Does your husband take care of the vehicles?

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Busy Beekeeper

I used to take care of it all (and loved doing it) but, since we’ve been married, all car related things fall under DH’s domain.

fwiw, I can’t change a tire, nor have any desire to learn!  I can test the air pressure, though! 🙂

Sorry about all your car trouble!  Hope everything gets resolved soon!

ETA:  Has he shared why he doesn’t want to get the battery tested or the car worked on?  Is it a finances issue or his he just usually slow to do projects, etc?  I know for around the house fixes, things will sit FOREVER and a day.  What I realized is that Darling Husband is NOT handy around the house and he’d much rather hire a professional to do something.  See if you can figure out the root of why your Darling Husband isn’t being more proactive about the cars and hopefully that will help with further frustration.

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Busy bee
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My fiance is car retarded. I have literally handled all of our car problems since we moved in together four years ago. Google is amazing.

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Buzzing bee
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Yes my SO takes care of it depending on the problem and if he can fix it lol then it goes to the mechanic.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I don’t change our oil or anything (neither does Darling Husband – we just take it somewhere).

But I can change a tire, jump start a battery, etc and I have no problem taking it into the shop and dealing with getting bigger deal things fixed.  The task simply goes to whoever is available to take the car in at the time.

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Sugar bee
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neither of us know how to fix cars (we can both test tire air pressure) but since Darling Husband drives the car more often, he’s responsible for taking it in for maintenance. we have AAA though so if our car breaks down or gets a flat, we just call them to tow it.

i should add that Darling Husband works 4am-noon so he’s available to take the car in during the day (i work 8-4:30).

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Buzzing bee
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He can change tires and handle basic maintenance stuff. But if something went really wrong with my car? Yeah, I’d be going to a professional. And I know if I asked him to call about it or take it in, he’d just say it was my car so I can be a big girl and do it myself. :p Ah, love.

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Honey bee
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My DH’s family runs an auto parts store – so yeah, obviously I majorly depend on him when it comes to that stuff! He’s tried to teach me, but it’s hopeless…I can’t even pop the hood of my car. Seriously. So I also have AAA roadside assistance so that if I have a flat or need a tow or something I can just call them. It’s not very much money and has saved my butt many times!

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Sugar bee
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Neither Darling Husband or I handle the cars. If there’s an immediate problem (like the battery dies), we call AAA. If it needs repairs, we take it to our respective dealerships. I take my car myself and he takes his himself. If it involves an A vs B type decision (e.g. tires), then I may or may not consult him prior to making a decision.

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Bee Keeper
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Kind of.  I know how to change a tire but I have only done it twice and both times I called my Dad to come help me.  Those lugnuts are a bi-otch.  I know how to replace the battery, because I had to do that.  I can figure out the codes my car throws up with I get the engine needs service light.  Alot of this stuff I only know because my last car was on it’s last  legs for two years before Darling Husband made me get a new car.  We were LDR, engaged and he found a few cars for me to test drive around my house and talked to all the salesmen so I just walked in and they knew who i was and what car I wanted to test drive.  He can install radios and do some upgrades to cars, and knows what bs the mechanics are trying to get you to buy into.  He just doesn’t have the time to do oil changes etc anymore.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I “technically” am now a complete LUDDITE when it comes to our cars

I wasn’t always this way…

When I was 16, being able to do the basics was a REQUIRED element to getting my Drivers License

So while inDrivingSchoolI learned how to… Check Tire Pressure and Fluid Levels, Top-up Washer Fluid, Do a Fuel Fill-up, Give or Get a Boost… even Change a Tire !!

Fast-forward about 4 Decades, and now I do virtually zip… and Mr TTR does pretty much ALL of it.

Before I met Mr TTR, I owned a fairly new and reliable vehicle… that I had when my Ex-H and I split up.

Lol, having a NEW vehicle is very important for someone who doesn’t have much interest in car maintenance…

The extent of MY chores were filling the windshield wiper fluid, and checking the air pressure in my tires… two things you have to be more aware of if you live in an Extreme Climate like Canada.

Everything else I paid other people to do… by taking the car into the Dealership (NEVER ever did I feel intimidated by that experience… I may not be able to do a lot of stuff… but I have no problem doing research and being informed… I would not just blindly hand off my car.  And if I wasn’t sure of anything, I am also a gal who is willing to walk, get a second opinon etc).  BUT like I said, my car was a newer one, so things were pretty straight forward.

But am I interested in MY TIME being spent on maintenance… NO

Including cleaning it… I would get it fully “detailed” at least once a year.  Outside of that, I’d go thru the car wash every 7 to 10 days year round, and at least once a season pay to have it vacuumed out and given a good hand-wash / polish.

Lol, I didn’t even pump my own gas… preferring instead to frequent the places that offered full-serve (this habit of mine, still makes Mr TTR *shake his head*… but hey, I JUST HATE the smell of gasoline on my hands or worse yet my clothes !!  YES I am such a Girlie-Girl)

Now 7+ years on, and together Mr TTR and I own 2 vehicles… both relatively new and in good condition.

He takes care of cars, and all their maintenance issues (thank goodness).

He has a LOVE of cars, and was a gas-jockey in High School… and worked summers in a Garage when he was in his 20s…

So he knows a lot of stuff about cars, which comes in handy, because altho our cars are new, I never feel he’s gonna get ripped off by car repairs / slick salesmen if we need more

His car love is kinda cute…

Besides us taking in car shows… both the NEW kind, as well as the classics, he’s taught me that cars can be interesting.  I am now a big fan of various car shows such as Motoring Tv Canada – and Top Gear (the UK version)

Spring thru Fall, he LOVES hand-washing our cars… he says it is a mindless way to relax on a hot summer day… and he takes great pride when the cars look amazing

NOTE – When I was dating after my Divorce, it became quite apparent to me that when a man likes you / is into you…  he’ll wash his car before he picks you up / takes you out on date.  Weird guy custom.  Mr TTR still does this… (I’ve never told him that I’ve noticed this “tell”… but I do make a point of saying “Thank You” when we head off on our date)


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Sugar Beekeeper
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I think knowing basic stuff like how to change a tire and battery is frankly part of safety and honestly…part of being an adult! It is SO easy to change a tire/battery! A quick youtube search on your phone would even tell you how to do it!

We share equal responsibility in taking care of the car (we only have one).

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Bee Keeper

My FH deals with easy stuff like tire pressure but if I have questions I call up my dad (who seriously knows everything about any subject) and get his advice. I have no problem taking my car to the dealer for service myself though. I’m not really knowledgeable about cars, but I know enough to be able to talk to the service guys and get it taken care of. 

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Honey bee
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I can change a tire and the battery on my car.  But i haven’t touched my car since six years ago when we met.  He paints the Dodge Viper professionally… yeah, I don’t need to do jack with my car.  We don’t even take them into the shop.  It has literally saved me thousands of dollars.

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Busy bee
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My fiance is a mechanic, so yes, he takes care of everything, lol. BUT, I do pride myself on knowing the basics and then some. I listen to him when he talks about cars and things he’s doing at work- I like to learn when I can.

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