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Honey bee
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I’d put the time and money into working with a trainer to get past the aggressive behavior so you can go to the park and go for walks.

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Blushing bee
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I don’t understand why you can’t take him for walks.  I had an aggressive dog and took him walking all the time.  Of course, he was leashed all the time.   I just made sure we stayed away from other dogs, people.  Stear clear of all children since they just like to run over to pat the dog.  

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Bee Keeper
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I don’t understand – your dog is confined all of the time? Even when you are home?

Is he not allowed in the house either?

If this is the case – I personally would never do this to my dog as it is no way to live.

How much social interaction do you give him?

I also agree with other pp that you have to take him for walks, dogs that size really need a lot of exercise. Even if he is aggressive you should take him for walks avoiding other people and other dogs. 

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Busy bee
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Could you maybe try walking him with a harness? They make some nice padded ones that go around the dog’s body so you are basically holding him back by his chest instead of his neck. I’m assuming he’s a big dog because of the breeds you listed, so maybe this would give you more control over him so you could take him for walks. 

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Bee Keeper
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@AlliRae – Harnesses make it easier for dogs to pull and encourage pulling. (That’s why sled dogs wear harnesses and not collars.)



@auburnfan009 – I think you need to take him to a professional trainer (a real trainer who has experience with dogs with issues, not a petstore training).

I’d also look into NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free) training: http://k9deb.com/nilif.htm

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Buzzing bee
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He NEEDS exercise! Having him locked up in a small area with no space to run is not great. I would ensure that you get a trainer to allow him to go on walks without being aggressive, find somewhere else to live, or find a way to walk him and take him for runs.


My shepherd mutt is also very aggressive (just turned this way last year and no one knows why). As a result, she can’t go to dog parks with her brother dog. Anyways, we have trained her into walking appropriately and not lunging at every dog that comes by and have a giant back yard, so she gets her exercise that way.


After 5 years, the only time I didn’t have a huge space for her to run around outside, I took her for 2 hour walks every single day. When I didn’t have 2 hours, I would take her for 1 hour, take her to a local park that was mostly unused, put a 200 foot lead on her and connect her to me (made with thick rope from home deopt), then played fetch and such.

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Honey bee
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How sad! Poor doggy!

I agree, he needs exercise!

Get a trainer. Harnesses are mainly for small dogs who are susceptible to collapsing tracheas (not really meant to discourage pulling), there are certain “special” harnesses that may or may not work for you. Like a Halti and the ones that clip in the front (Probably also a halti…). A trainer can teach you the best ways to walk him and how to deal with the aggressive behavior.

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Bumble bee

Hes acting out due to boredom and lack of exercise. 

I would begin working with him to try and tame some of his aggression.  You can easily buy a body harness to help walking him, drive him to a park that is rarely used or outside the city. Keep meat as a treat if you want him to refocus his attention from another dog to you. 

He is getting old, so it may be difficult to correct his bad behaviour now. but its worth a try so he isn’t confined all the time. 

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Sugar bee
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Why can’t you walk him? My dog growing up was extremely agressive and I walked him  every day..? If someone was coming towards us on the sidewalk I’d move so he couldn’t get near them- no problem. 

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Bumble bee

A dog at the age of 12 doesn’t have much longer to live unfortunately. Even if he has a few good years to him, “getting rid of him” would be tough. There are not many who would want to adopt a dog like this, let alone an agressive one.

First, he is an old dog and the environment has been changed. It probably pissed him off!


Second, he is too isolated.


Third, there could be a medical reason so take him to the vet first.


Good luck but I wouldn’t do that to him-you think after 12 years with the same master and then plucking him out of that would be better for him? He would probably become very stressed and even more aggressive.

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Busy bee
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I’m sorry you are going through this but personally I would have never moved there. Owning an animal is a lifetime(the animals) commitment, yes I understand people go through hard times, but to me that is no excuse.


What type of fencing did you have? With a dog that size chain link is probably the only way to go and usually you have to have it in the ground some so that they can’t dig underneath it. Make sure there is always a shaded area, plenty of water and also a dog house. Does he have toys to play with? How long is he kept in there?


If you are uncomfortable taking him for a walk because of the aggression get a muzzle and take the dog for a walk. Being cooped up is no way to live.



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@auburnfan009:  How long has this behavior been going on?  He’s an older dog, so he’ll be more set in his ways.  I know with my pup when we were crate training her, she would whine and cry all the time.  But eventually she just got used to it.  You need to help him get used to it.  It’s something new.  Give it time.  Also, talking to your vet never hurts.  I would see what you can do about his aggressive behavior.  Taking him for walks and playing with other dogs can only help him.

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