(Closed) Does your dog have an awesome internal clock?

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  • poll: Does your dog have this internal clock
    yes, and he's good about knowing when it's time to eat : (21 votes)
    81 %
    no, he always wants to eat : (2 votes)
    8 %
    maybe : (2 votes)
    8 %
    other (list below please) : (1 votes)
    4 %
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    Sugar bee
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    Yes! And not only for what time he eats, but what time he goes for walks (FI works at home and he expects a walk at the EXACT same time EVERY day), and I swear he even knows exactlly what time Mom gets home because he sits by the door every day at the same time waiting for me, and if Heaven forbid I am late he gets whiney…

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    Bee Keeper
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    Our dog does. He knows just what time it is when he’s supposed to eat, get walked, and sleep. When my mom dog sits she’s always so amazed at how when the clock strikes 9, he climbs up on the couch for bed.

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    Bumble Beekeeper
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    My dog and my cats are very good at knowing when its time to eat. My one cat is extremely good at it. Right on the dot at 6 PM he comes running into the kitchen and starts meowing. The other cat and our dog will start to get restless right around that time as well. They arent as obnoxious about it in the morning because we dont feed them exactly at the same time every morning but in the evening it is crazy how they know what time it is!

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    My dogs have zero internal clock. I don’t feed them at an exact time every night, so as long as they eat at some point before bed they’re happy. I only feed the dogs at night so if 7:30-8:00 rolls around and I haven’t fed them yet they’ll start looking at the closet where the dog food is or lay by their bowls.

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    Busy Beekeeper
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    Our dog and cat both have food in their bowls at all times. They only eat when they are hungry, and my dog only eats if someone is at home. 

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    Bumble bee
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    Not only does he know when it’s time to eat, he knows when we are apt to be coming home.  He will get up and go stand at the window when he knows my fiance is coming home.  When I come home, I usually see his nose in the window.

    He doesn’t stay there all day…I’ve watched him when I’ve worked from home. 


    It’s 5 PM…

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    Busy bee
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    My dog knows the time I usually feed her. She’ll start hacking because she is so excited. When she was a puppy, I also trained her to sleep in until ten. I always thought that was kind of funny. As in, I never got up until then so she didn’t either.

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    @Jeannine @ Small Chic– That reminds me exactly of my girls. How cute

    I have the smartest breed of dogs so the fact that they have an internal clock set to our routines do not surprise me. They know what time we get up, what time I come home for lunch (if I’m late they are in the window waiting and if I’m early they are napping in my bed lol), and the know what time dinner is. However if we are out somewhere and they eat an hour later they adjust perfectly fine.

    Dogs cannot register when they are full so they would technically eat themselves to death. Also another reason for feeding at the same time each day is because it forces them to eat when you need them to eat and to go to the bathroom when you need them to. If I left food down all day and my girls ate while I was at work, there would be noone home to let them out. So the food comes out every day at the same time and stays down for about 2 hours.

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    Buzzing bee
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    My dog’s internal clock works for waking up and pottying more so than for food. She’s not a big eater, but man, if I try to sleep in, she’s right there to let me know it’s time to go out. It’s really frustrating some times. Occasionally if we have a super exciting day, like going to the bark park, she’ll forget and let me sleep a little later the next day.

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    our dog will sleep in with us–i’m a grad student, so i don’t have a regular wake-up time anymore, and he gets up and gets fed and walked when i’m ready to take him in the morning. (ETA: he’s really little and doesn’t know he can jump off our bed, otherwise he’d prob get up and go beg hubby who gets up before me)

    BUT he absolutely knows when it’s time for his evening meal. he starts begging for it about 15-30 minutes before, like if one of us shifts in our chair, he’ll run to the kitchen and then run back, trying to herd us into there to feed him.

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    Helper bee
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    Our dogs eat when they want.  When they were puppies, we fed them at specific times because they would actually eat their full portions, but now that they are adults, they just eat when they feel like it.  They typically never eat all of the food in the bowl.

    Darling Husband also has our dogs trained to sleep in.  They used to get up when we both got up at 7 for work.  Now, he doesn’t get up until 10 and I’m up at 6.  When I get up, the dogs look at me like “who disturbs my slumber”.  lol

    My brother and SIL’s dogs are on an internal clock, tho.  SIL feeds them every morning at 5 AM and they wake her up if it’s the weekend.  And when my bro works at home, they start staring at him at 4:30 waiting for him to hopefully feed them earlier than their normal 5 PM time.  It’s funny. 

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    Bumble bee

    Yes! my dogs know that i feed them once in the morning before work and when we are getting ready to eat dinner they go outside to eat… its funny because when we are on our way home they come from the backyard when they hear my car LOL we have tried to pass by slowly with the windows up and they noticed my car LOL dogs are crazy and creepy sometimes haha but i love my furbabies

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    i can’t speak for dogs – but our cat has a crazy internal alarm.  She gets wet food 3x a day….she’s not so bad in the mornings, because we never really feed her at a set time, but knows EXACTLY when it’s 6pm, and EXACTLY when it’s 11pm.  She’ll sit and stare…it’s super creepy lol.

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    Helper bee
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    My dog doesn’t seem to have this.  One of my parents dogs does, though.  He’s insane.  He wakes up my Mom at precisely 5:30 AM every morning – I guess he sits near her head and uses his paw to push her shoulder.  He’ll keep pushing her until she wakes up.  All four of their dogs are fed dinner at precisely 4:30 PM and all of them will make a fuss if they aren’t fed on time.  They will pattycake at the kitchen counters, whine, etc.

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