Does this look too BIG?

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That is a beautiful ring. Yes, it does look large, but it’s up to her if it seems “too large”. I would ask her about what elements she wants so that the ring suits her lifestyle. Personally, I think halos look beautiful, as can a blinged out band on a ring, but I hate having my ring snagging on my hair or clothes and I didn’t want to have to take it off everyday or multiple times a day. What I like to look at and what I want to wear aren’t the same. I think you should speak with her directly about some of those things and just flat out ask her what she would prefer. My guy was showing me some beautifully made, intricate rings but they just weren’t a good fit for me because of my own lifestyle considerations that weren’t in his awareness until I pointed them out.

We’ve had folks on here say their rings were more plain than what they preferred, we’ve also had women on here say that because they work in the medical field and they have to wear gloves, a super tall or super blinged out ring didn’t really work for them. We’ve had women who have chosen to simplify the rings they thought they loved because they wanted to show off the center stone more.

There was also a woman on here who’s Fiance had purchased her a very large, very “impressive” ring from a well known status-signaling jewelry store and, due to her family background (multigenerational wealth, NOT into showing it), and her career (working with low or no income clients), she said she would have preferred something smaller, more unique and not at all what her Fiance wanted to show with his purchase decision (his years of study and work to leap many economic levels up from where he had been raised).

I say all of that to say that it’s very possible (likely) that your SO has some ideas related to lifestyle, wearability, how she moves in the world and how she sees herself that should be taken into consideration for a ring that she would be wearing every day and you cannot know those without talking to her about the matter.

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beewp :  Would love to get your wholesaler’s info to pass on to my boyfriend 🙂. Not much to add to what has already been said here – I’m assuming you’re keeping her lifestyle in mind for practicality. I’m in the “too big” camp but of course it depends on her preferences.

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I like bling, so go for it if she is comfortable with it and you’re not going into debt to buy it, but with a diamond that size I agree with everyone else that says ditch the halo. 

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I would prefer a 2ct for everyday wear. 

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I think it is absolutely breath taking. I would gravitate to a solitaire look but I am not your partner! In regards to the size of the center stone: stunning.

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You might as well ask her lol! She’ll wear it for a long time so you might as well create it together.


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It looks fine to me. My sweet spot is 2 carats – 3.5 carats, depending on the shape. Ovals face up large, cushions face up small. It’s the rare woman who is disappointed that the stone is too large.

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I personally LOVE a big stone. I have a larger hand for a woman, with long thin fingers. Similar to your SOs though you hands look smaller than mine. My FH and I went with a 4 carat equivilent (moissanite) radiant. I think when you’re going for a stone that big and beautiful, let the stone speak for itself, nix the halo. I loved the idea that someone else had of proposing with the stone in a simple setting and giving her the option to add a halo after you have proposed. That way you’ve chosen the stone and she can decide if she wants a little more bling!! 

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It is beautiful!


You mentioned that you feel like it could be a bit gaudy and I think due to the size some people may have the tendency to wonder whether it is real. BUT what did she say when she tried it on? If she loves it, she is the one wearing it after all, so it really is down to that as long as what she likes is within your price range.


P.s. Do you have any images of a 2 carat on her finger?

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Way too big for my tastes. I’d prefer the 2ct. What does she like though? 

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That ring is beautiful, but I think you have to consider her lifestyle. Does she take transit? Could a potential theif see this as an opportunity? For myself, I would love a 3ct, but since I live in Vancouver and take the sky train to work,  and we travel a ton sometimes to 3rd world countries I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a 3ct. I also, wouldnt want to take off my ring to go on excursions. If there was no halo I still think 3ct looks quite big on her hand. I would go for a 2ct or 2.5 ct. Another option is getting her a diamond wedding band to wear when she doesn’t feel comfotable wearing the 3ct. Hope this helps!

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