(Closed) Does your FI have a dangerous job?

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  • poll: Does your partner have a dangerous job?
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    My Fiance is a lineman for the electric company and I would say it is dangerous. I try not to think about it and he doesn’t tell me about the close calls so that helps. There are some that he worked with that have died on the job. He has assured me they were not following safety procedures and he always does. But, accidents happen….


    I work in an office. The most dangerous thing about my job is pissing off the boss. She can be a real bear when she’s mad. It seems to be happening a lot lately.

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    Fi has a somewhat dangerous job. He repairs alot of electrical stuff.. he has to jump down into “pits” that are 8 ft deep [they don’t provide ladders], as well as climb out of them. There is room for him to get hurt, but I think there is that chance with every job.

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    The most dangerous part of either of our jobs is driving through LA traffic to get to them 🙂 

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    My Fiance is in the military. On a day to day basis, his military career is a corporate business HR  job on base, in uniform. he’s at risk for deployments– which he’s faced, but prior to us being together! there is a risk for more deployments I throughout his career… Hopefully not, but we’ll see!

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    Mine does but I have come to terms with it. He is very good at his job. He is over security at a hospital. You wouldn’t think that would be overly dangerous and most of the time it’s not, but they’ve had some scary situations with mental patients, fighting and drug addicts. They often have to cuff people, subdue people, and disarm people. 

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    I don’t consider either of our jobs to be dangerous but other people might.  It all just kind of depends on perspective.

    Darling Husband is a consultant and is flying on a plane twice a week, every week.  That also means lots of airport scanners.  I don’t consider flying or airport scanners to be dangerous but I know some people do.

    I work in a research lab, sometimes with some pretty nasty chemicals.  There is always the chance something could go majorly wrong or I could stick myself with a dirty needle or someone in a nearby lab could cause a problem or whatever.  But those chances are minimal due to the various safety precautions.

    Heck – I’m in way more danger for harm during my drive to and from work every day on Atlanta’s busy freeways!

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    My husband is a police officer in a crappy part of town so technically it would be considered a dangerous job but I just dont think about it. I know he does everything in his power to come home to me every night and thats what matters. 

    I am a paramedic very rarely am I ever in a situation that I would consider dangerous, but it does happen on occasion.

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    Define dangerous – he is a legal medical marijuana grower. So there is the risk of the Feds & long-term prison…a couple grows have been robbed at gun point, etc. But overall? I don’t worry too much.

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    My fiancé and I both work at pretty tame office jobs, although I am a wildlife biologist and I do get out into the field fairly frequently.  I just don’t do anything dangerous while I’m out there.


    My father is a volunteer firefighter and a paid paramedic, and I try not to think about how dangerous the firefighting can be, and how often he’s on the road driving fast in frequently cruddy conditions as a paramedic.  I can’t watch movies about firefighting (Ladder 49 KILLED ME).  My mother broke down on 9/11 thinking about how my dad would be one of the firefighters rushing into those buildings, if only we lived in/nearby NYC.

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    My Fiance is in the military (Army) his tour ends shortly and he will be home soon and will retire. 

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    I work with the mentally ill, so I’m required to train in breaking holds and restraining if need be. The population at our day program is usually so wonderful, but we have had to use it a few times.

    Fiance works in the courts, directly with the public. Some people get so mad, security needs to come in and haul them out. Sometimes, “weird” people come in and need to be taken out. He has had some crazy ass stories, but luckily he’s a big guy so no one messes with him. LOL.

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    I absolutely won’t permit it. Nothing that could reasonably be understood to have a highr risk than average daily life of either causing immediate harm or long term health effects.

    I very rarely put my foot down, but I have on this. I told him we can always find another way, and we always have. I also remind him to drive defensively, never attempt a repair that may injure him, etc., etc. I don’t nag… I don’t need to. He agrees with me as soon as I say it, it’s just that he’s a little impulsive sometimes and doesn’t think things though. He appreciates it, actually.

    As an example, I just told him to turn down a contract in Egypt the other day, because of the political unrest there. Overcautious? That may be some people’s opinion… but he’s my Fiance, so it’s our business, not theirs.

    Oh and the funny thing is, he skydives and rides a motorcycle. I don’t do either but I do similar things. I actually have no problem with the skydiving…the risk is so low, it just seems like it’s not. I’m all about actual, not perceived, risk. The motorcycle, I wish he would give up, but I don’t bug him about it, because it makes him so freaking happy, it’s worth the risk (money is never worth it, but sheer joy can be worth more risk than average). He’s happy to ride only in good conditions and wear proper safety equipment and a HEPA filter in his helmet so he’s not inhaling exhaust fumes. I try not to think about it too much when he goes out for a ride, and I succeed in that. It works.

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    @Mrs.KMM:  He can politely refuse the airport scanners and get a pat-down instead. The pat-downs have been hyped up but my Fiance and I have never received an offensive one… we have never gone through the radiation scanner (only the metal detector, which is fine). The pat-down is more like a massage from someone with really weak wrists than anything else. If you’re polite, they’re polite.

    The best part is the lack of additional radiation dosage. I’ve seen some bad reports of the health effects of those scanners (after they were already put in…they didn’t do a proper safety test before), and I think I read that they were pulling some or all of them back out of the airports… but due to privacy issues, or so they said. 

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    My husband is a patrol cop in a very rough part of the city. He’s drawn and fired his weapon a few times since we’ve been together. I worry but not as much as I used to.  

    Im a public school SLP.  I’ve had some kids with severe behavioral issues that have needed to be restrained but they’re few and far between. The riskiest part of my job is the germs!  Kids can carry some nasty viruses. Gross little buggars but I love most of them. 

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    Darling Husband has a dangerous job and although I’ve come to terms with it, I still worry.  He lets me know when he goes out and texts me when he’s back.  I try not to worry but it sneaks into my mind (like right now, he’s out and a storm is coming in) but I know he’s going to text me in a few hours that he’s back.  

    I will tell you that there are some shows and movies I CANNOT watch anymore becasue of his job

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