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Blushing bee

So weird! Most guys I know complain that their SOs do this. I’ve been led to believe it’s a chick thing, so it’s refreshing to know that guys do it too. It seems like some people just assume there’s something they’re missing & they wonder if you can enlighten them. I guess you can tell yourself it’s b/c he thinks you’re smarter? Ha ha That might help.

I’ll admit I’m sometimes guilty of it when we’re @ home & it’s a movie he’s already seen. Especially if we agree it’s not that great & don’t plan to finish it!

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Blushing bee
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Hahaha oh dear…. I’m totally the ‘guilty’ one in our relationship. I’m constantly asking questions like ‘What’s the name of that song… By that guy…. Who was in a music video w that other guy…’ lol!!! Fiance puts up with it though, and is surprisingly good at figuring out what I mean!

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Bee Keeper
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Haha – you’re totall describing me!!!!!!

But I don’t get mad if he doesn’t know the answer.

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Bee Keeper
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Ah yes, the notoriuos rhetorical question, of sorts.  It’s like they are asking what you’re obviously thinking but had the self-control not to blurt out. 

Sorry, I’m one of those people.  I tend to blurt out whatever is on my mind lol. Fiance is patient with me though and usually says he doesn’t know, makes up some funny weird answer, or just ignores me because he realizes I just blurt things out.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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My DH does this ALL THE TIME. It makes me crazy!!!!! And if I get snippy and point out that I know as much as he does, he gets annoyed with me, lol!!!

My favourite is when the news is on and I’m busy and he calls for me to come see something so important/crazy/shocking and it’s something like a squirrel in a park in a stock footage shot. Wtf?! Really?! That was so important?!

Along with that is typically when I’m cooking and the exhaust fan is on, the tap is running, or the dishwasher is going and he decides to talk to me from the other room. I can’t hear you. I couldn’t hear you yesterday when you did that, or the day before. Why is that so difficult to remember?!

*vent end* I love him, I truly do, but oh man does he ever test my patience some days, lol!!!

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Busy bee
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My SO will ask what’s happening in the middle of shows we are watching together all the time. Or he won’t hear something and wants me to repeat it. That always drives me crazy. Pay attention, because if I have to repeat every line I am going to miss what is next and then I can’t fill you in!! He is learning to not even ask because I am rude back haha.

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Sugar bee
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One of my pet peeves is when people say the names of people you don’t know, like you should know.

One of my co-workers does this ALL THE TIME.


Me: What did you do last night?
Her: Well, I FINALLY got in with Jane!!!
Me: …………………… Jane?
Her: My Physio girl!!!!!!????
Me: oh…

Like, can’t she just say ” I went to physio last night!” or “I had dinner with my sister in law!” or “I hurt my back so I got a massage!” Instead of “I went in and saw Laura!”

WHYYYYYYY. You’re my co-worker, I don’t know everyone you come in contact with in your life and I ESPECIALLY don’t know your physio, massage therapist, therapist, doctor or grocery store cashiers names!!!

ETA: Hell, I don’t even know ANY of the names of the people who have ever given me massages.

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Bumble bee
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Fiance has this tendency to be talking, get distracted by some shiny thing or something, and just trail off.  Then two minutes later he’ll pick up the thought like nothing happened. It drives me insane, especially when he does this when we’re on the phone and I have nine million other things I need to be doing other than waiting for him to finish his thought. It’s to the point where when he does it I’ll actually say “finish your thought!” and he gets all pissy, but I mean, come on.  I know you know what you were going to say, you just got distracted and forgot to keep talking.  It makes conversations hard to follow.

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Sugar Beekeeper

@CarolinaCola: me examples: We’ll be watching a movie together that we’ve both never seen before and he’s steady asking me questions like “Why are they doing that? Where are they going? What does that mean? What’s going to happen next? Are they going to get back together?” and so on. I’m like “How the eff do you expect me to know this? I know the exact same amount of information about this movie as you do…”

Guilty as charged!

I am the worst and eventually look to Wikipedia to answer all my questions. Basically halfway through a movie I read what is going to happen and I’m done. I just don’t have the patience to sit and wait.

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Honey bee
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Today I spilled coffee all over FI’s desk b/c I was excited to show him something and smacked his mug and it all went flying. Immediately, as soon as it spilled he started yelling, “WHY DID YOU KNOCK THAT OVER?!?!?”.


So I guess he and I are both guilty, and it is annoying.

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Buzzing bee
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This is me! I don’t really expect an answer from Fiance though, I just am voicing my thoughts more than anything

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Busy bee
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@CarolinaCola: or on the flip side.  People who tell you everything that happens while it happens.  “that girl just went into the gym” “oh, she’s talking to that guy again”  “hey! that’s the guy who was on the bus earlier!”  “oh no! she just dropped her phone!”

My dad’s gf is like that.  She acts like she see’s things we don’t when we watch movies. 

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Busy bee
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