(Closed) Does white gold turn yellow?

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Bumble bee
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My coworker had her engagement ring turn from white to yellow despite taking it to the jeweler every 6 months. But her white gold wedding band didn’t turn.

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Bumble bee
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Yes, white gold turns yellow (10/14/18K). Platinum and palladium do not.

19K white gold stays white. It is made from different alloys than 10K, 14K, 18K; which keeps it white. No need to rhodium plate it either. I’ve been wearing 19K for 3 years and it has not yellowed. 

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Bumble bee
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Gold is naturally yellow, so white gold is an alloy. It’s naturally yellowish white, and most white gold engagement rings are plated with rhodium to give them that bright light silvery color. Some people get their white gold rings redipped every few months, some every couple years, some never. Some jewelers will redip your ring for free for life if you buy from them, otherwise I think it costs around $40-60. To get an idea of the difference in color, you could try googling undipped white gold.

Platinum never has to be redipped, but it costs more, and the patina it develops over time is different. And it’s heavier.

I don’t know that much about palladium, but it’s silvery, lightweight, and not as expensive as platinum,  but not that many jewelers work with it.

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girlywhirly:  yes they do turn. i had a 3 stone promise ring from Darling Husband that he gave me on our 3 year anniversary of dating and it did turn but it started to turn after a year. <br /><br />My e-ring and w-band are platinum.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve had my engagement ring for 4 years and wear it every day. It is white gold, and it’s only starting to yellow a bit on the back side. I’ve never had it re-dipped. My wedding band is also white gold but doesn’t seem to be yellowing at all.

That’s just my experience with white gold.

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Sugar bee
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womanofsubstance:  +1

girlywhirly:  what’s become known as 19K white gold is simply white gold with a palladium alloy (instead of nickel). It’s a bit more expensive than regular white gold, but there will be no need to plate it, and it won’t change colours. 

My skin chemistry eats through rhodium plating very quickly (within 2 months usually!) but my e-ring is still a cool white tone and shiny. The plus side of white gold with a palladium allot is that there’s no need to plate it, so you get the bright white of gold (instead of the grey tone of platinum) without the upkeep. Also, it’s hypoallergenic.

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Sugar bee
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Gold is a yellow metal. Other metals have to be added to make the gold white.   It will definitely yellow but only slightly (it would never look like yellow gold) and how fast it turns depends on your body and how it reacts to it.  I like my white gold ring really white, so I occasionally get it re dipped with rhodium.  It is about 60 nucks but I bought a plan for about 100 that gives me lifetime unlimited re plating.   White gold is definitely a bit more challenging to maintain, but the only other white metal is platinum which looks too gray for my liking

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Blushing bee
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I have a plain white gold band that my Fiance got me on our 2nd anniversary. It started to turn yellow after about 5 years (but I understand I was lucky and that that’s a really long time for it to last before it starts to turn). I just took it to the jeweller to be redipped (it’s actually there right now) and it cost $40.

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Busy bee
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I have white gold engagement and wedding rings. Had the engagement ring a little over a year and it looks great. Not sure the gold stats. I’m sure like others have said it depends on your body (metals react differently to different people) and the exact kind of white gold.

I love the white gold I have because it appears brighter and less gray than the platinum bands I looked at. Hopefully it doesn’t turn yellow!

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Bumble bee
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I know some bees have had lousy luck with white gold yellowing quickly but it all depends on the person. I love white gold and have had no issues at all. My first setting never yellowed in 1.5 years of daily wear. My new setting is only 2 months old but still great. And I’m a teacher so my hands are in and out of water and paint and everything else constantly. 

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girlywhirly:  As some PPs have mentioned, not all white gold turns yellow, it depends on the particular alloy. Some alloys need to be rhodium plated often to restore their whiteness as they’re more of a buttery or creamy white naturally (they’re still not as yellow as traditional yellow gold). Platinum- or palladium-bound white gold will never turn yellow and is not rhodium plated. These alloys are often nickle-free, so they’re hypoallergenic. Platinum- or palladium- white gold come in a variety of different karat weights too, not just 19kt. My rings are both 18kt palladium white gold (and very white).

ETA: I found this, I’m not sure how helpful it is or not…. http://www.jwestdesigns.com/nickelorpalladium.html

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Unless the ring in question is made with palladium white gold, it will eventually turn a bit yellow and need to be dipped. The frequency of redipping depends on skin chemistry and how hard you are on the ring. It doesn’t bother some people, and only you can know whether it would bother you.

Palladium itself is a nice option because it has many of the same properties as platinum, but is less expensive.

I have platinum because I’m allergic to nickel and I didn’t want to deal with re-dipping. Platinum does get a “patina” with age but it takes 5 minutes for a jeweler to buff it up to a high shine again. 

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Busy bee
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This is a great post – I had wondered the same thing – my e ring is 14k white gold and I’d seen so many posts about “dipping,” but my jeweler told me that because of the alloy they use,  I could never “over-polish” it and that no dipping would ever be necessary.  So far that’s proven true, and what a relief!  ‘Cause I really like to clean my ring 🙂  !  

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