(Closed) Dog Commands/Tricks – Need some new ideas and details on how to teach them!

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@oracle:  For drop it, I always heard that you should have something they like better than what is in their mouth (like a treat vs a toy) in your hand. They should drop the toy when offered the treat. Then you tell them to drop it even though you don’t have something better in your hand, and after they do drop it you give them the toy back or give them a treat (from a secret stash). Eventually they should drop the toy just because you said “drop it”. But when possible you should still give them treats/love/other toys for completing the trick.

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Our two pups know how to sit, stay, lay down, shake hands, hi-five, speak, wait (as in wait before eating the treat in front of you), leave it, lets-go (used to start running/jogging), easy (used to slow them down when we’re running or hiking), whoa (used to bring everyone to a complete stop when when walking, running, or hiking), and crawl (yes, they actually crawl).

We’re currently working on spin (spinning around in a circle), and heel. Up next is Gee (steer right) and Haw (steer left). Our 2 siberian huskies are good little mushers, they just need to work on the details a bit. 

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My husband has been working w/ our dog to patiently wait for her treats.  He can literally, slowly put a dog treat on her nose.  And she will sit there with the treat on her nose (most of the time) until he says “get treat.”  Then she tosses the treat in the air and catches it.  It’s pretty cool to watch when it actually works.  It has been great for teaching her patience!

We haven’t figured out how to get her to drop her toys yet.  Usually it’s a slobbery battle to get them out of her mouth. lol

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One useful one for us is ‘side’ — she lays down on her side and sticks her legs out. It’s helpful when she’s just come in from the mud and I need to clean her feet off before she runs all over.

We had big plans to teach her all kinds of things, but my dog is…not that bright, it turns out.

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Spin (turning in one direction) and twirl (turning on the opposite direction) – we taught those by using food as a lure for the dog to spin/twirl.

Also, “Bow to the King/Queen”  – Fiance parents taught their dog this. She bows forward – very cute! And “in between” she goes around and in between your legs – cute again!

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@oracle:  I can tell you how I taught “heel”!

I saw them do this on the show “Dogtown” (really cool show if you have Netflix about a giant animal rescue and the work they do there).  If the dog is pulling on the leash you just stop moving forward and stand there and use the command.  When the dog loosens up on the leash you can begin walking again.  They learn that the tightness in the leash is not going to get them where they want to go.

Haha but my girl does cheat a little.  Now I just give a little tug on the leash and say “heel” and she will slow down and give some slack on the leash until she gets praised and then she will take off again!  This is usually when we go somewhere new and she wants to smell everything.  She’s pretty calm on our normal route by now.

“Drop it” and “leave it” are really tough for her.  The higher value the thing is, the harder time we have with it!  She also has a really short tolerance for this command, like she’ll do it a few times nicely but after that she is DONE and just wants what she wants.  The trick that the PP mentioned about trading her something with a higher value is great.  The problem I have with that is like, anything she finds on the ground is more valuable to her than whatever I have.  So we run into trouble there and I have to choose my battles.  If the item is not dangerous to her I am not gonna have a battle of wills with her over it, until she gets this one a little more consistently.

I would suggest in general to try differnet rewards.  The most common is treats but I have a weirdo who actually loves toys more than treats.  So for her, throwing a ball to fetch is sometimes more effective than a hot dog!  For example, with “drop it” we often play with two toys, or her absolute favorite (this is gross): my husband’s two socks he wore that day, balled up into two balls!  We throw one and she comes back with it, and then she has to “drop it” in order to fetch the other one.  The girl loves dirty socks that smell like her daddy!

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Crawl: Make sure you have a few treats handy. Start with sit, then lay down, then stay. Once you have the pup’s attention, bring the treat close to his/her nose then move it to the floor, a few inches in front of them. Slowly drag it along the floor and your pup should follow. Reward pup with the treat. Repeat.

Heel: Start in a big area with room to put some distance between you and the pup. Have a treat handy and start with sit, then stay. Make sure you have your pup’s full attention and slowly start backing away while repeating the “stay” command. Start with only a few steps, stop, and call heel or here. Your pup should come directly to you; repeat the sit command and reward pup with the treat. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Hi-Five: Again, this might be just my two pups, but they both like to jump up and give hugs. In order to save our skin from their sharp nails, we give the “sit” command, then hold up one hand and say “hi-five”. It’s like “shake” but standing up on 2 legs.

Speak: Well, I have 2 very vocal huskies so the hard part was teaching them to NOT speak. Both dogs like to imitate my fiance and I, so we originally trained them by giving the “speak” command, then giving a soft woof or bark. They usually follow suit and then get lots of love. Of course, now we have full conversations with our furbabys. 

Gee and Haw are mushing terms that we use when we go hiking on tough trails, or when we go trail running. This is probably one of the easier commands for your pup to learn, but it takes dedication to teach. Every time (and I do mean EVERY TIME) you go for a walk with your pup on a leash, use those terms at every turn in the road. Or if your pup steps off the sidewalk or on onto someone’s lawn, say Gee or Haw (whichever applies) and give a gentle tug in the direction they are supposed to go. Repeat CONSTANTLY. It’s annoying, but worth it. Also, a good way to remember which is which, Gee is Right (as in, “Gee, I’m Right!”) and Haw is left (or just leftover). 

Lastly, how is it possible that we have a pet-oriented thread WITHOUT any pics?!?!? I’m going to remedy this travesty right now! (Kopi (boy) is on the left. Dirty Delete (girl) is on the right)

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