted to add one more angle. I have a few friends who, when starting their photography business didn’t want to list prices because they HOPED they would get clients who would pay full price, but would happily take budget brides to get experience. They didn’t want to post a price that would deter the budget brides, but they did want the opportunity to make more money (standard photography rates) if they could. 

    While I totally get this, it didn’t work for them. In general brides didn’t want to wheel and deal. A bride wants to pay a consistent price that is fair, not be the “dumb one” who paid full price when many don’t. They both did much better setting a lower price initially, and as they gained popularity raising their rates annually. 

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    Another vote for “Packages start at… contact me for more specific pricing”

    I started out sending messages to photogs that didn’t list their prices. It was a little annoying but not that bad as most, of them sent me a price list pretty easily. But by the end I was completely skipping anybody who didn’t have at least a general starting point for pricing, because most of the time that meant they were out of my budget.

    Also, I’m going to apologize now that this wasn’t really your question, but it’s a personal pet peeve of mine. I really hate it when vendors (and photogs seem to be worse than other vendors) call their pricing information “Investments”. I get the whole reference to the fact that pictures stick around after the day. But really. Investments are my reitrment account. Not photos. Just call it what it is. Pricing. “Investments” always makes me roll my eyes.

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    I absolutely hate when any vendors don’t list prices. Unless I’m absolutely blown away by something else on their website, I don’t even bother contacting those vendors. Huge turnoff for me. 

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    I skipped anyone who didn’t list prices. If your work is mind-blowing and there’s no pricing info at all, I assume you’re out of my budget. A simple “Packages start at $xxx” will suffice to let me know if I should contact for further information or move on.

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    I much prefer when packages are listed out, but at the very least, include “packages start at $x.” I checked out a couple of local photographers just to compare the one I wanted, and not one of them had anything about price. Even the ones with “investment” pages just said to contact them. Annoying.

    ETA: There’s a photographer around here who’s very highly rated, and I have no idea what his pricing is, but I can tell he’s probably overcharging. His pictures aren’t really anything special. :

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    A “packages start at ___” would be nice instead of absolutely nothing about the cost at all

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    Yup, it made looking for a photographer much more difficult. But its the same for every vendor that doesnt list prices. If I see one that I love and they have a price I can afford, I’ll be done looking. When I was looking for a photographer, I almost passed over the one we ended up picking because we didnt think we would be able to afford his quality of work. His style matched mine perfectly and his work looked very expensive. It turns out, he was just a little over budget and we were able to cut some costs to afford him.

    I was wondering though, why dont vendors list their prices? Just out of curiosity 🙂


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    @Americano:  It’s a good thing that you mentioned that this strategy worked poorly for your friends.  It’s wrong on so many levels.  First of all, it’s wrong to change your price based on how much you think someone can pay… which is exactly what you were suggesting was happening.  You wouldn’t want a vendor who takes a look at you and says “this person doesn’t look poor… extra $$$ for them!” … that’s so terrible. Also, if someone still needs practice and experience building their portfolio, they should NOT be charging “standard rates” to anyone, regardless of how much that person could pay.  If you know you’re not experienced or skilled enough to be making that rate and you charge it to someone anyone, that is extremely wrong and will only hurt your business when your clients are disappointed with their photos and feel ripped off.

    So yes, if a budget photographer wants to negotiate, they are basically saying “I’m not good enough to make ANY money, but I’d sure like it if you’d pay me something anyway!  I’ll take whatever you can give just PLEASE hire me!!”  Is the person who want shooting your once-in-a-lifetime wedding?  Um, no.

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