(Closed) Does Your SO Have Any Say In What Gender Gynecologist You See?

posted 7 years ago in Wellness
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    SO and I are the weirdos. He prefers I see a woman, and I do as well. I have some intimate piercings that I have trouble changing the jewelry in, and he also prefers I see a woman should I desire a jewelry change. It doesn’t bother me. If the best qualified gyno was male, and I really wanted him for my doctor, he wouldn’t be angry or upset. It’s not something that has been dictated to me. It’s basically along the lines of, ” I would be more comfortable with you seeing a woman. ” For the piercings, I think he would be upset. A male body piercer is not the same as a male doctor.

    ETA: I am also of the mindset that our bodies belong to each other. My vagina is his vagina, and vice versa. We both absolutely get input in medical decisions.


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    uhhh DH doesn’t give 2 shits about my OB/GYN. i prefer a female though.

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    No one, not even your hubby has say over what you do with your lady parts medically. It’s important that YOU are comfortable with your doc. Maybe this guy really doesn’t understand that the exam is completely not a sexual thing.. not even slightly. 

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    Uh, I have no idea what DH would prefer, because he’s never asked me.  I prefer females and have only had females.  If he asked, I would tell him, and he might make a dumb remark about it, but he would never try to dictate whether I saw a male or female doctor.  Totally different topic, but he prefers female masseuse (sp?) for himself and prefers a female for me too.  I just go with whoever is available and if it happens to be a male, then so be it, and he doesn’t really care (we do couples massages).

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    @MsW-to-MrsM:  You know though… piercings are different, because intimate piercings are at least partially chosen due to their sexual significance. Gynocology is not designed to be sexy. Intimate piercings are (partially).

    Also, doctors are professionals, and specialists in the human body. Piercers are not specialists in the human body.

    My intimate piercings were done by women, because I was friends with all the local piercers at the time, and I didn’t want some guy to go up to me in one of the local clubs and go “hello dude! How’s the nipple piercing going? Let’s see how it’s healing!”

    Girls are better at not outing you in public about… things like that of a sensitive nature. I also really didn’t want a guy seeing my tits, even to pierce them. Call me a prude, but seeing your tits in a medical capacity is completely different from seeing them in a… decorative capacity.

    But I really do think that gyno stuff is completely different from piercing stuff.

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    @Mrs_Amanda:  I don’t see a gynecologist, I use a regular family doctor. I plan to start seeing one next year pre-baby, but for now, the family doctor does my yearly checkups. Funny thing is, we both see the same doctor. He is a male doctor and always very professional. My SO doesn’t have a problem with it at all.

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    neither of us care- as long as they are a qualified, clean and care!

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    Never. My female reproductive health, anything having to do with self-grooming (aesthetician), etc are my business. Fiance doesn’t want to know. He just wants me to be healthy, comfortable, and to look good.

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    I see a female nurse practicioner for my yearly.  On the very rare ocassions my gyno appoitnemnts come up Fiance for some reason always thinks I see a man but he’s never acted like he really cares one way or the other.  I don’t care if he sees a male or female doctor either.

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      My husband has never really asked or made requests about the gender of my OB-GYN. I do have a male urologist for kidney stones. When I had a bad kidney stone, that happened to be the doctor on call at the hospital. I thought he did a great job afterwards, so I always stuck with him. DH is fine with it, as long as I’m getting the care I need.

      My OB-GYN is female. I felt more comfortable with a female, and this one came highly recommended from my doctor. However, she also recommends that we schedule appointments with the other OB-GYN on staff (who happens to be male), because there is a chance that, due to schedules and days off, the other doctor may deliver the baby. DH does know about that, and he hasn’t ever had a problem with it.

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    DH doesn’t care what gender my doctors are as long as they are competent. It’s every shade of crazy to think that a gyno apointment is sexual. That said, I’ve been to both genders and I tend to go for credentials and personality over gender. When I was in highschool and in college my apointments were pretty much random pick from the group of doctors my mom went to / the student clinic on campus.

    I moved home for about 2 years to finish my degree and work and saw the man who delivered me. I consider that some good credentials (also him walking in the door with a “Hey, I haven’t seen you in what? 24 years?” was priceless.

    Now I see a woman but she was picked for her credentials first, and when she seemed to match up with some of the males in her office I picked based on gender.

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    I do not choose doctors based on gneder. Neither does FH. Even if he did, it still would not matter – it is MY body and my choice.

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    if a guy cared about the sex of my doctor he wouldn’t be married to me!

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    That’s ridiculous! Fi doesn’t care.  He knows it’s strictly medical not remotely sexual. I have a male doctor wh o is very good looking in a ken doll kind of way lol. Fi has met him numerous times & thinks he’s a nice guys they even talk about sports. No biggie. 

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    I’ve seen both male and female gynos, and I’d probably bite FI’s head off if he tried to suggest that I only see a certain gender. It’s a doctor for crying out loud.

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