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I like Blue Buffalo and Castor and Pollux because they’re wheat and corn free. Our last dog died of kidney failure which the vet linked to a wheat and corn allergy. Both of those brands are sold at Petco. It’s a little more expensive, but the dogs are so healthy with this diet! 


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We buy Iams Lamb and Rice (first ingredient IS actually meat!) and it doesen’t have any beef in it, our dog has a weird allergy to beef and gets all itchy. 

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My dogs eat a raw diet now, but when they were on kibble I did a lot of research on choosing food for them.

Here’s a set of “rules” I came up with:

1) When I chose a dog food, I chose one high meat content. I want to see preferably at least 2-3 out of the top 5 ingredients be meat or meat meal (first ingredient must be!). “Meal” has the water removed, so “chicken meal” actually has more meat thant he same weight of “chicken”.

2) I want to see higher quality grains, such as barley, brown rice, and oatmeal, instead of seeing wheat and corn. Or an alternative starch/carbohydrate such as potatoes or sweet potatoes. (Dogs actually have no nutritional need for carbs; but all kibble must have a carb/starch, otherwise it wouldn’t hold it’s shape and would be “crumble” instead of “kibble”.)

3) I don’t want to see any byproducts.

4) I don’t want to see a lot of fillers (beet pulp, brewers rice, etc).

5) I don’t want to see preservatives that are believed to be carcinogens (BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin).

6) I don’t want to see artificial colorings such as the Red, Blue, and Yellow dyes.

7) I don’t want to see added sugars (sugar, corn syrup).

8) I don’t want to see mystery meats (meats identified only as “meat” or “poultry”.)

Here is an article about byproducts:

And an article on what ingredients to avoid:

This website has a pretty good rating system:http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/


And remember that your vet is one of the worst people to ask about nutrition for your pet. They haven’t been trained in nutrition, and it’s really not their job. They just recommend brands they know that send out sales reps.


If you’re interested in raw feeding, here’s a good starting place:http://www.dogster.com/forums/Raw_Food_Diet/thread/431875

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@abbyful:  I’m curious about the no beet pulp? That’s something actually commonly used in show cow diets  – animals worth several hundred thousand, so I can’t imagine it’s bad, unless it’s a dog only thing.


And I respectfully disagree with the veterinarians not having an nutrition courses comment. That is simply untrue.


For the OP, our dogs have always liked the generic cat food we buy, lol. Our dogs are currently 11, 5, and 8ish months. The last dog we had died at the age of 18, so it seemed to feed them just fine, LOL!


ETA: just checked the vet med course catalog for the school I attended (they have a prominent vet school) and I can confirm that they take nutrition courses in both undergrad (where we actually discussed dog food companies advertisting ‘peas and carrots’ for dogs (which dogs don’t need), as well as looking for meat as a primary ingredient(s)) and in vet school.

I have close friends in vet school, and some of my greatest mentors are vets – they love the work they do and animals dearly. It makes me sad to see them disparaged and sold short as nothing more than brand peddlers.

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Oh my puppy LOVES Iams lamb and rice. I’ve tried all kinds of different brands and it’s all he eats. Deff try it!

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Try Dogfoodadvisor.com for ratings and reviews.  I found it to be very helpful.  We feed our dog Kirkland dog food (Costco brand).  It’s (very) cheap, but uses quality ingrediants and got 4 stars (while most foods at the supermarket from Purina, etc., get 2 or less).  When we are giving our dog a special treat by mixing in a canned food topper, we usually use Blue Buffalo.

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We feed the Kirkland grain free food, the salmon one. The ingredients are quite good and so is the price!

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We feed our dog Hills dry food which is always available for her in her bowl all day and she gets a cooked meal every night….spoilt. She doesn’t ever eat all of her dry food and she’s in no way possessive over her food or any food.


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@abbyful:  I’d definitely disagree with your comment about the vet being the worst person to ask for advice. My Fiance is a vet and he has definitely studied food nutrition for animals.

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My dog has a lot of allergies (chicken, beef, corn, certain grains, etc) yet she is a very picky eater. 

We’ve had great luck with Blue Buffalo Lamb & Rice.  She loves it (although she separates the triangular pieces from the round pieces and eats them separately. . .crazy girl!), and she has had little problems with allergies in recent months.

She used to be on Science Diet then Science Diet Naturals (also both Lamb & Rice formulas) because that was one of my best options when I was living outside of the U.S.

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@hisgoosiegirl:  My dog has eaten my friend’s cat’s food and loved it.  But then again my dog loves tuna and milk, too!  Lol.

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Vets do take animal nitrition courses but they are very often bias towards one or two feeds (generally Science Diet/Hills). And the older vets i have found to not be very aware of recent food brands. I think having SO many food brands with such a variation in proteins, grains, etc is a recent thing so many the younger vets will be more knowledgeable on nutrition. But even my friend who is just going INTO vet school tried to tell me Science Diet is the best food out there and that is utter BS. It doesn’t get a 1/1.5 star rating on both websites for nothing….

I have been through a ton of dog foods because we got ours as an adult and she gets the runs frequently and we can not keep weight on her. We also found out she has a chicken allergy about a year into our dog food trials. We’ve been through California Naturals, Kirkland, Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild (my personal fav), Orijen, Wellness and Fromm. She is currently on Nature’s Balance Bison and Sweet Potatoe and is doing really well. My parent’s dogs eat Acana and love it but it gave her the runs.

All that to say, there are SO many good brands out there that it’s really just a trial and error thing. I liked everything we tried for her, for different reasons. Once you find one your dog likes, stick with it, but even then sometimes you have to switch it up. And some dogs just prefer the grocery store brands, and even though I am a bit of a dog food snob, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that! We’re all just trying to do the best for our four legged friends ๐Ÿ™‚

@hisgoosiegirl:  I think beet pulp is a no no for dogs because its mainly used as a filler? Most show barns (horses) I’ve been at feed it for weight and coat management too but I have been told to stay away for dogs.

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Do not use Iams or Eukanuba why? its awful. If you go to petsmart for ur vet they will thell you to use Iams and blah blah but it SUCKS. My two pups tried to eat the puppy large breed and puppy regular and it made them sick constantly and when we told our vet they just kept telling us it wasn’t the food but guess what we stopped the food and started them on Authority Puppy Lamb and Rice and they no longer got sick!


Corn should NEVER be the first ingrident listed always look at ingridents meat should always be the first listed . always

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