(Closed) Does your FI take good care of his teeth?

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My Darling Husband hasn’t been to the dentist in over 3 years.  I nag him constantly as his teeth aren’t great.

But to you husbands credit, we are both really bad about brushing our teeth before bed.  Not that we don’t ever do it, but it’s not every night.

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I don’t really pay attention to my FI’s dental habits. I do know his teeth always look clean and white and his breath never stinks. Yellow teeth gross me out, yuck.

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Ugh! My fiance is the same! He insists he brushes his teeth in the morning before work while I am sleeping but I do not believe him.  I honestly think he is half asleep and doesn’t remember.  He does floss daily.  That doesn’t help the color though.  And he hasn’t been to the dentist since before we met, so over 2.5 years ago?

I am constantly on his case about it all. I am shocked he doesn’t have bad breath and completely yellow teeth.  Only from time to time I can tell they weren’t brushed. It is frustrating and I get disgusted every so often.  I am just happy its not completely disgusting looking/smelling.

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Nice teeth are a non-negotiable for me.  I have have no idea why, but I alllllllways noticed teeth when I started being interested in a guy.  If they were not straight, white, and clean looking, NO way were they coming anywhere towards mine!  I guess we all have our “things”.  

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My Fiance and I are actually the opposite. He’s obsessed with oral hygiene and brushes/flosses/uses mouthwash multiple times per day, while I treat my teeth like crap. He has a mouth full of fillings and I saw a dentist for the first time in two years yesterday and haven’t had a cavity in ten years. He’s so jealous of my good teeth genes.

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No. It bothers me, but it’s not a biggie. He brushes them once a day in the morning, more if we’re going out at night. He HATES the dentist though and has only been a hand full of times since we’ve been together.

I go every six months on the dot and LOVE going! I’ve never had a cavity in my life! *knock on wood*

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I’m a dental hygienist, so it’s a big deal for me! I made my Fiance come in and get his teeth cleaned a few months after we started dating…I just had to know what I was dealing with! Fortunately he passed with flying colors! He told me he was more nervous about me looking in his mouth with a light and mirror than he was meeting my parents, but bad oral hygiene is a deal breaker for me. I’ve seen some totally hot guys (and girls) with total garbage can mouths.

I have a girlfriend whose husband lies to her about brushing his teeth. Even goes so far as to walk to the bathroom and wet the toothbrush…now that is beyond childish.

@MrsCreeToBe:  I don’t know who told your guy that brushing twice a day erodes your enamel but that is wrong! 

And brushing at night is actually more beneficial to your mouth than brushing in the morning. So if he’ll only do it once daily, try to get him to brush every night and then use Listerine in the morning, just to get rid of any funky breath.

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Fiance is nuts about his teeth. Never misses a brushing, and flosses every day. Sorry dentists, but I’m pretty sure I floss like…never. I know, I know, I’m terrible. Fiance is always busting my ass about how I need to floss with him!


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@MrsCreeToBe:  Ooh shudders!  Surprised

I was getting the heebie jeebies just thinking about how your man only brushes in the morning..!  If he must continue brushing only once a day, it should definitely be before he goes to sleep.  Give him this disturbing mental image – Just tell him that when he’s sleeping, not much saliva is being produced in the mouth.. and everything he ate in the day is just sitting in the crevices of his teeth and mouth… festering and building up bacteria which clings to the teeth, gums.. tongue.. The white soft plaque that doesn’t get brushed away will in time turn into yellow-greenish hard balls of calculus that form between the teeth.. and will cause bacteria to cling on even more tenaciously.. then gum disease results.. then absolutely wretched breath occurs that won’t cease… until you ultimately get to the dentist where they will have to numb you up really well to scrape below the gum surface to get these balls of calculus out.. This procedure usually produces mountains of blood too, since there’s so much inflammation!  It’s delicious.

Also, about whitening.. in-office procedures are gonna give you the best (and fastest) results but can be costly and cause sensitivity (yikes!).  You and Fiance can try Crest 3-D Vivid White toothpaste which tastes awesome and gives amazing results IMO.. It’s a pretty abrasive toothpaste though, so don’t use it chronically otherwise sensitivity can result!  I also heard good things about the OTC Rembrandt whitening system.  Would your Fiance still be offended if you whitened your teeth together?  Everyone could use a little whitening..!


@kw617:  Same goes for me..!  I guess it comes with being a dentist, but now I got FH noticing teeth more than ever too.  He’s even learned to notice if someone has a protruding/retruding jaw or severe overbites haha.  Before I met my man, I went on this blind date with a really handsome man… that is, until he opened his mouth.  Worse snaggle teeth I’ve ever seen… shudders.  That was the end of that. Tongue Out

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He doesn’t floss and does not brush nearly as often as I do… but those things are straight and white.  No fair!  Never needed braces.  Good for him though, he wouldn’t have gotten them from his clan.

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He brushes at least twice a day, with listerine, and flosses before bed.

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