(Closed) Does your SO snore? How do you get through it? mini vent

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Fortunately, my Fiance does NOT snore, but my ex did…


I would ask your SO to see a doctor to make sure that he doesn’t have sleep apnea. He may need a CPAP machine (which will typically stop his snoring) if he does have sleep apnea…

Here’s what I did to get through:


1. I always went to bed FIRST. I need time to fall asleep. IF he started snoring before I fell asleep, all bets were off :


2. I sleep weith earplugs every single night even to this day. I got used to it.


3. We always had 1-2 box fans on in the room. White noise + earplugs helps a bit.


4. I took OTC sleeping pills. Basically just benadryl. I still take it every night. Doctor says it’s fine. Knocks me out and keeps me knocked out.


5. Sometimes I slept on the couch.

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Get the earplugs!  My husband snores so loud that it scares our 2 yr old and runs the dog out of the room.  If I wasn’t listening for the kids, I’d be wearing earplugs every night.  I don’t know what to do about it either, but I’m at the point of asking him to see a specialist (if there is such a thing for snoring) for options.  I get so mad some nights b/c his snoring is so obnoxious, even though I know he can’t help it. I’m secretly relieved when he falls asleep on the couch…

From your story, I think your SO was tyring to be kind after your conversation and it wasn’t an oversight on his part.  I hope you guys find a solution that works for both you soon!

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My guy snores. It sucks, but you kind of just get used to it. I do like the PP said and usually go to bed first. If I’m already asleep he can’t bother me! Haha! Some days I’ll take a tylenol pm or something like that to zonk me out. I’ve been known to sleep on the couch or in the guest room though if I really need the rest and he’s bothering me.

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My Fiance snores. Ear plugs can go a loooooong way. And this way if the pets are noisy at night, I get to sleep through that too. I wouldn’t be annoyed at him in your situation because it’s clear that his ultimate goal was to benefit you. If he was coming to bed so late, he probably figured it wasn’t a good time to experiment with whether or not you could get past the snoring. I think he was being very considerate. 

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My husband snores.  I sleep with ear plugs now.  Actually, even if he has to spend the night at work, I STILL use the ear plugs because I’ve gotten so used to them (plus un-interrupted sleep is so LOVELY!!!)

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Fiance snores. And steals blankets, and is a bed hog. But, for the snoring, i’ve found if I get a “head start” i’m alright. Sometimes, I pop a melatonin. And, if those don’t work, I wake his ass up and make him go on the couch. He knows it’s annoying (i’m not the first to say something) and it’s something he feels bad about. Last year, he had surgery to repair a deviated septum, which was supposed to fix it, but unfortunately, it didn’t. 

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Ugh, snoring. I hate it. My Darling Husband snores and I’m an extremely light sleeper. Every single little noise wakes me up, lol. When he snores, I try to ignore it and go back to sleep. But he always ends up waking me up 3 or 4 more times. At that point, I shove my hubby and tell him to roll over.He doesn’t snore nearly as loud on his side. =)

My dad snores 50 times worse than my Darling Husband. When we’d go camping when I was little, he’d have to sleep in the car because if not, he kept us awake all night. The sad thing is we could still hear him in the car! My mom and dad slept in different beds because of it.

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I’ve had ex’s that did, and it honestly never bothered me. It was actually a comforting sound to me, like a cat purring. My Mom can’t stand my step dad’s snoring, so she usually just sleeps downstairs.

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My SO snores and I usually find myself nudging him or plugging his nose so he moves (prob shouldnt plug his nose! ) It’s so annoying but what can I do? I have to usually wear earplugs 🙁 I know, it’s frustrating.

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my husband snores SOOO loudly. He has a CPAP machine and still snores through it! TBH- some nights I am relieved when he sleeps on the couch! haha.

He needs to see a specialist if it is that bad. There are certain positions that make it more bearable when he gets on a tear.

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@kryssbride:  I’m a pretty light sleeper and my guy sometimes snores. It annoys me some days more than others. Usually he’ll fall asleep first and snore. I’ve always taken longer to fall asleep so I’ll kick him (not hard) a few times and normally he’ll snap out of the snoring lol. Sometimes this works better than other times. Not sure what I’d do if he snored ALL the time!! Luckily once I’m asleep it doesn’t wake me (but other noises will so I’ll sometimes end up doing the nudge/kick thing more than once in a night).

Maybe he should see his doctor to at least see what causes it. I don’t know if there are any medical solutions to snoring yet. What about those nose strip things? Maybe he could give those a go?

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… I snore.. unfortnetly! I actually didnt know I snored until he recorded me.. I did it to him first to prove to him that HE snored.. so I guess revenge sucks! Were both snorers. lol

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He snores when he has a cold so I nudge or pull his pillow and he usually stops for a while anyways.

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