(Closed) Does your SO’s opinion have any influence on your clothes or hair?

posted 8 years ago in Beauty
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    Helper bee
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    My husband has opinions about what I wear–not on a daily basis, but sometimes….I used to dress a bit more revealing-ly until we started dating. He likes me to be more on the modest side, which I don’t mind.  He really likes my hair straightened, but my hair can’t take it, so I wear it naturally curly most of the time…..he says he loves it that way, but I can see his face light up when I straighten it.

    and I, too, have suede boots that he hates, but I still wear them if it gets cold enough in the Florida winter.

    Oddly, he really likes to see me in hospital scrubs.  Weird, because they are always huge on me and totally unflattering.

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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: June 2010

    HAHA….my husband also has a scruffy beard. When we first started dating, I hated it and would ask him to get rid of it….Now it’s grown on me.

    He shaved it once a few months back and left just the mustache!  It was HILARIOUS. Everyone thought he looked like a 1980’s porn star, and he really did…..I got some great pics of us with the stache!

    I get on to him about his clothes too. He lost a bunch of weight and none of his jeans fit well anymore, so as soon as we get some $$ we are taking him shopping and you better believe I will be voicing my opinion!

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    Helper bee
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    i think it goes both ways for us.  my fiance doesn’t say he prefers my hair long, or short, straight or curly — he uses his safety line, “you always good great!” however, when i do notice that he takes special attention to a particular pair of jeans or heels, i do make an effort to wear those when we’re out together.

    my Fiance is an aviator in the USAF and wears a flightsuit every day, so when he comes home in the evenings, he always changes into a nice pair of jeans and a polo or nice sweater to sit about the house in. where i on the other hand, can’t wait to take off my nice work clothes and throw on sweat pants. sometimes i feel bad that i don’t make more of an ‘effort’ to look nice when we’re home, since he does, but he swears it doesn’t make much difference.

    i have a gripe about the mustache, too. all the guys in his squadron, out of “tradition” grow one every march. i swear no one gets laid during that month …

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    Sugar bee

    I mostly listen to FI’s opinion if I am doubtful of a purchase or really know that I don’t need it. He’s kind of my voice of reason. He has also chanced my shopping habits a bit since he is more of a quality over quantity type of clothes guy where as I always liked to have lots of clothes even if some of them were from Old Navy or whatever. Now, I try to buy less things and realize it is okay to buy a few more expensive pieces of  clothing as long as I know I will like them in the future. I’m still a sucket for a sale though! I generally feel he has good taste but sometimes I disagree with his fashion sense and wear things he hates.

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    I know that my fiance loves me just as I am. He always has and he always will. But I do make an effort to look attractive and part of that is taking into consideration what he likes. I don’t mind doing my hair a certain way sometimes when we’re going out, or picking clothes I think he’ll like. I just make sure when I do, that I’m not losing who I am or going outside of my own comfort limits. That way I’m still me but he is happy too.

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    Sugar bee
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    I always ask what he thinks but it would never really change what I was originally planning on doing. Normally he just says what ever you like or no I dont like it. We never like the same things but thats just us!

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    Buzzing bee
    • Wedding: June 2010

    Not so much.  With clothes I pretty much do my own thing.  I think he honestly really likes my style and rarely ever dislikes something I wear, and it’s not like I ask his opinion on most potential clothing purchases.  I guess if anything I would say that sometimes I wear my hair a certain way that I know he likes, but I don’t think I would ever cut or color my hair based on something he wants.

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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: July 2012

    My Fiance doesn’t exactly say that he likes or dislikes certain things I wear, but I can usually tell from his face. Based on that and his flirty little comments or gestures, at times when I am wearing certain things, I know what he likes.

    But one time– he told me not to wear one of my Maxi dresses. He said it was “not nice.” It was one of those baggy, loose and flowy sort of dresses.

    Here I thought it was so feminine and sexy, and he was thinking I looked like a sack of potatoes! Initially I defended it and explained my opinion, which, naturally didn’t actually change his mind… I told him I loved it… and that he had no sense of fashion! But…. I have to admit, it is just hanging in my closet now and has not been worn since then! Guess his opinion DOES matter!!!

    My poor dress!

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    Honey Beekeeper
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    I trust Darling Husband to tell me if something looks good or bad on me. If a belt looks bad with a dress, he lets me know. I usually take it off because he’s almost always right =]. Darling Husband has told me many times he thinks i look better with long hair, so I’m hesitant to cut it. Why would I make myself look bad, right? haha. I DO look better with long hair. But sometimes i still want to chop it off. But when i cut it to a pixie-length a few years ago, he didn’t blink an eye. He’s my default–if I look good, I wear it. If i’m asking his opinion, it’s because I TRULY want to know and cannot decide for myself. But typically, i have a pretty basic sense of fashion. I don’t do trendy, I just go with simple (J Crew, Banana Republic, Gap style stuff) so it’s hard to mess that up =]

    But in all seriousness, it’s a two way street. If i ask him nicely to shave, he usually does. But only if puppy dog eyes are involved.

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: June 2011

    For the most part I do my own thing with clothing, and don’t really care if other people dislike my personal “taste.” I do like to look attractive & whatnot for my SO, but I am sure he would think I would look gorgeous in a burlap sack, lol.

    The only thing he has said that he feels strongly about are polka dots. He HATES polka dots (don’t know why, but there is a deep seated loathing). Though I think some polka dot pieces can look really cute, I am not so attached to them as to need them in my wardrobe. That is about the only concession I make.

    He has made comments before (when my hair was short) that he didn’t want me to grow my hair out because he liked it short, but lo and behold, when I grew my hair out he liked it too.

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    Bee Keeper
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    Totally. In fact, I almost never buy clothes without him seeing them on me first. I just can’t physically do it, he has to like it or else I”m not ‘sold’. And he’s convinced me to buy some really nice things that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to buy on my own, either it wasn’t my ‘normal’ style or it was what I thought was too expensive. He’s really my rock when it comes to clothes.

    As far as my hair, he honestly prefers it the same way I do, so it’s kind of an upward spiral. I like it long and blonde, always have and same with him.

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    Bumble Beekeeper

    I admit, I do 🙂

    Part of it is that I ask his opinion of stuff – so what he likes tends to stay. He’s also WAY more fashionable than I am, so I feel like he often knows better than I do. He’s not very picky though, just likes it when I match (hah! but seriously…), and he asked me to let my hair grow for the wedding. Which … is driving me crazy. It’s so hot outside and all I want is to grab a scissors and start shearing it away until it’s short short short cropped. And then pay $40 to get it cleaned up, haha.

    BUT I’m resisting, because he asked me to. It’s almost to my shoulders. This is the longest it’s been in years. I’m going bonkers. 🙂

    We both know I’ll hack it off as soon as the wedding is over though, so it’ll be okay.

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: May 2010

    No.  I honestly don’t care about anyone else’s opinion on my clothes.  I wear what I like, and that’s that.  Truthfully, he’s not very fashionable so I don’t trust his judgement!  He’s the kind of guy who wears the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt because he thinks it’s funny.

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