(Closed) Does your pet have any funny quirks?

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Sugar bee
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LOL that is hilarious :). I could just imagine coming home to my dog on the table…

My dog Hayley is obsessed with coffee, if we leave any in the living room & leave the room for just a few minutes, she’ll try to drink it all up!

My cat Connor loves chewing on candles & tries to eat styrofoam.

I realize that both of these things are NOT good for them, so we are extremely careful!

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Honey bee
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My little princess loves, for some crazy reason, ice cream…even though it makes her sneeze, she still goes for it lol

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Helper bee
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@Max04092010:  The picture of her standing on the table kind of watching Dance Moms that made me giggle out loud. 


My dog is.. um.. a boozer.  If we’re drinking alcohol he has to have a taste (he’ll sneak one if you don’t offer).  His favorite is Twisted Tea, but Jack Daniels is a close second.  I realize that alcohol is probably not the best thing for a dog, but a couple of laps can’t be that bad (I hope).  He’s also not interested in your glass if it is not alcoholic.

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Helper bee
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Hahahahah aww!!!

Dexter has so so so so many.  His most recents are: We always put a treat or two in his crate when we leave for work and he will sit with them in his crate for 7 or 8 hours and won’t touch it…when we get home, the first thing he does it grab his treat, jump out of his crate, eat it and then greet us lol.  Weirdo.

He also sprints around the house after his second walk in the morning because he knows he is going to be in his crate after.  He uses our bed as like a spring board and literally hops like 2 feet in the air lol.  I have a video of it and I watch it all the time!

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Helper bee
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@ellbell921:  It’s like he’s rationing the food in case you don’t come back!!

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Bee Keeper
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This big oogabalooga:

is terrified of balloons.  I mean, petrified, terrified, mortified.  He crouches down, shakes, gets skin bumps, and sometimes even has runny poop (this one time at a SPCA function they had tons of balloons and he couldn’t get away from them and he ended up with runny stress poop for a day after).  He is also quite scared of my stability ball (gigantic exercise ball) and he’s timid with most men.  I rescued him as a puppy and can assure that he’s never been beaten half to death with a balloon, but he is still so, so scared of them.

This sweet girl:

has terrible separation anxiety.  She can jump a baby gate at the top of the stairs and land at the bottom.  She can step on a trashcan foot pedal to lift the lid and is tall enough to reach alllll the way in and drag the contents through the house.  She is tall enough to put her front paws on the counter and reach the TOP OF THE FRIDGE to pull the treats down.  She somehow got an ornament off the top half of the Christmas tree (without disturbing any other ornaments) to eat it and make ornament-confetti all over the living room.  She even made this mess one year out of one of my Christmas presents:

yep, those are coffee beans ground into the beige carpet, and she also ate a Godiva Extra Dark chocolate bar.  At least she has good taste… and since she’s so big the chocolate & caffeine didn’t make her sick.

This sweet fluffy face:

likes to dig & burrow.  She is always underfoot, under the coffee table, under the recliner chair, behind the couch, under the bed… you name it, she’s under it.  She also makes it her daily duty to keep the big dogs in line all day while we’re working.  She will put up with their antics for a while, then she turns on the snark and bites their ankles!  She will attack them until they fall down to avoid her snaps and then she’ll take their toy away and hide it under a piece of furniture knowing they can’t reach it!  What a stinker!

ps-the biting/nipping is gentle- never draws blood or hurts them at all, just her way of asserting dominance (and it’s all she can reach on them!)

Our dogs are ‘special’ but we love them just the same and try our best to make sure they are happy, healthy, safe, and active 🙂

ETA- another pic to demonstrate a (temporary) moment of calmness and serenity:

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Helper bee
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My sweet girl LOVES to hang out in the sink…she will only drink water from the sink…she’ll sleep there….likes for me to run water and she’ll just lay in it/take a bath. She also loves to go for car rides and loves to stick her head in my blinds if Im too lazy to get up and let her out.


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Busy bee
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@Max04092010:  That is so funny!!!


@autumnlynnhill:  My friends cat will only drink out of the sink too. So funny!


One of my cats loves bread. We cant leave the bread out or she will chew through it and eat all the crust off.

They also LOVE cheese off of a Taco Bell taco. I swear they know the minute we bring Taco Bell in that thats the good cheese. Its odd. lol

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Honey bee
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I LOVE this post omg!!!!

My little rescue pup Winnie makes SURE I’m up as soon as she hears my alarm go off in the morning, even though it’s very faint. She pretty much stands on my chest and snorts all over me.

She also likes to just be surrounded with socks. She doesn’t chew them, she just steals them CONSTANTLY andputs them next to her. So weird.

She also doesn’t like tile or concrete flooring. She does everyhting in her power to not walk on them.

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Bumble bee
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FFMIL (can I do that?)’s chi mix will eat anything on earth except for lettuce (we eat Romaine generally).  He doesn’t think it’s food.  I guess I can understand it because it’s kind of thin and waxy.  LOVE the pics of your dog on the table!  I was expecting a little dog, but nope!

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