(Closed) Does NFP really work? Future mum in law is a GP and says I am screwed

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    I didn’t do it, but my sister did. she temped and used OPKs, didn’t have sex a week either side of ovulation, fell pregnant and she’s still not sure how! It was after 10 months of successfully using it. they were using it between babies as it took her a while to get pregnant with the first. 

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    My mum (an OBGYN surgeon) would say to try and find an alternative method, or just hold off until you are married if you are so concerned about getting pregnant now. NFP is really not that successful, even for the people who practice it religiously (pardon the pun!)

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    No, they didn’t use anything between first and second babies so baby 2 came a few months earlier than planned! OPKs are ovulation predictors, they let you know when there is the hormone surge that shows you are about to release an egg.

    if it were me, i would use NFP if I didn’t really mind getting pregnant sooner than perhaps planned, but not if I really didn’t want to be pregnant.  

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    @Julybride88:  It CAN work but it is not to be relied on. If you truly cannot have a child for some reason, it is far too risky. 

    If you aren’t *quite* ready for a kid but would still be fine with having one if it happened, it’s perfect for you. 

    If you absolutely must not get pregnant now, please heed the warnings of physicians  and use barricade or hormonal forms of birth control. They are trained to help you and their religion is not important, they will give you the best information available to them no matter what they believe in. I’m sure there are Catholics doctors who give the same advice (use condoms or diaphragm or HBC) because they took an oath to help their patients to the best of their ability and that is the prevailing medical wisdom. 

    NFP is great for some, but in the end you have to understand there’s still a lot of luck involved – something as small as a change in your diet, weight loss, stress, many things can cause your cycle to shift in a way you didn’t predict and leave you pregnant when you didn’t want to be. 

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    I am an older Bee (over 50)

    And I will tell you what My Mother, Mother-In-Law, Gramma and every older woman told me… many of them who got pregnant when ONLY NFP was available to women back in the day… (and what I now tell everyone else like yourself)

    NFP is a joke.

    Sure you will hear from lots of people how great it is because it is “all natural”

    But in reality, when YOU end up pregnant … they’ll be no where in sight, still telling people what they should be doing (NFP)

    And if you try to say it didn’t work for you… they’ll tell you did it wrong.

    No skin off their noses, afterall they aren’t raising the baby… YOU ARE

    When I got married the first time (circa 1980) I was on the pill.  Never had a pregnancy scare in 5 years.

    Then My Ex and I decided to get pregnant… back then you made up your mind and just went for it, cause most of us were in our early 20s as Brides, and fertility / infertility wasn’t a HUGE issue (most fertile in a couple’s lives)

    Infact, most people only charted IF they were having issues getting pregnant.

    Anyhow, I went off the pill in early December, by mid January I was pregnant.  It just happened.  Easy peasy.

    I suggest you have a nice long talk with the Doctor, bet she could tell you some stories where she’s seen pregnancies happen that the NFP people will tell you cannot happen

    Truth is they do happen… people who get pregnant the first time, people who get pregnant on their periods, people who get pregnant without penetration… it really & truly does happen !!

    You don’t want a baby… then your safest choices are:

    1- Abstinence


    2- Reliable Birth Control that is EASY to use, and highly effective.

    Statistically that is still hormonal.

    Don’t want to use hormonal methods, then read up, and double-up !!


    Have known plenty of people who have used NFP alongside of Condoms, Diaphragms etc

    The key tho is using things correctly… and consistently !!

    That means taking the time to read up & learn… and because many such methods have to be utilized “at a last minute’s notice” (vs hormonal) it also means you have to probably STOP what you are doing and then insert / use them

    That is the consistency part… YOU HAVE TO DO IT NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT BREAKS THE MOOD

    (That is what I did with my Ex in my first marriage, and I only ever in my whole life got pregnant when I was wanting to… when I was aware of my cycle, and used reliable BC every.single.time, lol sometimes even doubling up on that… I never got pregnant)

    My Grandmother’s Generation (1920), My Mothers (1950s) and Myself (1980s) are like your Mother-In-Law we won’t steer you wrong on this, because we truly want you to know what happens because we have seen it for ourselves first hand (My Mother-In-Law said in the 1950s even with Condoms and NFP, she could get pregnant at the drop of a hat)

    Hope this helps,


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    can I ask what’s wrong with condoms?

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    If you truly wish to not get pregnant you really need to be using a condom or be on the pill. Both will work perfectly fine so long as you use them correctly (and using both is double protection!). The only risk with the pill not working is if you are ill (vomitting or diarreah in which case it will not absorb properly) or take some other form of medication that can alter its effects. Condoms will work so long as they don’t break. 

    NFP is likely to be somewhat successful, but I highly doubt you will hold off pregnancy for long. I would definitely use some other form of protection until you are ready (remember too that no one else needs to know about using other protection if you are uncomfortable discussing it, particularly for religious reasons – it is a subject that is very private!). I know a few religions oppose the use of contraception, but I truly believe you have the right to decide when you are ready to start a family, and it is smart to take extra precautions before then just in case(definitly not having a go at any religion here!!!).

    Good luck with whichever way you decide to go!

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    If you are using condoms you should be ok! We used condoms when we were waiting to TTC and I used them successfully for about 2 years with an ex. I had one break, unfortunately around ovulation time, but luckily didn’t get pregnant that month (didn’t want to the pregnant for the wedding/honeymoon!).

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    @Julybride88:  oh! I’m glad to hear you’re planning on using condoms. you should be fine then. that’s all I use and I’ve never had a scare, just don’t get shitty brands. ;P I don’t want to mess with hormones so I wouldn’t be interested in the pill/implanon/etc either!

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