(Closed) Does your home have a small master bedroom? (and rooms in general)

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Ha, we just bought a manufactured home today. I love it. The rooms are huge but the previous owners also added on a bedroom so technically, it’s a stick home now. Ours didn’t come with a garage but I’ve seen tons of them that do. We’re just putting up a morton building for a garage but that’s what Darling Husband wanted anyway so he could use it as a “shop” (read man cave). The people we are buying it from made money on it but they really really kept it up well plus they changed it to a metal roof, which just looks nicer, it’s less maintenance, and isn’t nearly as costly to fix or replace. 

Here’s something else good about them, they have to be built to Florida hurricane building standards and most I’ve seen are 2×6 wall studs. They are generally more energy efficient than most stick homes built within the last thirty years. (I did tons of research on them and talked to tons of manufacturers as we we’re originally looking for just land then going to drop a house on that) 

Looking at all what you wrote about the neighborhoods, it sounds to me like the manufactured home neighborhood is a win but I understand wanting the equity. As long as you have it on a basement or a solid pad, keep it up, and the neighborhood stays decent, I think you’ll be fine. Adding on a room in many states makes it a stick home legally, so you might consider “adding on” a bathroom or office or something in a few years (check your local building codes to see if this is true for your area).  There are whole big neighborhoods near where we’re moving that are all manufactured and they are selling for a mint right now. It does depend on which area of the country your in. 

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I live in the UK… Our houses are pretty snug. 

All I’d say is that you make do if you have to. Go with whatever you feel in your gut. 🙂 

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I live in California, and the homes are a lot smaller than what I’m used to in the South, where I’m used to. I’ve gotten accoustomed to it, but definitley would like something bigger in the long term, still, if that opinion helps you at all. 

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I’m uk and not sure what a manufactured home is.  I bought a new build home a couple years ago and the rooms are tiny. The storage space is awful and we are really struggling. It’s tough to keep tidy as there such a lack of space. We’ve thrown out so much stuff. I’ve no idea how’ll we cope when our baby grows and wants toys. 

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I’m in NY and not sure exactly what manufactured home means, but I wouldn’t buy one if there wasn’t much of a chance to make money on it. 

Our bedrooms are pretty small, but there’s 4 which was important to me. Our bathrooms and closets are sooo small it drives me nuts, but we’re planning to renovate in a couple years. Our living room/kitchen is large in my opinion, but I come from apartment living so anything seems spacious after that! Overall we have plenty of room for kids and storage so I can deal with a small master. 

Can you keep looking around for something in a better neighborhood?

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We had considered selling,our home to move into a manufactured home because it was so spacious! Lol. We have a townhouse now, and it has two master suites. They are both good sized, and we can fit a Cali king bed, and tables, two dressers, and a chest at the end of the bed and still have space. The room doesn’t look cramped. I wish it were larger, but it’s not small. We looked at a few houses that our bed wouldn’t have even fit in, and the only solution I was thinking was to have a contractor come,with us to see if we could tear down a wall between two small rooms to make for a real master suite. It would have been completely worth the money to me to have a nice master, and like you said, the rest of the rooms is isn’t as big of a deal of they are small. If some minor renovations don’t scare you, I’d say go for it, but if you love the manufactured home and it is exactly what you want, do it!! I grew up in a home that the previous owners had custom built, so the bedrooms were like three times the size of a normal bedroom. Then moved into a 600 sq. Ft apartment with my husband, so when we bought our home bedroom size was sort of an issue for me. Hahaha. It had to be big enough to have space, but not too big that it was awkward! 

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bellanotte11:  We are trying to buy too and have the same problem. We are going with option #2. Not ideal but better than paying insane rent prices and not getting any part of your money back. There are no manufactured homes in the area we need to buy in. 

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We’ve lived in smaller as well as larger footprints. We’re fine with a queen bed so the master doesn’t need that much sf. (A 10×10 is fine.) We also have organized closets so all clothes go within; no chest of drawers or anything to require floorspace. 

As a military family, we frequently move between temporary housing and several times we made the master out of one of the smaller rooms because it doesn’t share a wall with the duplex/rowhouse neighbors.

Only you can answer whether a smaller master is “settling” or a sacrifice in some way. Having said that, I wonder if you made a list and prioritze your home prerequisites, would you really value master sf over, say, location? home price? style?

Just my $0.02.


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Damn, I’m going to have to google this. I have no idea what a manufactured home is….

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bellanotte11:  We recently moved overseas and started renting a two bedroom apartment near the city. The place is awesome and has more living room, but the bedrooms and bathrooms are much smaller than I am used to. Our master only has room for a queen bed and side cabinets – no dresser or much walking room; however, two of the walls are pretty much glass, so it doesn’t feel so closed in when the blinds are up. It also has a large wardrobe.

What I’ve found is that the size of the room doesn’t bother me at all – it’s all to do with the function. Because we can fit everything we need in the wardrobe, I can always find what I want and never feel in a mess. That’s the most important thing for me. I don’t miss the extra space we used to have, or the feeling that it created. That said, it would probably bother me if we had to push the bed into the corner, or didn’t have much natural light or ability to get fresh air into the place. Once again, those are more ‘function’ issues for me. 

I think if I were in your situation, the biggest deciding factor would be the length of time I saw myself in the next place. Are you planning on being there for a few years as a smart investment and then moving on? Or are you thinking of it as more of a forever home, and thinking about potentially expanding your family there? The former would have me going for the existing property and the latter would push me towards the manufactured house…

Good luck!

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Our house is a Victorian and let’s face it- they weren’t known for their spacious bedrooms! It doesn’t bother me because other than bedtime, we are not in our master bedroom.  Now our downstairs rooms are bigger and that’s where we do our living (but they are still not as spacious as modern homes).

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I would take a clean safe neighborhood over a neighborhood that isn’t as safe any day. I’m not sure of your location so I guess it’s hard to understand how a loud slightly unsafe neighborhood would have more equity potential than a safe neighborhood.

I thought our master was small but the ones you’re looking at sound even smaller. For reference we have a king size bed along with a dresser and we have room to walk on either side of the bed. For me, that was settling a abit, however, the living space downstairs is huge. I would not settle for a small living room because I enjoy having people over and because we spend most of our time in the living room.

When we bought our house, we were looking for a long term home so in your scenario I would choose the manufactured home for sure. We obviously didn’t want to move to an area that seemed as though it was going downhill but we didn’t really take earning potential into account as that was not our main goal (ideally we would like to not lose money when we sell it which I don’t think will be an issue in our area).

If it doesn’t come with a garage, can you just build one? Or is there not room for one?

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My parents’ house was built in 1910 and my room there is TINY.  It has a lot of natural light though so I think it’s okay.  The master bedroom is a bit bigger and has a walk in closet but still isn’t huge.  I guess it all depends on whether the living room etc are comfortable enough that you’ll want to hang out there more than in your bedroom.

The apartment that my fiance and I have is the garrett in a Georgian terrace home in the UK. So it’s pretty small!  But it’s a well made house with a great view and not a bad place to live now.  We want to move around the end of 2017/beginning if 2018 to get somewhere bigger so it isn’t our forever home.  I would lean toward the home that you actually want to spend time in!  That being said, I’d prefer a home that would go up in value, and tiny bedrooms aren’t the end of the world.

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What is a “manufactured home”?

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