(Closed) Does your kid have/use an Ipad?

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    I don’t have kids myself, but I like my sister’s system.  Their son doesn’t have his own gadgets but has limited access to theirs.  So he gets to play the app games and knows his way around technology, but he has to ask permission to use it and they decide how long he gets to use it.

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    haha My teenager doesn’t even have an iPad. We are very firm with media boundaries in our household. I don’t need him turning into the computer addict I know that he would just love to be. I know that would not be healthy for my child.

    My 3 year old nephew, on the otherhand, got his own iPad when he was 18 months old. It’s great for keeping him quiet at a restaurtant, but when I babysit and turn off the electronics he seems so lost without them. Different parents, different parenting choices.

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    I don’t have any kids yet but I feel the same way. I can’t stand when we go out to dinner with my husband’s family and all the nieces and nephews are being entertained with ipads/ds/etc. It seems really rude to me. But that is the norm and I notice it every where we go. I think I would do what the pp said her sister does – I would want my kids exposed to technology and I think some of the games are good for children, but I would definitely limit the use!

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    I gave my daughter my old iPad for Xmas this year, so far she has used it for about an hour a day, far less than her other toys. I think some kids have a tendency towards overusing electronics and some don’t, I’m also just not that worried about it. I grew up watching a lot of TV and with a decent amount of computer time and I turned out just fine. I spend a lot of time reading and being social, so I think I’m pretty well rounded. I’m Not worried about her expectations being too high,  and so far she is just as happy with her cheaper gifts as she is with her more expensive ones. 

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    I also want to add that she is 4, and we don’t bring the iPad out to dinner with us, that is super rude and no way to cultivate good table manners in my opinion. I also take her out to a special lunch for just the two of us once or twice a month, I think teaching kids to behave in public is really important. 

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    No – but she’s the only one of her friends at school (ages 8-11) who doesn’t have one. I think it’s lazy parenting, to be honest. None of us are attached to technology and we prefer it that way. Our kid goes outside 90% of the day, she reads either alone or with us, she has plenty of toys and crafts and board games to play with that exercise her imagination in ways I don’t think apps on an ipad are capable of.

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    I refuse! 🙂 My DS is 10 and in school they use iPad’s for technology courses they added this year. I think it’s great that he knows how to use one, but I have no intention of giving this child internet access ANY time soon! 

    He has several friends that have iPhones already and these kids text my phone all time asking if I will let my son text them back. Are you kidding me??? No thank you. 

    We also don’t have video game systems (which seems silly to everyone I know considering I was in the gaming industry for years) but I am not interested in having a zombie child. All his buddies play Minecraft and while my son talks about how fun to game is, he’s played it once with his uncle and that was that. LOL

    My DS is not too phased by it yet. He hasn’t asked for any electronics and to be quite honest, he doesn’t seem to care! He’s content drawing, playing basketball outside or building things with his legos. I’d like to keep it that way for as looooong as possible! 

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    My xDH got my son (who just turned 7) a Samusung Galaxy tablet.  A cheapo one.  Instead of paying the money to split a birthday party for him, he decided to buy him a semi-expensive gift (that’s a whole other story!!)  but anyways…when my son brings it over to my house, we have rules.  He’s not allowed on in until i get up in the morning and they are only allowed on it for 1 hour in the evening after school, after homework and baths are finished first.  They can have it up to 2 hours on the weekends.  They can have it for an hour in the morning, and an hour in the evening or use up their entire 2 hours on electronics at once.  Once their 2 hours of elecronics on weekends is up, it’s up.  No more.  

    We don’t let my kids use them all the time. We are pretty strict on it. Unless one of them decides to use it for learning, like doing math problem games, reading books…etc.  

    ETA:  the only thing my son really plays on it is MineCraft…

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    We don’t have kids yet so take this with a grain of salt. Truthfully, yes our kids will probably get our old iPads Because at some point we will upgrade and they’ll be sitting around. BUT definitely not before they are at least three and they won’t have much say over when or how long they can use it. And most of what they’ll use it for will be books and things like coding games That we do together. (DH and I use ours in part for work related data collection so I’d never feel comfortable handing over mine to a kiddo in case something went wrong and something sensitive was lost or distributed) 


    I think its similar to TV. It’s an activity, not a babysitter. I have no intentions of letting my kid sit I front of anything like that all day. Right now we don’t even own a tv (though we might buy one next year), and we don’t have any intentions if having a video game console in our house. It’s just not for us. 


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    She is 6.

    She USES one, but it is my FI’s iPad. Not hers. She goes through phases with it. She will LOVE it for a few days, then forget about for weeks.

    Fiance wanted to buy her her own for Christmas. I talked sense into him explaining that she would get much more enjoyment out of the same chunk of change if we spent it on actual toys, games, and dress up clothes for her

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    @BrideofGroomzilla:  I absolutely do not like the idea of small children receiving an Ipad as a gift. I just find it over the top. I saw several friends on FB bragging about their under 10 year old children getting an Ipad Air and I thought are you serious?

    I have a friend that works at Apple and apparently it was the go to gift this year for children, yes children. Her and I both laughed. I mean come on, really!?!? Letting your child play with your Ipad is one thing but buying them their own? Sheesh! They are just so fragile.

    I think if I was determined to get my child something of this nature I would look into the Leapster or Vtech “tablets.” They seem to be much more reasonably priced with educational games etc and they are durable.

    @Kit_Kath: +1. I like this idea.

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    @Treejewel19:  yeah, I don’t like the idea of buying one for a kid at all. I wasn’t raised getting extravagent presents like that. If they wanted to save their money and do chores, etc if might strike a deal that Darling Husband and I would go halfsies or something with them if they were consistent on the chore chart for like six months or something… even though we are more well off than we grew up, I really want our kids to understand that one works hard to earn  expensive things, they don’t hold out their hand or wish for Santa to give it to them… Maybe I’m a carmudgeon. Haha


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    I don’t have kids but I don’t understand why children need their own iPad. I can understand having children apps or games for car rides or if you need them to stay quite, but that’s only a few occassions. Kid should be playing outside or actually using their imagination, not staring blankly at a screen. 

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    My sister has a similar system that they get it as a reward (also if they are bad it gets taken away) and it wasn’t their own ipad, even though she just go them their own kindle fire’s for christmas. but when i had them for the weekend and we went out to dinner i let the oldest play games on my phone but once we sat down at the table to phone got put away. and they could color on the place mat with the crayons the resturant provided.

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