(Closed) Does your work ever allow you to have fun?

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I work in the restaurant of a casino, and our manager’s motto is “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean!” We get a $20 gift card to Wal-Mart each Christmas, and two free tickets to the state fair, and that’s about it. Once a year they have this company cookout, at work, where they give away hats and t-shirts with the casino logo on it.

I guess I’ve gotten used to this over the years, but it can be disheartening at times. The place never closes, never. Not even on Christmas, oh no. I really have never understood why they don’t just close from like 6 AM to 2 PM or something like that to allow the workers to spend at least some time with family (whether they celebrate Christmas or not).

I do agree though, the lack of thanks and appreciation gets tiring after while.

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We certainly don’t do as much of this stuff as your husbands office does, but we do some.  Our office usually has some sort of sponsored social event (bowling, picnic, xmas party, whatever) once a quarter and we have small things like beer every friday and often have BBQs (we have a patio and BBQ at the office).  We also have a lot of sutff initiated by staff like sports teams and general socializing.

Most company’s doing have the big budget to do all the stuff your husband’s company does…but if you work for a company like that you’re lucky!

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We have 3 department outings a year that we get to plan (we did a big kayaking trip this summer on our most recent one, we did a cooking class the one before that), they always throw a big company holiday party (rented out a museum in San Fran last December), and there are random catered happy hour events throughout the year.

We also have the massage team come in once a month (never taken advantage, though.)

We also get huge amounts of fresh food delivered every week, have a high end espresso machine, free fountain soda, and a lot of other little food perks.

I think that my job is really fun, and that it would be fun without that stuff, as well. If all that’s fun about your job is the holiday party, that’s not enough to sustain you for a year, you know?


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@Sunshine09:  I wonder if our DHs work for the same company! My DH’s work place does fun stuff like that ALL the time!

I went through two management teams at my last job. The first team surprised us with bagels or doughnuts or coffee, and during Teacher Appreciation Week, we NEVER needed breakfast OR lunch–it was a buffet the whole work day, for an ENTIRE week! And at the end of the week, we got presents! And chocolate/flowers all week from the parents!

We also had sporadic “Teacher Appreciation Holidays”, like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Years, etc, where the parents would give us presents. And our two team-building days a year were fun!

Then the Boss From Hell came. She completely got rid of Teacher Appreciation Days, and reduced Teacher Appreciation Week to 1 day (It’s a National week-long celebration, but not in her book!)

She started implementing monthly 3-hour long post-work meetings (so we would work from 7-6, then from 6-9). Only the meetings would just be her talking about whatever she was thinking about! It was NEVER constructive! She got the center re-painted from rainbow to oatmeal. Then she made the parents so unhappy they turned against us because we work for her!

I was SO HAPPY when I got to quit!

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My work has an annual picnic.  But it’s not at all what you think.  We all bring the food, Boss provides the chicken, it’s on a Friday during lunch time and in our building.


I really don’t care to hang out any extra with my co-workers, so I am not at all bummed that we don’t have activities!


I think like 10 years ago we did a ski day once and a go-kart day, but honestly, I’d rather CHOOSE my own fun and not with these people.

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Bumble bee

I think there needs to be a balance… I’d rather have a high paying job with awesome benefits, than a “fun” job. 

The company my Fiance works for has team building days where they go play… bowling, food trucks, paid-for-lunches by the boss, Christmas parties in an arcade… but his health insurance sucks and he’s getting paid a lot less than most people that have his job title.

So… I can understand a stressful/miserable work environment, no one would ever want that… but fun? Work isn’t supposed to be fun.

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I’m a nurse, so no, my job doesn’t allow me to have fun. 🙂

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My company throws a really nice Christmas party and end-of-season party (it’s a theater), and we’re always getting free food and booze, sometimes during work hours LOL.  We also have great benefits – great health insurance and vacation especially, for instance I am getting over 10 weeks off paid this year.  

It’s a good thing the benefits are good and the work is fun, because we don’t get paid for shit.  

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We have some “fun” activities at (provided luncheons, ice cream days, Halloween costume contest, Christmas buffet, Sweet Sixteen brackets, recognition for milestone anniversaries, etc.) and often we have people say “I wish the company hadn’t wasted money on this crap and just added it into our raises!”  I can see both sides but it would be rough going in everyday to a workplace that does absolutely nothing for you….

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Gah what they call fun here is pretty stupid in my opinion. Every year they have in my area, keep in mind I work for a huge huge company.  My area has a “picnic” that used to be catered in now days they have it pot luck style.  (they are on the cheap here)  With stupid games that are more for like children than adults.  I refuse to take part in it.

Usually the “fun things” is maybe once in a while management will get us treats to eat such as yesterday they did provide root beer floats but were rather stingy on the ice cream. 


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We have a hell of a lot of fun! Our sales team reached $1m during this week so everyone got to go home at lunchtime today.


We always have team lunches for any celebration, or if anyone comes over from other offices around the world.


We had teambuilding earlier this year which was cupcake decorating! they booked out one of the massive meeting rooms and got a professional cupcake decorator in to teach us, it was awesome!


They fly all new starters to head office in Seattle for onboarding within 3 months of starting.


They are planning a ‘surprise’ activity for the end of our next quarterly training in October.


And I haven’t been here for a Christmas do yet, but I’ve heard they are great!


There are always product launches which are fun e.g. for a French launch they had cheese and win, competitions to win champagne and Eurostar tickets from London > Paris.


They are really in to making sure we have a fun workplace, and in return our team performs pretty darn well. I’ve been there 6 months, but I can see myself being there years Smile

Edit: just to add to this having read some of the posts above – we have a lot of fun but have above average holiday allowance for the UK (25 days), private healthcare (which isn’t all that common in the UK as we have the National Health Service for free healthcare), good pension, share buying scheme, all other sorts of benefits, and a very competitive salary. Can’t fault it really, except the workload is sometimes pretty high!

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I think it really depends on where you work. I work in video games, so we get to ‘have fun’ all the time. Whether that means going out drinking with the owners on a Thursday night, or everyone going to lunch on the company’s dime, or a holiday party – they’re pretty good about making sure we’re happy. We get bagels every Wednesday, and we have a team within in the normal work team that helps the company throw events (chili cook off, ice cream socials, margarita days)… we even celebrate birthdays once a month with cake and ice cream. We have a company holiday every year where they encourage us not to come in. We get to wear (basically) whatever we want, and surf the net when we need/want as long as we’re balancing our time.

The trade off is that we crunch on our projects and sometimes work 12 hour days for several days at a time. They provide food in these instances, which is nice.

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Honey bee
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We find any excuse to throw a party at work. Birthdays and pretty much every federal holiday result in a huge bash. We have bridal and baby showers all the time too because we have around 300 people in the building so there always seems to be someone getting married or expecting.

Christmas parties are held at fancy places in downtown Baltimore or DC and we pretty much get the entire day off to go to it. For Halloween everyone dresses up and we have a party. We have bake sales and big summer picnics every year. Last year since the Ravens went to the Superbowl we had a party every.single.day for a week leading up to the game. Then we had a week long party afterward to celebrate their win. Honestly I start to get tired of all the parties Lol

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Well, I’m in childcare, so sometimes I get paid to watch TV and host tea parties with American Girl Dolls

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