(Closed) Dog actually hurt or "faking it"? Also, I'm pregnant

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I don’t think dogs fake it… my dog has a knee that dislocates and she does some similar esp after rough housing play w/the other dog. We’ve had the vet check it and for now it’s a watch and wait sort of issue, but I’d have it checked out to be safe. Again, I don’t think dogs fake it… 

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Our shepherd mix had a luxating patella (dislocating knee cap). For a time, we were able to gently slide it back into place when it was acting up, but it got to the point where that wouldn’t work anymore, and it was obviously causing her pain and affecting her quality of life, so we opted for the surgery. It wasn’t cheap (something like $4k), but totally worth it. She’s been her normal crazy self ever since 🙂

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cooperlove:  My dog did this for a bit, he passed away from bone cancer in his hip. Get a full blood work and xray please.

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my dog did that a bit at first (it got worse over time) and we eventually realized she had a luxating patella and needed surgery (in fact, she had two luxating patellas, but the other was SO bad that it was permanently out of place, and she’d simply learned to deal with it!).

anyway, if its just a stage 1 or 2 luxating patella it doesn’t need surgery.. it means it just slips out occasionally but then back in on its own.  I know people whose dogs will favor one leg for a minute or two every now and then because of a luxating patella.  NO IDEA if that’s what your dog has, just saying its a possibility.

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Sounds like the OP said she’ll likely take him to the vet soon which is great. It is hard to know sometimes… 

So I have a big baby. Ok 13 lbs, so not that big, but he’s definitely a baby 😉 So he would go through phases where he would wimper often and I thought he was injured, I just couldn’t find the spot. My vet explained that he was just a super tense dog and he was just sore and his way of telling me was by yelping loudly. So he explained it kind of like when we have a stiff neck or a sun burn and we try to warn someone not to hug us… So we’d give him baby aspirin for a day or two and joint supplements daily and it would get better And maybe come back every few months.

Then one day I was giving him a belly rub and he was sprawled out on my lap. I noticed a little bump around his hip flexor. It turned out he had a tumor. Totally benign, just a solid lump of fat (lipoma). We had it removed and he hasn’t wimpered since he recovered from the surgery. They normally don’t remove lipomas, but they said the location might start to bother him when he walked so we did it. He’s 10, so you’d think it would have slowed him down. Now he runs around, jumps on everything and wrestles with his little sister. So I’m starting to think it was just that tumor the whole time. 

My vet is extremely reasonable. They’re not big on doing too many tests or ex-rays, so over all, the surgery & treatment was under $500 and we even had his teeth cleaned since he was already on anesthesia. Hopefully it’s nothing and just a simple treatment for your pup. I’m sure you don’t want to spend a ton on the vet while your getting ready for a baby! But hopefully it will all be taken care of and you’ll have one less thing to worry about! Good luck!

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For those that say dogs don’t fake things I have 2 stories for you.  One day I was getting ready for work and my dog jumped in my bed and laid her head on my lap, this is something that she has never done before.  She was acting super lethargic and just not herself, I contemplated calling off work and taking her to the vet but decided to let her go outside and see what happeded.  When I let her out she was jumping around and playing but when she saw that I was watching she immediately went back to acting sick, needless to say she was fine.  

The other story is after I came back from being gone (she was very well cared for by some friends) I noticed that she wasn’t eating or drinking, this went on for about 3 days and I finally took her to the vet.  He did an examination and could not find anything wrong his suggestion was to wait a little longer then do more tests if needed.  I took her home and she ate 3 bowls of food and drank 2 bowls of water.  Maybe it’s not true for all dogs but mine will absolutely fake illness for a little extra attention.

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OP, what area do you live in? When my childhood dog got Lyme Disease she had very random intermittent lameness. It was really hard to diagnos because the symptoms just show up sporadically and they were shifting. Meaning that for a couple weeks she would seem to be randomly lame on a back leg, but then that would disappear and instead she would show lameness in her shoulder, then that would disappear and she would seem to show lameness elsewhere. This was over a course of like a year where randomly she’d be showing soreness/limping symptoms. Might be worth having your pup tested if you’re in a Lyme hotspot area.

As for dogs faking it, there was a woman who would take her German Shepherd running with her. The shepherd apparently wasn’t a big fan, but needed the exercise. The dog started limping on the runs, so the woman would stop and take it back to the house. Couldn’t find anything wrong and dog acted normal once at home. This happened for like a month straight, except that the limping would start earlier and earlier. The owner spent a stupid amount of money on tests and scans. Eventually the vet and owner decided dog was just faking it because it got him out of going running  I think the figured it out because the shepherd got to the point that he’d start limping as soon as he saw the owner in running clothes. Running clothes on, limp ensued. Running clothes off, limp gone! Clever pup.

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cooperlove:  Puppies don’t pretend to be hurt! It might not be anything serious, maybe as simple as one of his nails being a bit long & bothering him, but he’s just trying to convey that he’s uncomfortable in the only way he knows how!

Take him to the vet, the money you spend on the vet is well worth the peace of mind, and by nipping it in the bud now, you’re potentially saving yourself far bigger vet bills in the future!


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