(Closed) Does your pet have a favorite person?

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  • poll: My dog/cat/other loves:
    Me! : (22 votes)
    50 %
    Spouse : (6 votes)
    14 %
    Both of us equally : (5 votes)
    11 %
    Neither of us : (0 votes)
    We have more than one pet and they have different favorites : (11 votes)
    25 %
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    Pinkmoon:  My cat (who I adopted before meeting DH) now LOVES Darling Husband.  If Darling Husband sits on the couch for two seconds cat happily curls up on his lap.

    My dog (who was DH’s idea mainly and we adopted him when we were married) prefers MEH!  

    It’s so opposite of what it “should” be!

    I foster cats and have definitely noticed that some have definite preferences when it comes to my husband, I think it’s his deep voice!

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    We have two dogs and they change favorites all the time. There is no rhyme or reason to whom they choose which day but one is always with him and one is always with me. 

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    My parents dog (who I grew up with) LOVES Fiance. like seriously if you say his name the dog runs to the door looking for him. He knows the sound of FI’s car horn and runs to the door when he hears it. Then he smells FI’s shoes/coat when he takes them off. He also follows Fiance around where ever he goes lol it’s Soo weird. 

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    We have two dogs and a cat.  The older dog has always loved Fiance more.  He loves me too, but they definitely have a bond.  The younger dog is my baby girl, though my Fiance feeds her and she’s a lab so that ranks pretty high in importance.  The cat is mine.  He doesn’t always sit on laps, but when he does it’s almost always me.

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    Pinkmoon:  awww! Are you sure your cat knows he is a cat? ๐Ÿ˜›

    I would say I am my dog’s favourite. My fiance works away from home so I am the one who raised our dog from a pup and is the constant person in his life. I am the one who’s the boss of him, his mother and his friend. He sees my Fiance as 50% Daddy, 50% best friend. When the man of the house is home he gets to cut the grass, supervise washing cars, beg for nuts and crisps and GET THEM. He’s cheekier with my Fiance and will beg for food or help himself to a half finished cup of juice left on the floor where as my dog would never dare touch a plate of my food even if it was raw steak and he’d not been fed in a week. Fiance is his buddy, and I’m mama haha! He panicks when Fiance goes out or drives away though, probably as often Fiance leaves and doesn’t come home for a month. He knows I always come back though, but he is definitely more attached to me.

    We did a test at the beach recently where I walked along the surf and my Fiance walked along the top part on the concrete where all the rubbish and shingle and seaweed was. Our dog walked between us, quite a far distance between us, but he walked not in the middle but more closer to me. Right now he is less than 30cm away from my elbow staring at me type. Poor thing’s got an ear infection this week ๐Ÿ™ He follows me from room to room during the day if I’m tidying, doing laundry, watching tv or cooking. He’ll even follow me out to the porch and watch me as I take out the garbage. I don’t mind my big fluffy shadow though he’s good company.

    Obligatory pictures of my dog! Nanook, 2 year old male german shepherd full of fluff and love.

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    Pinkmoon:  we have two kittens and the female prefers my husband and the male loves me. My male cat sticks to me like glue when I get home and supervises me in everything I do cleaning his litter, taking a shower, blow drying my hair etc. When we lie on the bed at night the female kitten is in my husbands lap and my male kitten is right up by my neck lol I do most of the taking care of them as my husband works alot so I think they know this ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a pic of my loves (they are alot bigger now)

    Your boy is sooooo cute! I love his eyes!

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    My dog has a special bond with Darling Husband, but her and I, we’re flesh and bone.

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    My dog goes back and forth depending on her mood.  She is a rescue pit-bull that my Darling Husband found in the woods before we met.  She really bonded with him and he was hesitant bringing me into her life, because she is nervous around women.  We had one incident when we first started dating where she kinda snapped at me, but since then…nothing.  She loves me!  She is such a mama’s girl when she needs snuggles and love.  When she wants to play, she goes to Darling Husband.  In bed, she snuggles up next to me and she knows I am the one that will give her praise.  How she took to me is supposedly why Darling Husband knew “I was the one” because the dog loves me.

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    Our pug likes me but he loves my Fiance. He was my FI’s dog at first so it makes sense. Here’s the one pictures I have of our little guy actually looking at my Fiance. He hates pictures ๐Ÿ˜›  

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    Pinkmoon:  That’s so funny because I was about to reply back about my Siamese! He doesn’t care for my husband at all. Runs past him actually. But he will cry and cry for me to pick him up, and he also likes to follow me into the bathroom, and yes, he likes to sit on my lap. Sick…I know.

    Our other animals don’t mind my husband. My rag doll looooves saying bye to him in the morning before he leaves for work by rolling around at the end of the bed and licking husband’s hair. Weird cat.

    The dogs love me. And the other two cats don’t mind him either. But they were my babies before we even got together so not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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    I previously had a guinea pig and a chinchilla. Both of them disliked my fiance and my mom, and pretty much anyone else that wasn’t me. The guinea pig would actually bite and try to escape. We placed him on the table once and formed a triangle to see who he would come to and he chose me try after try! Lol. Chinchillas are very hyperactive so he would freak out if my mom or fiance tried to hold him. With me, he would let me cuddle him for a bit. He also would bark and run away if my fiance tried to grab him in his cage. Now, however, I have a wonderful little hedgehog who seems to like everyone! He cuddles and falls asleep on me and my fiance, and loves to lick and nibble on my fiance’s fingers. He’s super comfortable with us (most of the time). With my mom though, he’s spiked up at her twice but I think that’s only because she’s scared of him. 

    It’s funny to see how “small” pets can also have big personalities! Just like dogs and cats, they have their own unique attitudes and preferences. 

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    I think our corgi loves my husband more. He’ll actually sometimes cuddle with him (he’s not a cuddler in general). I think he’s more protective over me, though. If we’re both home and I’m working upstairs, he’ll come hang out with me all day long.

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