Does you work get weird about sick days?

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Buzzing bee
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my job is the same, they would rather you show up sick and determine if they want to send you home, then have you call out. But until they start paying me better i will be the judge of how sick i think i am…. However in my field people tend to show up sick more times then call out. 

luckily ive only been truly sick enough for the need to call out once or twice in a year. 

But in general i dont get a lot of companies call out policies, they have them in place for a reason, but god dang, the day you decide to use it everyone side eyes that decision.

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Sugar bee
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We get 10 days sick leave a year, but they don’t roll over – if you don’t use them, you lose them. I rarely call in sick and am lucky to use 3 sick days a year. Even so, my boss generally asks what’s wrong. It never sounds prying or nosy, more of an “Oh no, what’s wrong? Hope you feel better soon!” commisterating type thing. He never asks for a doctors note either, even though it’s in our contract that he can require one (and reject our claim for sick leave if we can’t produce one).

In general, it doesn’t overly bother me if I’m asked what’s wrong – particularly if it’s a contagious illness, as those around me may have been exposed – but if I feel like people are just prying or don’t believe that I’m unwell, yeah I wouldn’t like that. I never give details though – I’ve caught a stomach bug, I’ve got the flu, etc.

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Bumble bee

Unfortunately my boss is the same way. He requires doctors notes so I have to pay $100+ (crappy insurance) to be told I have a virus and need rest and fluids. 

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At work we are entitled  to one sick day a month anything more requires a doctor’s note. My boss doesn’t usually ask what’s wrong.

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Bumble bee
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I used to have a boss like this – he would ask for reasons and if it didn’t sound serious enough he’d say “are you sure you can’t come in and just go to bed earlier?”. One day I was off sick with a cold and a fever, and on the way to the doctor’s office to get a medical certificate (since we weren’t even allowed one day off without one) I got into a car accident. I was rear-ended and ended up with whiplash and couldn’t move my neck. The boss insisted I come in because I’d already had a sick day that week. I could barely move and was just dazed on painkillers all day. Totally effective employee!

The only reason I put up with it was that I knew I was leaving after 12 months and didn’t want to go through the bother of applying for a new job. I do think it’s utterly inappropriate to ask for an explanation of your illness (although of course, acceptable to ask for a medical certificate).

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Honey Beekeeper
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As soon as someone says they’re feeling sick, our bosses would prefer we go home rather than get the whole office sick.  They often assume the ailment is contagious and just suggest an afternoon off or taking the day.  The few times I’ve called out sick, it was just an email to my boss saying I wasn’t feeling well, with a response of “Ok.  Feel better.”  So nope, definitely not weird about it.

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morethanyesterday :  where do I sign up for the unlimited paid sick days??  seriously tho, what job is that..

You DO NOT have to tell anyone anything about your medical health.  Your boss is not entitled to that information and you can just shout HIPPA if they want to disagree.  Some employers may require a doctor’s note but I’ve never worked anywhere that made you bring in a note for taking one day off, maybe two or three.  I feel super lucky, the place I’m working at now is pretty chill about call outs.  I think we get 3 paid sick days a year?  But my schedule is 4 days out of the week so I can always swap with someone else or pick up another day to make up for it.  But more importantly, if I were to call in sick, my boss would tell me to rest up and get better! ..not grill me for awkward personal details to guage if I’m lying.  just gross.

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Honey bee
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I get 10 sick days a year (separate from vacation days) and they roll over, so I have quite a bit of time accrued – I mostly just use it for doctor appts and such. However, I just shoot my boss an email when I can’t come in for whatever reason and she’s fine with it. Never any questions. Just, “Okay, hope you feel better soon!” 

At my last job, our sick time was VERY limited, and the COO/co-owner was adament that people shouldn’t come in when sick. It was frustration because she could stay home whenever, but somehow she didn’t consider the fact that we couldn’t just stay home if we wanted to keep our job…

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pussinboots07 :  Nope no one cares or asks whats up when I take a day off. My work is great. We have unlimited sick days and I also get “personal days” which are different from vacation and can be used for appointments and mental health days.

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pussinboots07 :  I stay home now but when I worked it always felt like as an employee you weren’t permitted to be sick. I distinctly remember trying to call in sick to a food service job once because I was literally dieing with a super contagious lung infection (I know it was super contagious bc I was healthy, someone coughed on me and the next day I was extremely sick) and was told I’d be fired if I didn’t make my shift. I don’t believe employers care about employees, not in the world of minimum wage anyway.

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pussinboots07 :  that’s super invasive. Everywhere I’ve ever worked an “I’m not feeling well and won’t be in” has been sufficient. When I managed people they would launch into their details and I always stopped them and said I don’t need (or really want…) to know. I’ve also never had designated sick days – I have one pot of PTO that is to be used for vacation, sick, and personal days. 

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I think things are differenty over here (Scotland) I used to work somewhere where it was my job to take all the incoming sick calls from people booking off sick and we’d have to ask what was wrong with them so it could be recorded accuretely. If someone really insisted on not sharing that we’d have to accept that but say their line manager would be in touch to see how they were and discuss properly.


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Helper bee

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pussinboots07 : try d-mannose. I have been getting more frequent UTI’s the past few years. The last one I had a few months ago was absolutely horrific and I also almost peed myself, was in excruciating pain- I feel for you bee! I did a lot of research after that last one, changed the underwear I am wearing along with my laundry detergent and started taking d-mannose.I take it almost every day in the am. Days/nights when Fiance and I have sex I take it around 9pm with a little bit of water so it can get into my system and hang out in my bladder for the night lol. It has only been 2 months but I haven’t had another one yet. 

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pussinboots07 :  Nope my work does not ask. More than 3 days we need a doctors note. They’re not supposed to ask. Sometimes it’s easier to say why like if a migraine hits at work i need to leave asap or I can’t drive but that’s rare. I also broke my ankle and was out for months so they had to know then too and had to know my restrictions when I got back.  But for a single call out? I think it’s weird they asked.

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Blushing bee

My old job was like this. My new job has unlimited sick days and doesn’t ask questions — but the expectation is that if you’re sick you are working from home unless you are on death’s door.

My old job was weird about going to the doctor too. I once got called out in a performance review for being “inflexible” because I refused to reschedule a doctors appointment. Mind you — there was no conflict, I had just stated that I couldn’t reschedule if something came up. The entire office ended up going out to a fancy lunch during that time… I had to tell my boss in my review that I “refused to reschedule” because I was getting an ultrasound to make sure I didn’t have breast cancer. That certainly made him feel like a POS.

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