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Busy bee

It sounds like your cat is stressed from the move and the big change. Cats like their routines and when you just change it all of a sudden it can really stress cats out. Dogs are different they have routines but can handle change that’s why it’s easier to take a dog on a trip than a cat. My advice is give it time add more toys for the cat, maybe a cat tree and different toys. Take out 20 mins in your day to play with your cat and really tire him/her out. Also keep a window open so the cat can look out of it. Just give your cat something’s to own to his/her self. Hope this helps…

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Sugar bee
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It sounds like the cat us stir crazy and the dog is paying the price.  It’s not fair to the dog’s quality of life that the cat gets to torment him, until he finally snaps back.  I’d say find other ways to entertain your cat and keep it engaged so it doesn’t take to such distructive behavior. 

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Sugar bee
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If he’s not neutered already, doing so may help.  I also agree with PPs that you need to help him find an appropriate outlet for his energy.  Cat teasers (Da Bird is AWESOME!) or a laser pointer will allow him to work out some energy.  Ideally, you should play with him until he’s to the point of panting and doesn’t want to go after the toy anymore.  Feeding him afterwards will also give him the satisfaction of hunt/kill/eat without the need for him to go outside.

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Helper bee
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Don’t have much advice but the evil look on his face in that pic + the dead mouse + the caption that he’s really snugly made me lol. Good luck helping him! 

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Busy bee
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Doesnt that animal planet cat expert always say “play, eat,  love” ?  They are natural hunters.  And you’ve taken away his daily routine.  Does he have high enough spaces to climb onto? Do you have vertical shelving setup for him inside to get away from everyone and survey his domain?  Does he have a view out the window to watch the birds/squirrels?  JG suggests those automatic toys for him to play with because he needs at least an hour a day [unless hes a sphynx of which he’s not].  Food time should be routine and only after playing I think that’s what he said.  So it’s play, eat, love.  That way he’ll be wound down before bed.

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Sugar bee

If your cat has always been an indoor/outdoor cat up until now, I would seriously consider buying or building a ‘catio’ or cat enclosure/run that he can access through a cat door from the house. With a lockable door/flap you can also lock him in the enclosure if you feel your dog is fed up and needs a break.

As PP mentioned, cats also like to be able to climb up high so they can see what is going on (and also get away from children, dogs etc lol).

Also try to play with him until he is totally tired out at least twice a day (15mins each time?), then he probably won’t be anywhere near as bothered to annoy the dog 🙂

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Sugar bee

Oh man you should hear my two at night. Two MAINE COONS tearing up the place. It literally sounds like they are renovating.


Maybe the switch to night shift made him all antsy due to a change in his routine? If so he might chill out when/if he gets used to it.

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Honey bee

LOL, you could not have picked a more sinister looking picture! I love black cats though.

Does he have lots of toys? Does he like to play with toys? What about one of those cat trees where he can climb and jump around? How old is he?

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Busy bee
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My pets did the same thing for a while, they were just settling in and playing 🙂

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Blushing bee
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This is not helpful- but the description of your cat as “sweet and cuddly” next to this picture made me laugh literally out loud!

I have a dog that has anxiety issues- maybe your cat is struggling with that? I used to give her Bach’s Rescue Remedy. You can buy it in health food stores, Whole Foods and Walgreens…etc. It helped a little for the dog, and it is excellent for humans! 🙂 It’s a natural flower essence spray. You might give that a try while your cat adjusts? It is completely safe. They make a version specifically for pets, but I am not sure it is any different than the regular human stuff. Just a different way to market the product. 

Best of luck to you while you try to get this situation under control! 

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Buzzing bee

I think it would be really difficult to switch a cat from indoor/outdoor to indoor only. One of my two cats has escaped a few times and gone outdoors but has otherwise been indoor only and he still often begs me to let him out, like sitting at the door meowing incessantly. It isn’t really safe for him to go out where we live but I can’t imagine how nuts he would be if he was actually used to going out and now we were containing him. My cat likes the stick toy with a string and something to chase around on the end, I move it around on top of the bed, onto the floor to make him run around.


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