(Closed) Does your FI help or hinder your diet?

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Helper bee

It totally depends how his week goes.  If he’s stressed/busy he just wants to relax and not cook (ie pizza delivery).  If he’s not busy we go to the gym together….

Too bad he’s been super busy lately!!

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Bumble bee
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My fiance hinders my diet, I can’t eat like I need to with him and the kids when I’m at home.  He also likes to eat out a lot so that doesn’t help either (last week we went to a restaraunt/bar – it was the only one in the town we were in.  I tired to be good and order the salad – they were out of lettuce!)

I’m bad though too.  When I’m dieting I have no problem staying away from sweets, so I stock up the house with them so he’ll eat them.  Then he’s not losing a ton of weight while I am and then I feel bad about him losing more.  I suck.

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Ah, my sister has experience with the pattern you are talking about.  Her husband doesn’t realize it, but often tries to sabotage her diet.

We have a different pattern.  If I substantially change my diet, fiance loses weight.  Earlier in the year, I lost 5 lbs and fiance accidentally lost 10.  Not only was it totally maddening that he drops weight like crazy, but the boy can’t really afford to drop 10 lbs.

So while I’m eating healthy salads for dinner, he needs to make sure to get some greasy burgers once in awhile!

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Bumble bee
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were up and down…but we certainly there for one another when were in full snacking mode…take for instance – last night:

Didnt know what we wanted for dinner so ended up going out and buying 2 bags of chips (1 bag each) a chocolate marble cake and popcorn…I ate a full bag of popcorn…

but then there are the times he wants to get a pizza – I dont eat pizza so when he orders it he eats the whole thing to himself…so that groses me out and I have called a strict no pizza ban in the house. That is my main support for him. no pizza! ha ha

he is good with me, he tells me not to eat things because they’re going to make me sick (I have a very bad stomach when it comes like food I listed above) but I still eat it anyways and in so much pain afterwards. he warns me but he wouldnt force or make me stop…I am a grown woman he won’t tell me what to do, just warns me. one of these days I’ll hopefully listen

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Bumble bee
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Mr. MJ does both. We both are trying to stay on somewhat of a diet, and sometimes we’re good, but other times we’re each other’s worst nightmare. For example: he’ll often observe me overeating and remind me that I’ve probably have enough. That’s great (though a little annoying when i’m nomming on something fabulous). But then he’ll also suggest we go for ice cream, or go out to breakfast, etc. That ALWAYS leads to overeating.

(And he’s not the only one – I’m just as bad. I try to help him not drink so much soda… but then when I’m at the store I’ll buy him a candy bar just ’cause I was thinking of him and knew he’d like one.)

Ugh, we’re both bad!

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Sugar bee
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My Fiance helps and hinders my diet. Like right now he is helping because he is back on his diet due to possible genetic heart problems (we’ll find out tomorrow ). So we purchase healthy foods for the house and we don’t eat out much then. BUT when he falls off the wagon, so do I. Unlike me, he can eat and lose weight. I eat and I gain another appendage, YIKES!! So it’s semi-OK for him to eat whatever he wants and not have any after effects. Boy does that suck to see that. Even though I know I am responsible for my weight and health I love having him around because he becomes my motivator (and de-motivator )…

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Honey Beekeeper
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My Fi is all about encouraging me to eat healthy but not following it himself. He has chicken tenders, beer, and that kind of stuff regularly. It’s a once in a blue moon thing for me. I love it, but i also don’t digest greasy foods well so I try to remind myself of THAT unpleasant side effect. But, I have a rule: no junk in the house. Otherwise I find it an eat it. Unless it’s chocolate or ice cream, both of which i only eat when i REALLY want it. serious cravings only. He’s all, "just don’t eat my junk" which, we know how that works. Bag of chips in the house=demolished. I know my willpower and this is why i don’t buy stuff! Better for my bank account, too, so I try to remember that when I’m staring at Doritos and they’re $2.99 a bag. 

Not sure how it’ll work when he moves into the house finally. He can’t work out because of physical therapy so he knows he can’t just eat junk all the time. And being an Army guy for the last 4 years, well, running 5 miles a day does kind of give you carte blanche to eat what you want. He does have a much higher metabolism than me and can eat whatever he wants more or less. I can not. He also will probably not like me going to the gym 5 days a week if he’s at home 24/7 watching TV until he gets a job. He says he can lift weights and do the elliptical or bike while i’m in a high impact class though. I’ll probably end up dragging him more than he drags me. But he knows I refuse to become his sloth buddy. I always tease him, "but i’ll get faaaaat if i stay home and eat X, Y, and Z with you and don’t work out…you don’t want that now, do you? I’ll have to buy all new clothes!" and he goes, "no, I don’t want that, go to the gym" and is cool with it. I just have to stay self motivated to roll out of bed by 8 on my Saturday mornings to go to step class.  He also likes to make bacon, eggs, and hash browns every weekend. THis is going to become a once or twice a month thing. He can make it while i’m at the gym. 

Oye vez, I’ve been worried about this since we got engaged and how his unhealthy food habits would affect my very healthy (tofu, etc) life

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<p style=”margin: 0in 0in 0pt” class=”MsoNormal”><span style=”font-size: 7.5pt; font-family: Verdana”>I think I may be a little lucky here.  I live in the city so I walk everywhere which is a huge help to the diet.  But also I do most of the grocery shopping and most of the cooking so the Fiance can’t sabotage any efforts to eat healthy.  That being said, he likes me curvier so if he thinks I’ve lost weight he will nag me to eat more.  While I can’t complain that he is happy with me, a compliment would be nicer 😉

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Busy bee
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Definitely hinders!  I don’t think he does it purposely, but he likes to eat junk food sometimes and when I see him eating it, I can’t resist.  So really, it’s a combo of his junk food and my (lack of) self-control. 

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Helper bee
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Helps! My Fiance is my inspiration; since we moved in together last fall, he’s quit smoking AND lost 20+lbs. In fact, we have to buy him a new suit b/c he’s lost SO much weight, the old one can’t be altered.  He’s turned in to a dedicated gym-rat, but doesn’t say a word when I reach for the cookies after a bad day. He is amazing!

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Helper bee
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My Fiance totally helps!  He eats very healthy foods anyway, so he’s a good role model for me.

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Sugar bee

My husband is actually a huge help with diet, which has been great.  He has diabetes, so that means that he has to always be aware of what/when he’s eating.  He is usually great about helping us stay on track and cooking healthy meals.  I think it’s way easier to stick to a diet/exercize plan if both partners are on the same thing.

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Worker bee
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Definitely hinders!  He has a monster sweet tooth, where I could really care less.  So he’s always the one looking for cookies, icecream, whatever.  But of course I can’t let him eat all that good stuff by himself . . .

He does eat more fruit than I do, so I buy more because of this which is good for us both. 

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Helper bee
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My Fiance definitely hinders my diet. I have always had a fast metabolism and have actually had trouble my whole life putting weight on…until the last 2 years or so when my metabolism has slowed due to age. My Fiance (who is also 3 yrs younger than me) also has a fast metabolism, has always been into fitness, and goes to the gym 5 days a week. Therefore he eats all he wants and never gains an ounce.

Every night he has a snack (sometimes two) before bed. He always manages to sit close enough for me to smell the wonderful treat (chips, cookies, dips, etc) and then offers some to me. I resist at first but he always breaks me down, LOL. I have gained 15-20 lbs over the last two years we’ve been living together. So unfair!

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