(Closed) Does your SO know your passwords?

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My Darling Husband knows the password for Netflix! 😉 Ummm that’s really it though, he doesn’t know my passwords for anything else. Mainly because I use the same passwords (or a variation) for a lot of stuff – and many of it work related. I am self employed (wedding photographer) and essentially use my “work” email for everything. He doesn’t have those passwords because I’m cooresponding with clients, and while there isn’t anything “bad” in there I respect my client’s privacy. There is no need for him to have access to that stuff. I personally don’t think my clients would appriciate my husband logging into my email and seeing access to their boudoir photos…lol.

I have his passwords to email and a few other things, because he travels internationally for work and I often have to check his email or voicemails for him when he’s out of service.

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He has the same password for everything, so it’s easy for me to remember haha.  I also need to access his email regularly, as he gets some bills emailed to him and I pay all of our bills.  We have a shared bank account, so we know each others pins as it doesn’t matter anyhow.  We know each others codes on our phones from picking music, calling someone etc.  He doesn’t know all of my passwords, but only because he hasn’t needed them, or has forgotten them.  If he ever asked I wouldn’t hesitate.  I don’t think it’s necessary for a couple to know all passwords, but I would be suspicious if he wouldn’t let me know his passcode for his phone.  There has been so many times I have used his phone for whatever reason that it would be damn inconvenient if he wouldn’t share it so would make me wonder what he was hiding.

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Pinkmoon:  We do the same thing, we have asked for passwords pin numbers, codes etc for each other dozens of times, but do I actually recall any of them or have them  memorized?  Nope…no need…and since he asks more than once, I assume he feels the same way. 

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Yeah we’ve told each other passwords and eventually took passcodes off our phones/computers. It’s just a hassle when you’re sharing stuff. I’m glad I’m finally with someone I trust enough to do this. My ex snooped a lot and violated my privacy all the time so I had everything locked down tight. Finally learning to ease up a bit lol

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We use the same lastpass account so it’s not hard. We each SHOULD know all the passwords. I always forget the main checking account one, guess at it a lot, it gets locked then he resets it and tells me again. But yeah- no ‘privacy’. Plus stuff auto loads. Like if I go to Facebook it loads whichever of us was on last. So it’s not uncommon for him to be in the kitchen and my yell ‘honey, Eric posted that video’ or something. That’s just how we roll. We don’t have a ton of seperation I guess. The only issue esp with sharing accounts is presents. There are no real suprises. But if I remember we both get cash out and just buy each others presents in cash. Compared to other couples we don’t do a lot of big presents. Most BIG things we talk about first. House rule of thumb is over 200 dollars for one item, you talk to the other person about it first. 

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I don’t think he knows them, but I’ve given them to him from time to time for some reason or another. My Darling Husband is a computer dude, so when he fixes stuff for me sometimes he needs them, and I’m okay with it – I have nothing to hide from him. He forgets what he ate for dinner last night, he isn’t going to remember my passwords. I don’t know any of his, but I do know how to get into his phone, and I used to know the PIN to his Garmin, haha. But now we just use Google Maps on our phones and so the Garmin isn’t a thing anymore. I could probably get into his debit card, too, but if I need money he just transfers it from his account to mine, so. *shrug*

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Yup! Darling Husband knows all of mine and vice versa!

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My Fiance knows my phone and ipad passwords, just because if I ever need him to pull up anything it’s handy to have him deal with it, especially if I’m riding (horsey girl!) and he’s on the ground and I’m getting a call or something. We both know each other’s credit and debit PINs, but only because we were laughing about what logic we used to put them together and how terrible his is. The only password we don’t have of each other’s is our main computer passwords and email or online accounts, but my email is synced to my iphone so as long as he has that password he can access it.

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