(Closed) Does your animal act differently around you compared to SO/FI/DH?

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Sugar bee

Our dog does something similar when she’s on the couch.  She will lay down on my FI’s lap, but she’ll rest her head on mine.  Sometimes, she’ll also chew her nylabone while on my lap, but it’s always on me and rarely on him.

I’ve also noticed that she plays rougher with my Fiance than with me.  If she’s playing tug of war, she will use as much force as she can with my Fiance, but she’s a little more restrained when she plays tug of war with me.  I think she’s figured out that Fiance is stronger and she can roughhouse more with him.

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Helper bee
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My dog definitely knows Darling Husband is the one for roughhousing and I’m the one for cuddling.  Lately she’ll lay next to me and just rest her head on my chest – it’s pretty adorable.  She snuggles with Darling Husband too, but she knows our different personalities and gets what she wants from both of us.

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Sugar bee
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We say that one of our cats thinks of Fiance as “Plays With” and thinks of me as “Cuddles With” lol. She’s more apt to snuggle on the couch with me, but prefers his playing style (she’s particular about how we play with her…apparently I don’t do it right). Our other cat will groom Fiance, but not really me. We think it’s because Fiance has hairy legs and I don’t, and our cat prefers grooming hair haha.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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My dogs are closer with me than they are with Fiance, as they live with me and my family, have since they were puppies, and Fiance came into the picture 5 years ago. At first our younger one (much more aggressive) would bark at and run away from Fiance. After a year or two she became more comfortable and now will jump up on him begging for affection. And whenever we are eating they will go to him, because he is the one who throws pistachio shells for them. We have pistachios whenever we are having drinks, but Fiance is the one who eats them the most, and the shells are thrown onto the grass. The dogs love them, so they go to him whenever there is food around just in case he drops something!

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Helper bee

So far our pets have preferred me over my SO. The dog will go to him for things like play time and going outside but when it comes to cuddling it’s me. If I am not home she will pretend for the most part that he does not exist.

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Busy bee

My dog barks at my boyfriend when he comes home. Barks at him when he hugs me. Barks at him when he raises his voice (which is all the time because my boyfriend is so loud). He NEVER barks at me. We call him The Fun Police because whenever we start having too much fun together he’ll start barking.

Boyfriend says that when I’m not home, he’s perfectly fine. He seems to see my boyfriend as his “competition” only when I’m around. We both take care of him equally, so I don’t know why he’s only possessive of me. 

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Bumble bee
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Our dog loves to play with Darling Husband but she’ll cuddle more with me. Darling Husband teases me that the dog loves him more. I don’t know if i buy that, he’s just the one who plays more rough with her then i do. Besides it wouldn’t really surprise me if she did, I’m the one who has to brush her teeth, trim her nails, brush her, trim the extra fuzz on her butt and give her baths so lets be honest, I’d like him better if I were her too! Daddys more fun, mommy tortures me. lol

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Bumble bee
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We have two cats, but they’re definitely different with me and Fiance.

We got Jackson when we didn’t live together yet, so I raised him mostly solo, though my fella came over on the weekends.  He deeply bonded with me, and still comes running to the door when I get home, leaps on my shoulder, and purs/rubs his cheek all over mine.  He’d let me carry him around all day, mellow as could be, if I’d do it.  With Fiance, he views him as a playmate. They chase each other around the house like children 🙂

We got Liam when we lived together, and he’s just kind of weird in general.  He loudly demands affection from both Fiance and myself, and drops elastic hair bands (his preferred stolen toy) at our feet demanding we fling it across the room for him to chase.  For whatever reason, though, ho only does this with me when I’m in the living room or the master bedroom, and with my Fiance when he’s in the kitchen or the spare bedroom.

They both play fetch… weirdos 😉

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Sugar bee
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Fiance and I got guinea pigs about a month ago. We got them in part because we work opposite shifts and I get lonely at night. I do all of the cage cleaning, nail trimming, bathing, and feeding. I also handle them a lot more often and play with them on the floor more than Fiance does. They are definitely more comfortable around me than they are with Fiance. For the most part they have stopped biting my toes, but they still nibble on Fiance. It probably doesn’t help that he likes to move suddenly around them so that they startle and hide. I have gotten the more outgoing pig to purr for me when cuddling, but Fiance hasn’t gotten any purrs yet.

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