(Closed) Does Your Cat Sleep at Night?

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Bumble bee
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Sorry, but the best advice I can give you is to get your cat either a cat flap or a litter box and get yourselves some ear plugs. 

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Sugar bee
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Yes she sleeps at night but she is purely an indoor cat so that may be a factor. We feed her at the same times every day so she really has no reason to meow and try and wake us up. Some mornings she might stir before us but usually if we ignore her she lays back down. My cat might be different though because she will actually follow us every where and probably doesn’t want to be awake if we’re not.

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Helper bee
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I would suggest having a litter box available even if the cat isn’t using it. My parents cat goes outside 90% of the time but he’ll use a litterbox when needed too. 

As for sleep, ignore the cat is the best advice I’ve got. Our cat sleeps on us half the night and the other half she’s playing or wants petted. I can’t say the cat will ever stop waking you up but you get used to it and the cat tries less too.

We also free feed her. I know most vets frown upon it, but our cat isn’t fat so it must be okay for her. She’s always got a bowl full of food so that kind of helps. 

Cats get into a routine after awhile. Our cat knows that Fiance gets up at 5am so she can get some cuddles but every weekend she gets mad at him because he won’t give her 5am cuddles. ;D

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Bumble bee
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Cats only sleep for short periods at a time. They hunt/sleep/hunt/sleep/hunt/sleep. My cat snuggles with us when we first go to bed then comes back when she hears us stirring in the morning. Otherwise she kills mice all night! Best kitty ever 🙂

I recommend a litter box, cat door, or keeping her as an outdoor cat.

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Mine sleep a little at night but otherwise run around like psychos. If we play with them for a while before bed, that usually wears off some energy to delay the playing, but cats are really nocturnal. I also agree with getting a litter box. Cats seem to have a natural instinct to use a litter box. My FI’s parents have an outdoor cat (that they unfortunately can’t spay, but that’s another story) and she has kittens every year. I’ve taken in a few of them to give to my sister and her Boyfriend or Best Friend, and they never had issues going anywhere other than the litter box. It’s easier the younger they are, but they still catch on pretty quickly.

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Bumble bee
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Also, young cats seem to be more active at night.  As they get older, they seem to relax for more of the night.  At least that was true with my kitty.  When he was super  young, he would drive me crazy at night playing.  But towards the last years of his life (by the time he was 2 years old), he was content to just cuddle up and sleep with me at night. 

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Busy bee
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my cat has also relaxed since she was a kitten (she used to run around the apartment ALL night) not its a few hours but doesn’t bother me. she is an indoor cat so we never have to let her out but i would recommend getting a kitty litter box for inside anyways 

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Helper bee
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My cats don’t sleep all night but they do sleep for a big part of the night.

I think the cat door is a good idea or getting a litter box so it doesn’t wake you up to go to the bathroom.


The other thing I suggest is wearing your cat out before bed. I play with Bruno and Mishka for a half hour to an hour before bed. I usually use a laser pointer becuase they go crazy chasing it. After half an hour they are exhausted. Then I brush them so they relax andgo to bed.

Mishka usually sleeps for most of the night in his bed but Bruno likes to sleep in bed on me (yes on me, I sleep on my stomach so he curls up on my back and just sleeps there till I stir).

Usually after all that playing they sleep for a couple of hours.

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Helper bee
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every cat is different and everyone has its own personality… i have 2 cats, brother and sister…they usually sleep through the night, but if they sleep during the day, they can get really annoying at night i.e chasing eacother up and down the stairs, making noises and begging for food like at 3 am lol.

i think it is up to you whether you are okay to leave your cat outside at night or not.. of course if you leave your cat out for the night you will get more sleep, but i consider my kittys as babies so i wouldnt never let them out cause im scared anything could happen to them.. if you decided to keep your cat inside lock him up in the basement or a different room with his litter box, food and toys, and hopefully it wont make too many noises. doing this could help your cat understand that at night time he needs to go in the basement and sleep. it is true that when cats are younger they are more hyper than when they become “adults”; it is only matter of time before the cat will understand who the boss is and the house rules… 

when my cats wake me up in the middle of the night for whichever reason, that could be chewing lamps cords and stuff, i usually spray them with a water spray bottle that i keep handy on my night stand, as soon as they hear it they run away and they leave me alone for most nights… ignoring the cat is a good option too, eventually he/she will stop meawing and leave you alone…. my cats know the drill now… they are not allowed to sleep anywhere on the bed but by my and my husband’s feet (and im sure they get some pretty kicks in their faces too lol but they never move)

good luck to you! 

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Busy Beekeeper
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Our cat is an indoor cat, and he will sleep next to the dog on the floor of our bedroom for part or most of the night, depending I guess on how much sleep he’s gotten during the day. Sometimes, I will hear him meowing downstairs in the middle of the night, but he rarely tries to wake us up. Sometimes he will go after hubs foot if it is hanging outside the blanket and off the bed, but he is usually good about leaving us alone to let us sleep at night.

I agree with others, I would put a litter box out for him so he has a place to do his business and not disturb you to go out

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Buzzing bee
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Cats have pretty irregular sleep cycles. I have just one kitten now, but grew up with a LOT of cats in the house, and they often slept part of the night (at opposite times as the other cats…).

With mine, she gets intensely hyper when I go to bed, and so I’ve tried different things like playing with her a lot to tire her out to try and avoid some of the middle of the night visits. I think because she’s still a baby it doesn’t always work very well – she sleeps usually from about 11/midnight to 3 or 4am, but then decides to come visit me and play and snuggle. If you ignore them, they generally will go back to sleep and let you sleep, too.

If she’s waking up to have a specific need fulfilled – going to the bathroom, needing water/food – you might want to think about setting something up so she can take care of it herself. If you’re comfortable with her going outside, you could consider a cat door, but you may want to just set up a litter box (she will learn to use it pretty easily). My kitten has access to her litterbox, as well as a full bowl of water and food and a number of her ‘quiet’ toys to play with at night if she really wants something to do. Most of the time though, she’ll wake up, do whatever she needs to do, and then come to me to cuddle until she falls back asleep.


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Sugar Beekeeper
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Cats are nocturnal. Though they sleep in shorter spurts throughout the day, the majority of their awake time is at night. It isn’t a human ;-).

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Bumble bee
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My cat has gotten to be an old lady so she sleeps most of the time day or night. As a kitten she would get up several times throughout the night to roam/play/hunt the imaginary creatures that apparently lived in our house/whatever. She grew out of that phase, though. She’s also an inside only cat (since the life expectancy of cats that go outside is drastically shorter than inside only cats). That may have something to do with her demeanor.

I would recommend getting her a liter box even if she doesn’t use it right away. Cats, by nature, know what to do and it shouldn’t take more than a day or two to train her.

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Honey bee
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I would get him a litter box! Our cat is pretty good at night (doesn’t bother us!) but wakes me up between 6 and 7 to play.  Sometimes if he is being too anoying we just kick him out of the bedroom and shut the door.  

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