(Closed) Does religious conversation bother you if you’re not religious?

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  • poll: Does religious conversation bother you if you're not religious?
    I'm religious myself so it doesn't bother me at all : (37 votes)
    12 %
    I'm not religious but it doesn't bother me : (29 votes)
    10 %
    It's a little annoying/preachy but I can overlook it : (133 votes)
    44 %
    It bothers me : (77 votes)
    26 %
    I'm religious and it bothers me : (24 votes)
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    I’m not religous, but I try to be respectful of others when they discuss it. People often find that I’m an atheist shocking, because I have a standing rule that I don’t discuss my beliefs in public unless a) I am specifically asked/questioned or b) somebody is saying something I consider hurtful about nonbelievers. 

    If someone really harps on it in a social situation I tend to challenge them, just because I think it’s rude.

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    I’m religious, but I don’t like to talk about religion with just anyone. I don’t mind to talk about religion with open minded people, but I do not like to be “preached” to. I also don’t particularly enjoy arguing (or debate) about religion, so I try to just avoid the topic with anyone but close family/friends. That way, I just live and let live. 

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    Adamant atheist here. I’m am bothered if people bring up religion in a conversation. Leads to some discussions which people start to back out of immediately when they realise what I am like during those kind of discussions. Lol. 

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    It sooo depends on the situation. I would consider myself very religious, but I don’t just randomly start talking about religion unless it seems very appropriate to the circumstances. If I sense that people share my views or are more open to it, I might be more likely, but it’s far from a daily occurance. I talk plenty about religious things with my family/husband/church friends/etc.. I don’t feel like a conversation is lacking if I haven’t brought up Christ.

    I don’t really know anybody who does this in regular conversation, except maybe my grandma but even then it’s more just her own reflections than it is a “discussion”

    Does it bother me? meh, kinda, depends.

    Do door to door preachers bug me? yes. I honestly think it’s kind of a waste of time, and does more harm than good.

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    I’m an atheist and it bothers me only because I think it’s presumptuous.

    (My eyes just glaze over….)


    That said, people can believe in whatever they like….whatever gets them through the day!

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    I am an atheist and have no problem with people mentioning anything religious in general, but if they tried to apply it directly to me (eg. “Jesus will guide you if you open your heart to him”) then I would find it offensive and odd. But I’m always up for an intelligent, informed debate if that’s what the other person is after. Smile

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    @KatyElle:  I think there is a distinction between ‘not religious’ and ‘atheist’

    I am an atheist-as is my fiance–and yes religious talk gets on our nerves. If it goes on relentlessly despite my trying to change the subject I will tell someone I am an atheist. I avoid going to those lengths because I ususally get a very rude response. 

    For example, a family friend was going on and on about how Jesus is looking out for me and he has a plan for me to have a baby right after our wedding (I’m starting grad school 4 days after our honeymoon, no baby plans)–I just brushed it over and changed the subject–she was relentless–finally she started talking about certain people being the devil in disguise trying to lure us off the path of righteousness and such and I told her I don’t believe in all of that. There are no good or evil people, just people.

    Well she was horrified and told me that I have a lot to learn in life and I must not be that smart if I don’t know that Jesus died for me—-I told her believe in what you like if it makes you happy, I don’t believe in god–and it’s tiresome when someone cannot seem to discuss anything else. 


    So–people who are just not religious may believe in god–and therefore can find a little commonality in the religious talk. Maybe they’re a deist, or a buddhist or whatever. But when you’re an atheist this talk doesn’t apply to you whatsoever, and it’s annoyiing when people don’t take the hint. I don’t go to their home and start talking about how god is a delusion over coffee, repeatedly, despite strong social cues that the convo is one-sided. I’d like to be extended the same courtesy I give to others

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    I’m not religious and it doesn’t bother me.

    In fact, I’m fascinated to learn about religions because they’re rooted so much in history and culture. As long as it’s an intelligent conversation or debate, and I’m not being talked at, I’m very interested.

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    Admittedly I say ‘bless you’ after someone sneezes, I just think it’s polite and a very cute phrase 🙂 

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    I am an atheist, and religious conversation is bothersome under certain circumstances. I don’t get annoyed to see it on TV, in movies, or basically anywhere else in American culture because regardless of what I think it is undeniable that the US is a deeply, DEEPLY religious nation. The 2010 census reflects that 90% of Americans identify as some slice of the Christian pie. Its everywhere.

    I do get frustrated when religion gets brought up in personal conversations at times because as an atheist, conversations with religious people just tends to get annoying fast. Not because I hate religious people(I don’t!), but because our values are just different. Its hard to draw connections at that point because one person values faith and considers it a virtue, and I do not. So its hard to find common ground after that and really only a matter a time before I exit the conversation because someone says instead of continue a logical discussion they would rather just “pray for me”. And to keep from saying somehting kinda nasty, I usually just say lets call it quits hahaha. 

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    It doesn’t bother me. Some of the religious nuts bother me, but as long as you don’t try to convert me you can say whatever you want.

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