(Closed) Does it bother you when photographers don't list their prices?

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  • poll: Does it bother you when photographers don't list their prices on their website?

    Yes and I would skip over that photographer

    Yes but I would still inquire if I like the photo's

    No it doesn't bother me

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    As a general rule, I DO NOT engage with ANY vendor that does not post numbers on their website. 


    I’m frankly not interested in a sales pitch. Either I like you and can afford you and want to hire you or I don’t, and I hate wasting my time contacting someone JUST to find out if they’re in my price range. It wastes their time as well, and it seems it’s mostly the more expensive ones who want to withhold information anyway – like other posters, if I don’t see numbers, I assume it’s out of my price range. (This is vendors in general, not photographers specifically, but photographers fall into this category.)

    I have even skipped over contacting photographers who I thought would be utterly perfect for me and my wedding, unmatched in “fit,” in love with their images… but did not list prices so I assumed it was too much and went to someone else. I’d like to note that if they listed prices that were slightly above my range, I would probably have contacted them anyway and seen if there were any options below that (very basic packages that may not be listed.) But with no starting point, I’m not taking the time.

    For my own wedding, I have booked someone who lists prices of packages in detail (but mentions that packages can be customized or altered to suit personal needs.)

    I really don’t see how you can go wrong being more informative – you may receive fewer emails, but a higher percentage of them will be useful possible customers instead of people who can’t afford you trying to find out if they can. I just don’t see any downside of posting prices when there’s enough people who feel strongly about it. 

    Incidentally – I also don’t deal with anyone who doesn’t clearly post a professional email address (believe it or not, I’ve seen business with ONLY phone numbers. Madness. They must hate money.) I also avoid those with irritating loud flash intros or who makes it otherwise difficult to copy and paste information, because again, it makes me feel like whoever designed this website is trying oh-so-desperately to keep control of information. It’s not how the web works, and it’s simply not how an online business ought to be run, and I am voting with my dollar.

    A commercial website should be clean, efficient, and informative. It is, in fact, possible to make such a thing attractive and enticing without adding a bunch of extraneous nonsense or hiding things. If you (not you specifically, OP, but the general “you”) have a hard time doing this, a web designer may be worth their fee.

    tl;dr, People know when they’re being played with (you want us to contact you so you can try to talk yourself up, I get it, but being shady about your prices isn’t the way) and they don’t like it. Even if someone were to contact you despite a lack of important information, is irritation and impatience really the right first step for a customer relationship?

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    It’s annoying. I hate when ANY vendor doesn’t list prices.

    Alot of people are planning their wedding on a budget, so this is something we NEED to know.

    I think alot of times vendors don’t list prices because they are flexible.. if your budget is bigger, they’ll give you a higher amount.. which is not right in my opinion.

    It should be 1 set fee.

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    I’m a wedding photographer myself. I do list my prices. I think it saves both of us a lot of time. I’m very specific about what I include in the pricing.

    However, I don’t like when a bride doesn’t even bother to look at the pricing page before contacting me. I know some don’t even look at the website. The pricing is not hidden or anything, it’s right on the menu. 

    I feel like they are just reaching out to lots of photographers, with the same line in all their inquiries. I prefer when a bride is genouinely interested in working with me, for my talent and the work I produce, and not necessarily for my prices.

    A person emailed me with just one question: “are your prices negotiable?”

    I didn’t reply. What happened with saying “good morning,” or “I really like your work, your style is what I’m looking for, would you be willing to work with our budget?”

    I know you don’t want to waste time… but there are nice ways to going about it.

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    @Bebealways:  so true. I can’t ( and don’t want to) talk a bride with a $2000 budget in to a $5000.00 package. All it’s going to do is freak her out and make an awkward working relationship. I like a relaxed working relationship. Who wants to worry that come payment time the money won’t be there or the client will be stressed. Bad for both sides!!

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    Having thought about it more, it’s not that I automatically assume everything without a listed price is out of my budget (my wedding is going to end up costing ~40k, but my parents were willing to pay up to ~50k), but that I assume the vendor is a prima donna bitch who will be difficult to work with. lol.

    @Bebealways:  oh my god, ridiculous flash websites are an instant no. If your website plays music when I go to it, I am going to close the window and never, ever return.

    I also don’t get why vendors would WANT to spend so much time answering inquiries that probably won’t come to anything. Isn’t that a waste of time/money? They probably have to charge higher prices just because they’re doing so much more work with sending price information to everyone who wants it! Saves everyone’s time just to put it on the website. (Also, I have a special fondness for those who also include a google calendar showing when they are booked and when they are available. Unfortunately none of the photographers/venues that did that were ones that fit what we needed, but if they were, they’d have been my first choices. Because damn that makes it easy!)

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    I cannot stand vendors that don’t at least give me a ballpark.  I actually had a photographer that after 3 emails each back and forth did not provide pricing.  They kept wanting me to name my price, and I wasn’t willing to do that.  I gave my requests (engagement shoot, 6 hours, single photographer) and asked for options.  When they kept pushing me to name my price, I just stopped responding.  Seriously, this isn’t priceline.   I don’t care if the photographer is Ansel Adams reincarnated, if they’re way out of my budget, then I’m not going to waste my time and theirs. 

    Also, I hate hate hate flash websites and sites that play music.  I don’t want the ambience and ‘experience’.  I want to see the photos, and I want to see a examples from multiple weddings, preferably indoor & out, not just examples of ONE wedding. 

    I feel very bitchy saying all that.  But really, this isn’t a friendship or deeply personal relationship.  This is a professional relationship and agreement, and I feel like it should be treated as such. 

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    I am really annoyed by vendors that do not list their prices or at least any reference to the cost for their services.

    ALL my vendors I booked clearly have their prices listed. I felt much more comfortable knowing this is what they charge and not the bigger the budget the bigger the fees.

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    Im sorry some in our industry are weird, hound you, and treat you like priceline..


    Most of the ones that dont list think that if they get you in front of them they can sell you them self and more. I partly get this but I dont get wasting time meeting when the max they have is $2000-$3000 and the photographer starts a $6000. With that price the reality is even with cutting extras you’ll still be out of their budget. Im with Lashmount on this. I sell what my couple needs not I what I want, its about them. Also they have issues with competition seeing prices. As I stated before its the lamest excuse ever, certainly for a price range/starts at.

    And some do want a feel for you budget so they can charge more. Im sorry it happens in our industry.. IMO most of its they worry about competition and selling it when you are in front of them.. I personally think your website should sell you and the consult is icing on the cake so to speak. You can show a lot of personality on your website along with your work.. You can read my website/blog and you can tell Im fun, have a personality, and will have a great shooting time your wedding. As another vendor says on WW you have to “sell the sizzle” and the sizzle starts with your website not a consult, a phone call, or email..


    Oh and a crappy website turns me off for any business!! You dont take the time to invest in yourself why should I invest in you? I have such a website peeve. 70% of wedding vendors websites are a train wreck and I would love to send them an email to give them a makeover! lol A nice website is so ridiculously affordable now a days there is no excuse! When I started I starved to get a nice website.. literately barely ate for a week! The payoff was worth it!

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    I agree with most of the previous posts. A general price range was very helpful. Something like “Packages start at ___ for a minimum of ___ hours” is enough to estimate if the photographer is within our budget. When you’re looking for a wedding photographer, you’re browsing through dozens of websites and I got increasingly irritated when no prices were listed. After the first few responses, eventually I just began to assume that if I had to ask for prices, they were probably too high for us to afford.






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    @YLPhotography:  My fave vendors are always the ones that list their estimated price lists. I already have a ridiculous number of vendors to compare and find the ones that are right for us in regards to budget and what they offer, I really don’t need to be wasting mine or their time setting up meetings or consultations when they are going to end up being way out of my price range. 

    Before booking anything I’m the type that likes to research all my options and pick my preferred 5 vendors in my price range before setting up meetings. We’ve ended up not bothing contacting a few simply because we found ones we liked and they listed their pricing options on their site.

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    Nothing makes me RAGE more than going to a website, clicking on the Prices or Investment page and seeing some song and dance about how “every wedding is different” and “there are many factors that determine price, please contact for a custom quote.” Like a bunch of other people have already said, a “packages start at ______” would be nice so I at least know if I want to call for a quote. There’s nothing more awkward than having to end a conversation with someone after you find out you can’t afford their services. 

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    @Styles:  I know. Seriously. Bludomain. Pro photo. You can really have a decent site in one day for $100.00 if you can’t afford custom yet. 

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    YES it does!  I like businesses to be upfront.  I want to know the rates because it plays a part in my decision and planning process.  Why waste everyone’s time not just listing them?

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    @JenGirl:  ‘I really hate it when vendors (and photogs seem to be worse than other vendors) call their pricing information “Investments” ‘   — ME TOO!!!! I find it insulting actually (and I am not easily insulted). Like I’m guillible enough to see that and think “Oohhh, an investment, eh? That’s way better than a payment! Guess I’ll go with these guys then!” Your wedding photos are not going to increase in value and I find it absurd for anyone to call it an investment.

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    have you ever visited a high class restaurants website and seen the prices? never!!!! it’s their way to attract you in.

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